Club Rules

1.    Name

1.1  The name of the club is Stopsley Striders Jogging Club. 

2.    Aim

2.1  The aim of the club is to promote running and provide a forum for runners of all abilities to meet and run in an atmosphere of goodwill. 

3.    Management

3.1  The club is to be managed by a committee elected annually at the AGM consisting of the following:- Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain, and nine other members with a minimum of five members to form a quorum.  The committee have the right to fill any vacancy that may occur. 

4.   Club Presidents

4.1  A President may be elected at an Annual General Meeting, (AGM) to serve for a period of three years.A president may only serve one term in that office. Honorary Vice-Presidents to be given Life Membership for long service to the Club shall be nominated by the Management Committee and elected at the AGM.Vice-Presidents shall be nominated by the Management Committee and re-elected annually at the Annual General Meeting on the basis of continued support of the Club.One of the Presidents shall preside at the AGM during election of the new Chairman, and at Special Meetings where the Chairman declares an interest in the proceedings of that meeting.

4.2 The founder of Stopsley Striders Jogging Club will be recognised as Tony Simmons. 

5.    Membership

5.1  Membership of the club is open to persons aged 18 years and over, male and female, who are  eligible to compete under the rules of UK Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs (ARC).  Under UK Athletics rules an amateur “is a person who is eligible to compete under the rules of UKA.”

The following persons are ineligible to take part in competition under UKA Rules Any persons who (Inter-alia):Rule 3(a) have taken part in any competition in which any of the competitors in any of the events were  to their knowledge ineligible to compete under UKS Rules.Rule 3(e) have competed, or are competing in any sport for pecuniary reward, other than as permitted  by IAAF Rules which have been accepted by UK Athletics.Rule 3(g) ask for, or receive, directly or indirectly, any monetary consideration, reward or employment   for becoming or continuing as a member of a club or any other athletic association.

5.2  Candidates for membership must apply in writing on the application forms provided, being proposed  by one member and seconded by a second member and be elected by the committee at their next meeting.

5.3  Prospective members are allowed up to 8 visits as a guest prior to applying for membership.

6.    Subscriptions

6.1  Members shall pay an agreed initial joining fee to the Hon. Treasurer upon election to the club and  an annual subscription due first day of the subscription year of the UKA (or appropriate affiliation body). An attendance fee is also payable  on club nights; rates of charges to be decided by the committee.

6.2  The committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is 2 months in arrears,  provided a months notice in writing shall have been sent to such a member at their last known address,  informing them of the proposed action by the committee.

6.3  The name and address of any person expelled shall be sent to the Hon. Secretary for the relevant  Athletic Association who shall enter their name in a book (to be called “the Suspension Book”) kept  for that purpose.  Every person whose name has been entered in the “Suspension Book” shall be suspended  from competing in any event held under UKA or ARC Rules until the liability causing their expulsion, which shall not exceed a years subscription, has been discharged.

7.    Resignations

7.1  A member wishing to withdraw from the club must give notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary, and  their membership shall terminate on the date of that notice unless they are financially indebted to the club, in which case the committee may withhold accepting the resignation until such liability has been discharged.

8 .    General Meeting

8.1 An Annual General Meeting will be held each year to receive the committee’s report and financial statement, elect officers and committee members and to deal with other items specified on the agenda. The Hon.Secretary shall give members 21 days notice of the meeting. Nominations for the committee and notice of items to be placed on the agenda must be made in writing to the Hon.Secretary 14 days prior to the meeting. The meeting will be held in the last two weeks of October or the first 2 weeks of November (with the November committee meeting to be held by the newly elected committee).

8.2   A Special General Meeting will be called by the Hon. Secretary within 14 days of receipt of a request in writing signed by 11 members fully stating the business to be brought before such a meeting. 

9.     Alteration of the Rules

9.1   No alteration nor addition to the rules of the club may be made except by an Annual General Meeting  called for such a purpose and then only on the approval of two thirds of those present entitled to vote. 

10.   Finance

10.1 No funds nor properties of the club shall be distributed among the members but shall be applied to the furtherance and upkeep of the club.

10.2 In the event of the dissolution of the club, all assets, after any outstanding liabilities have been discharged, shall be given over to the trustees appointed by the committee, for distribution to local charities.  The club can only be dissolved with the written agreement of the members.

11    Club Colours

11.1  When competing in any team, relay or run under UKA or ARC  rules, members must wear the registered club colours.