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UPDATED 12/03/19
If you would like to make a contribution to this notice boardplease email me.
The next committee meetings will be held 1st April 2019

Anyone wishing to submit an item for discussion should hand his or her written submission to
Karen Bull or to any other committee member.

Chairman’s Comments
One of my favourite nights of the year is the annual Awards Evening this was again a wonderful night and we celebrated the many achievements of our runners. We also showed that Stropsley Striders all have a good sense of humour. Well done to all our award winners and thank you to Cheryl and Richard for the lovely food. Thank you also to all of you who came to support and celebrate the achievements of the club, it was great to see so many of you there in your best outfits.
It was also great to see so many more runners get a performance award too. These awards are a good incentive to work towards over the year. I checked all of the times and so many of you missed out on the award above by only a few seconds - it is worth looking now at those times to beat.
That same weekend we had our inaugural Stopsley Challenge. Thank you to Tom and Amanda and the Rankin crew for a wonderful event, despite the terrible weather it was a fantastic event and very popular. I think we could have sold the same number of entries again easily. It was miserable weather but the beautiful scenery, fantastic marshalls and plenty of goodies at the food station made it a pleasure to run. This is definitely in the calendar for next year. Thank you to all the marshals who had the most difficult job of the day. A special well done to Annalease, Miriam and Evelyn who all ran over 30 miles!
The evenings are starting to get lighter and spring is definitely on its way which makes running even more enjoyable than normal. Remember to stay safe and good luck with all your training.

Relive: Awards Evening NEW
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Annual subscription, due by the 1st of April 2019
We will start collecting fees in March.
Please make cheques payable to Stopsley Striders.
To pay online via bank transfer use sort code 20-53-33 account number 03486001 adding your name and membership number.
Remember to bring your membership card to the club for signing.
Please pay ontime or you will be charged as a new member.

                             Affiliated to EA            Not affiliated to EA
Existing Member           £30                                   £15
New Member       £40  includes club vest   £25  includes club vest

Please note if you are not affiliated to EA you are not eligible for the clubs London Marathon places and also some regional cross country races.

2019 Club Championships
Friday 7th June 2019 Marston 5km - Entry
Sunday 30th June 2019 John O'Callaghan 5m - Entry
Sunday 21st June 2019 Luton 10km - Entry
Sunday 22nd September 2019 Leighton 10m
? Luton Half Marathon
Any 20 Mile Jan - Dec 2019
Any Marathon Jan - Dec 2019

2019 Beds County Championships
20 Mile Oakley 24th March - Entry
5 Mile John O'Callaghan Luton 30th June - Entry
10km  Bedfordshire AAA road race Bedford on 19th  July.
5km Doug Anderson Bedford will be held on 31st July.
10 Mile Leighton Buzzard   22nd September TBC.
Half Marathon Wootton 1st December TBC
Marathon - No Championships in 2019

Dates For Your Diary
Thurs 28th March - Post run social
Thurs 4th April - Time Trial
April 2019 - Striders exhibition at Luton Wardown Museum
2nd May - Beginners Course Starts
5th May - Belfast Marathon
Mon 24th June - Invitational run for other clubs
Tues 9th July - Track time trial
15th July - Alan Taylor run
Sat 20th July - Beginners Graduation
11th August - Stopsley 5 & 10 mile trail race
22nd August - Alf Brown handicap run

Running Report for January 2019 by Christine Lathwell
Its the start of a new year and its been a very busy month. The Cross Country Championships are starting and the last of the Three Counties Cross Country. The road races are starting to get longer and a number of you are getting into your Marathon training.
January 1st - Its a new year and many Striders got up early at did Wardown Parkrun. One Strider Estelle Parkins 32:47 Pb. A number of Striders than travelled quickly to Houghton Parkrun for the double. One Strider doing this Geraldine O'reilly did 33:27 Pb.
January 5th - it was a very cold windy day for the The Bedfordshire County Championships at High Wycombe. The course was challenging, steep hills up and down and what should be a water crossing but was very dry from having no rain. The men ran over 12km Rob Barnes ran an excellant race to finish 5th and got selected automatically for the Inter Counties in March. The other men also had great runs Gez Fallon 28th, Pat Blessing 31st, Martin Fallon 37th and Richard Hardy started at the same time and ran 8km in the over V60 distance to come 4th. The Ladies ran 8km in a very competitive race I finished 3rd also getting selected for the inter Counties and Miriam Linforth 19th had a great run.
January 13th - Our fouth Three Counties cross country race was at Ampthill Park. We had a great turn out of 41 striders. It was a tough course but you all seem to enjoy it. Rob Barnes lead us all home to finish a great 2nd. Men Team 8th, Women Team 10th and Mixed Team 9th.
January 20th - We had a 10 Striders that left their lovely warm homes for a freezing morning running the Fred Hughes 10. Not many running braved vest and shorts only. I lead the striders home in 1:06:12 1st V35, Charles Nelis 1:16:39, Andrew Durrant 1:17:48 Pb 3rd Herts Country Champion, Ian Curry 1:25:50, Dawn Boon 1:35:58 Pb, Kate Neale 1:45:15, Finbar Willis 1:48:09, Zena Ellis 1:48:09, Clare Slowey 1:48:52 and Valerie Dawson 1:51:36.
January 26th & 27th - One Strider ran Wardown Parkrun Phil Sleet 58:51 Pb.
The Southern Championships at Parliment hill was again a lot dryer than it usually is. A very tough hilly course but 6 Striders took it on. This year was record breaking entries and then record breaking runners to start the race in the Mens and Womens race. In the Mens race 5 Striders ran the 15km Cross Country course it’s a great race Gez Fallon 740th, Martin Fallon 855th, Danny Kelly 875th, Pat Blessing 931st and Charlis Nelis 1050th out of 1154 who finished in 90 minutes the cut off time many men finished after that. In the Womens race I came 76th out of 698 women who finished before the cut of time again many women finished after that.
On the following day it was the last of the Three Counties Races at Wooten. We had 26 Striders that walked or run the one and half miles to the start. It was very windy on the open field but lovely in the woods. Like all the other races we congratulated you all for finishing and went back for cake and the presentation that we just made. Men finished 9th, Women 10th and Mixed Team 9th. Rob Barnes 2nd Overall Man, I finished 2nd Overall Women and Andy Reid finished 1st V65.
One Strider travelled to Romey for the 5 mile Vicki Crowston 43:31 Pb.
Two Striders travelled not far to the Harpenden 10km. when getting their realising it was more Cross Country than a road race and four not very kind laps. Thom Darby 53:52, Nicola Abubacker 56:39.
Well run to all those not mentioned but have competed this month. Thank you to all Striders that competed at any of the Three Counties Cross Country this season it was lovely to have so many of you try it out and enjoy it. It was a great team get together before, during and after the races. Thank you to all Striders helping me with getting kit back to finish and scoring while I ran and got dressed to warm up afterwards. Thank you to all Striders that cheered others on and waited for all the Striders to finish it was appreciated. Now the road races get

Stopsley Steppers Walking Group
Click here for leaflet
Our jogging club is so friendly and supportive to runners of all standards, from beginners, joggers, sprinters to inspirational athletes and celebrates achievements big and small. The social side of running is just as important to many of us as the fitness and progression, which can be seen and heard at our club nights, running & fund raising events and ever popular monthly socials.  
But when we’re injured or just not feeling like running we can lose that regular contact with the club and members. Amanda & I have both had injuries and circumstances that have stopped us running in the past and at times have felt isolated and low, and even lost confidence in our ability to return to club. It was on one of these occasions that we were walking one evening, when the idea came to us of organising a walking group on a Social Night.
So after consultation with the committee, Stopsley Steppers was born. An inclusive walking group, for anyone who would like a steady 2-2.5 mile walk, knowing there’s a tail walker so no one will be left behind. Adding the option of finishing at Inspire or Stopsley Working Men’s Club, for some good food, good company and even a drink or two – who could resist!
We have had 3 monthly walks to date, with attendance growing each time. The most recent, on 24th January was themed, ‘Three Birds Squared’, along or passing streets with bird names, 9 in total.

A few walkers were returning from injury, two have been receiving hospital treatment, and others just fancied a walk.
Many thanks to all who have joined us and for the positive responses.
“I really enjoyed it, a great way to reconnect with the club, I’m so glad I came, it’s a great idea. Don’t know why I didn’t come before.”
“I haven’t been to a social for a while ‘cos I haven’t been running. I’m so pleased to be able to join everyone.”
“We’ve had a good catch up, really enjoyed it.”
“I didn’t know if I would make it, but I did!”
“Great for the club as it keeps members in touch who may otherwise drift away due to injury or other circumstances.”
“Thank you, I really enjoyed the walk.”
“It’s a great idea. I couldn’t run the last two weeks and just sit at home knowing you guys are running it’s not ideal. I think everyone who is injured or coming back from injury would appreciate sessions like this.”
We’re delighted to hear your comments and that it has taken off so well. The icing on the cake for us is that other members are now organising walks on club nights too.
Our next Social Night is Thursday 21st February and the Steppers walk is ‘From Pillar to Post.’ Details and a reminder will be on Striders Facebook page during the week before. Please join us, everyone is welcome.
Lizzy Evans & Amanda Rankin, Feb 2019.

Three Counties Cross Country
2019-20 dates:
Sunday 3rd November 2019 Wellingbough
Sunday 24th November 2019 Wing
Sunday 8th December 2019 Wooten
Sunday 15th December 2019 Standalone
Sunday 12th January 2020 Dunstable

Silent Runner
Mark Layzell's running blog for eveyone. Click here

Striders Race Speadsheet UPDATED 19/01/19

This spreadsheet has times collected from the race sheets for everyone that has put something down this year. Every one has their own tab, which are at the bottom.
The line with your name in that has times in bold are your lifetime PB for each distance. The line with your age category is your age group PB for each distance.
Any times that are highlighted on the chart in yellow, are lifetime PB's achieved. Any times highlighted in green are the age category PB's achieved.

Stopsley Strider Club Member Profile – Karen Bull  
Occupation: Intervention teaching assistant, breakfast club and after school club assistant.
Did you do sport at school?
I enjoyed playing netball when I was at High school – hated cross country – I loved playing rounders and generally came first or second in the 100 metre sprint when we had athletics.
When did you start running & why?
I’d read about Stopsley Striders running club on the internet and it piqued my interest – however I never took it any further and put it to the back of my mind thinking maybe one day…
In May 2016 I saw that Stopsley Striders were advertising a beginner’s course to run every Thursday for twelve weeks for one pound per session. There was my opportunity to give running a go. I attended every session – graduated from the beginners group in the July and here I am seventeen months later.
What made you come to Stopsley Striders?
The recommendation and encouragement from my friend and fellow strider Penny Kilbey.
What is your favourite run/course?
Of the races I have completed so far, I absolutely loved the Love Luton 10k. A very well organised race – excellent support from all the marshals and the atmosphere was phenomenal. Makes me proud to live in Luton.
What is your best run?
I made a resolution last year to be able to run sub 30 for a 5k by the end of this year. I managed this on the 21st October with a time of 29:30. I was absolutely over the moon and felt very proud of myself. My PB is currently 29:12 – I may not be the fastest runner but I have definitely improved.
What was your worst run?
Definitely the Luton 10k that I ran as part of the Luton AC summer series. I felt unwell on the day but was determined to run this race to go alongside the other two that made up the summer series. With the support of my husband, I managed to run non-stop until I got to 8k and then it went downhill from there. Every time I put one foot in front of the other I felt like I was going to be sick. This made me very emotional and cross with myself. My husband turned around and at this point I had started to walk. He could see how upset I was and with his ongoing support and encouragement, I managed to finish the course with a mixture of running and walking. To see the finish line was such a relief – I sprinted the last part and sat on the grass for a while drinking as much water as I could get down me, muttering to myself that I was never going to run this race again.
We shall see until next time…
What was your most memorable run?
Running in my first Stopsley 5 with my fellow striders. This was when I first felt like an actual runner and realised how far I had come. The weather was awful and this made this run particularly memorable for the wrong reasons. It was windy and raining and I was covered in mud and soaking wet by the time I finished but I loved it!
Do you like cross-country?
So far, I’ve ran in two cross-country races and I loved them both (I may not have felt the love for cross-country during the run but I certainly did at the end).
The club spirit is fantastic and it doesn’t matter if you are the fastest or slowest everyone is very encouraging and supportive of one another.
I’m definitely going to be signing up for the next two.
Assuming you have spare time, what are your other hobbies/interests?
I am very lucky to be blessed with The Best Boy in The World – my twenty one month old grandson. He keeps me on my toes and when I’m not giving him my undivided attention I like to spend quality time with my husband and four sons.
I’m a great advocate of parkrun and all that is stands for – when I’m not running at Luton Wardown I like to volunteer. I’ve recently started volunteering at junior parkrun too which is awesome!
If I do manage to get some time to myself I enjoying reading, watching dramas and eating chocolate.
How many times a week do you run?
I always try to make club nights on Monday. I did use to run on Thursdays and take part in hill and speed work – I’m hoping to fit Thursdays back in after Christmas. If I fancy a run in the week my husband joins me when he gets home from work. And of course Saturday is parkrun time!
What is your average weekly mileage?
At the moment it’s at least 10 – I’m going to be training in January for my first half marathon which takes place in March 2018 so this will certainly increase.
Do you do speed work or specialist training?
I have done in the past (speed work and hills).
Do you follow a diet regime before competing?
The longest I’ve ran so far is 10k so as long as I’ve had my morning cuppa,  I don’t generally have anything to eat until I’ve finished the race.
What piece of your kit do you think is the most important?
Decent running leggings that don’t full down when I run.
Who is your hero?
My dad.
What do you like about the club?
I have made a completely new circle of friends. Stopsley Striders is a friendly club and has been welcoming from the start – it’s good to feel part of something and this has helped me to continue to embrace my love of running.
What would be your advice to a new club member?
Join the Facebook page so you can get to know people and put names to faces. Be brave, come in with a smile on your face and remember that you are there for a reason. Be willing to seek out people who will support you and run alongside you and also offer your support and knowledge too. We all have something to offer at club and remember we were all a beginner at one point too.
Come to the social as well to get to know more striders - a well laid-out buffet is always on offer.
What is your running song to get you over that line?
I never listen to music when I am running. If I ever need a song to get me over the line, it would be Paradise by Coldplay.
Thom Darby - Chris Green - Zena Ellis - Andy Ward - Miriam Linforth - Dave Debnam
Phil Nitchin - Martin Smith - Liz Rollinson - Mark Lazell - Ian Pitkin

Power of 10
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Luton Athletics History
I run for Kent AC in London, but grew up in Luton and recently took part in Wardown parkrun.
I have written a bit about the history of running in the town, which might be of interest to you:
Through searching in British Newspaper Archive I have taken the history back to the 1870s. Let me know if you spot any howlers...
Best wishes
Neil Gordon-Orr

Luton Marathon 1990
Over 30 Striders took part in the race with others helping marshal.
Bill Barrett was first Strider home in 2:44:12
More information, results etc.can be found on

My Year as a Parkrun Tourist by Amanda Rankin
12 different parkruns over 12 months
Click here

Striding January 1991
Newsletter from over 25 years ago
About our former Club President becoming a Strider in 1983
A RUNNING MUM by Karen Ashby
Running while pregnant
Training for London

Club Nights
We know it’s difficult for some people but members are arriving after 7:30 on club nights. It would be helpful if as many members as possible could arrive between 7:00 and 7:30. This would help to reduce the queue when paying and be ready to run after the announcements.

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Age Graded Calculator
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