Training Routes

All routes start at the Inspire sports centre.
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Daylight only routes over footpaths, good to do in summer.

Alf Brown 4.1 miles
Short sharp down hill where you turn right just after 1 mile.
Long drag up but not steep from 2 miles for 1.5 miles.

One Tree, Wards Wood 4.8 miles
Steep up hill at 3.75 miles.

Golf Course 6 miles
No big hills until 5.25 miles and then a steep hill for 0.25 mile, which you could walk but remember HILLS ARE GOOD FOR YOU.

Barton Hills 8.7
Steep uphill at 8 miles.

Day or night routes mainly on pavements and well lit.

Wigmore 4 miles
A fairly flat route around Wigmore

Bradgers Stockingstone Hill 4 mile 
Short but with a tough hill

Wigmore 6 mile
Similar to Wigmore 4

Hilly 6 miles
Hilly for the first 4 miles and then flat.

The routes below come up the short tough Bradgers Hill which is 0.2 of a mile long. You could of course walk up and then run the last 0.8 miles back to the centre.

Bramingham 5.5

River Path 7.2 miles