Award Scheme

Within the club there is an award scheme which is designed to give you something to aim for across a range of distances and ages.

Qualifying times from any three distances (from 5km, 5M, 10km, 10M, HM, and FM) for your age group set within a 12-month period at properly certified races (eg ARC, UKA certified) will count.
Please Note: parkrun’s do not count towards the Awards Scheme as they are not ARC or UKA certified races.

This scheme starts from 1st Jan each year.

The levels are:
Platinum(85% WAVA)
Diamond (80% WAVA)
Sapphire (75% WAVA)
Ruby (70% WAVA)
Emerald(65% WAVA)
Amber (60% WAVA)
Opal (55% WAVA)
Pearl(50% WAVA)

The reward, a medal with the appropriate award level to display however you want and knowing you have reached a particular level across a range of distances in your age group. Click here to see Awards

To apply, please fill in the application form with your eligible times and the award level you want to apply for and your age for the oldest race stated.  You will then be presented with your award at the awards ceremony held every year.  Please note times must also be recorded on the race record sheet/via email for verification purposes.

Click here for male qualifying times

Click here for female qualifying times

Our Award Scheme is based on the WAVA Age Graded Tables.The Age Graded Tables were developed over a period of years by the World Association of Veteran Athletes, (WAVA), the world governing body for masters track and field, long distance running, and race walking. The tables are used by WAVA to award prizes by age graded performance, rather than time by age group as is usually done at 
local races. The tables are graded by age and sex and correspond approximately to world record marks for a person of that age and sex.