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This shows the current year races that have been processed from the Record Your Race form and will appear if submissions were made before the last updated date: 20/05/2024 11:22.

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Stopsley Striders NoNameRace NameRace DateChip TimeDistancePBAge CategoryAge Group PBCommentsRace Year
Leigh BettsWelwyn Half Marathon07/01/202402:38:19Half MarathonNWV45N2024
1069kulwinder AssraFred Hughes 10m21/01/202401:46:5810MYWV55N2024
Mohammed ElbayanFred Hughes 10 mile21/01/202400:55:1110MYMSYSenior Club Record2024
Sandra (Sandy) Reeve-smithFred Hughes21/01/202401:47:2310MNWV60YA disappointingly slower time than last year but the course this year felt somewhat tougher than the reserve/B course used last year.2024
Katerina TulooFred Huges 1021/01/202401:40:3510MNWV45N2024
Sandy Reeve-SmithATW Bedford 5 and 1028/01/202401:41:5910MYWV60YEnjoyable run, nice flat course.2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtBedford 10 mile28/01/202401:45:0910MNWV50YVery pleased with this run. My 3rd fastest 10 mile race overall and improved Age Group PB by 12 minutes.2024
323Dave Thompson-TraceFred Hughes 1021/01/20241:28:1310MNMV60N2024
Liz BarkerBedford 1028/01/20241:49:2810MYWV55YI think so I can't find Sandy 10 results from 20232024
Liz BarkerFred Hughes21/01/20241:53:0510MNWV55N2024
Leigh BettsWatford Half Marathon04/02/20242:36:17Half MarathonNWV45NHilly and brutal2024
Nick BettsWatford Half Marathon04/02/20241:41:50Half MarathonNMV45NSo many hills it was relentless2024
Lauren EmbletonWelwyn 10k11/02/20241:22:0110KYWSNMy first ever 10k run2024
Leigh BettsWelwyn 10k11/02/20241:03:3410KNWV45N2024
Nick BettsWelwyn 10k11/02/20240:43:0010KNMV45N2024
Nick BettsLondon Winter 10k25/02/20240:41:5210KYMV45NCompletely struggled after contracting a virus so happy with the time2024
Leigh BettsLondon Winter 10k25/02/20240:59:4610KYWV45NBeautiful run through London finally got my sub 602024
Jane FewWinter 10K25/02/20241:10:5910KNWV55N2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtGreat Yarmouth Half Marathon03/03/20242:21:12Half MarathonNWV50YAnother age group pb by nearly 3 minutes ☺️2024
Jane FewGreat Yarmouth 10K03/03/20241:11:1910KNWV55N2024
1200Claire BraceyGt Yarmouth 10k03/03/20241:13:0810KNWV55NThank you purple princess 👸 💜2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtShamrockin Run New Orleans 10K10/03/20241:05:4610KNWV50YShaved a few more minutes off for an AG PB.2024
Christine LathwellInter Counties Cross County Championships09/03/20240:30:04OtherNWSNHad a great time representing Bedfordshire. It was a fast and hilly course of 8km and As it was a senior race with no age category’s in it. I was very happy to finish 155. When there was very few vet women in the race.2024
Leigh BettsGreat Yarmouth Seafront Run03/03/20241:07:3310KNWV45NStarted for the half marathon then felt my calf muscle go so managed to complete the 10k gutted but had to be sensible2024
Nick BettsGreat Yarmouth Seafront Run03/03/20241:36:30Half MarathonNMV45NGreat to have all the striders at this event2024
Lauren EmbletonGreat Yarmouth Seafront Run03/03/20241:25:0310KNWSN2024
Lauren EmbletonLondon Winter 10k25/02/20241:22:1910KNWSNLoved it2024
1025Gez FallonCambridge Half Marathon03/03/20241:30:40Half MarathonNMV50NLovely flat course, well supported on route.2024
1062Annelies GerberSussex Ultra09/03/20247:26:57UltraNWV50NScenic but very hilly and windy coastal route with some great views.2024
Sandy Reeve-SmithGt Yarmouth seafront 10K03/03/20241:02:0410KNWV60YNice flat course.2024
Andy DurrantGreat Yarmouth Half Marathon03/03/20241:53:51Half MarathonNMV65N2nd in age catagory2024
Andy DurrantFred Hughes 10 mile21/01/20241:26:5710MNMV65N2024
586Paul KeechDunstable Town Mayor's 5 mile17/03/20240:42:035MNMV65YEnjoyable first running of this event with good facilities available2024
811Amanda RankinGreat Yarmouth 10k03/03/20241:17:2210KNWV55N2024
811Amanda RankinMilton Keynes 10k17/03/20241:22:1310KNWV55N2024
1307Sam WhaleyFred Hughes 1021/01/20241:31:1110MNMV45NToo many hills. Far too many hills.2024
1307Sam WhaleyMK Festival of Running - 20 Mile17/03/20243:08:2320MYMV45YTough race but got it done! Tailed off a bit over the second half, but knocked 19 minutes (give or take) off my PB so happy enough!2024
473Pamela AbbittDunstable 5Miles17/03/20241:09:245MNWV70N2024
281Philip AbbittDunstable 5 Miles17/03/20240:49:395MNMV70N2024
819Stewart ReadDunstable. Mayor's Charity 5 mile race17/03/20240:43:045MNMV50YA better event than I expected 👍👍2024
Sandy Reeve-SmithDunstable Town Mayors Charity 5 Mile run17/03/20240:51:165MNWV60NNice enough but mostly pavement with a few road crossings2024
Martin WestDunstable Mayor’s 5 mile17/03/20240:47:525MNMV45YNot sure what my 5 mile PB is but is fastest in my latest age category2024
1118Robert BarnesBeast of the Blacks 4009/03/20247:04:12UltraNMV35N1st2024
1118Robert BarnesYarmouth Half Marathon03/03/20241:14:51Half MarathonNMV35YNew club mv35 record2024
NaPeter BrownTwin Lakes 2024/03/20243:08:5620MYMV40Y2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtOakley 20 mile24/03/20243:55:2920MNWV50Y2024
Claire BraceyTwin Lakes 2024/03/00242:02:4910MNWV55N2024
Liz BarkerMilton keynes Running Festival17/03/20242:31:52Half MarathonNWV55N2024
Liz BarkerGreat Yarmouth Half Marathon03/03/20242:27:15Half MarathonNWV55NI may have submitted this already2024
408Danny KellyOakley 20 mile24/03/20242:49:2520MNMV60Y2nd MV60 county championships2024
408Danny KellyBeast of the blacks 40 mile09/03/202412:35:53UltraNMV60YTough2024
Sileshi TesemaMK Festival of Running Half Marathon17/03/20241:39:01Half MarathonYWV55N2024
Lauren EmbletonSt Albans Easter 10k29/03/202401:30:1410KNWSNStruggled around the course with a chest infection2024
Leigh BettsSt Albans Easter 10k29/03/202401:03:0310KNWV45NAnother muddy course that slowed me up2024
Nick BettsSt Albans Easter 10k29/03/202400:42:3710KNMV45NLots of mud at the start / finish2024
Sandy Reeve-SmithBedford 10k01/04/202401:02:5810KNWV60N2024
Sandy Reeve-SmithSt Albans Easter 10k29/03/202401:02:5710KNWV60N2024
1025Gez FallonOakley 20m24/03/202402:29:1220MNMV50NLovely hilly course with a nice wind thrown in.2024
Jane FewSt Albans Easter 10K29/03/202401:10:0410KNWV55N2024
Martin WestMartin West29/03/202400:59:0310KNMV45N2024
Andy DurrantOakley 2024/03/202403:17:0320MNMV65YNew club MV65 record by over an hour, Beds County Championship MV65 1st place2024
Leigh BettsOakley 2024/03/202403:59:4020MNWV45NPleased with my time as this was a test for my calf Also love the hoodie this year2024
Nick BettsOakley 2024/03/202402:36:1720MYMV45NPlenty of ups and downs Great for marathon training2024
1123Ian PitkinMilton Keynes Winter Half03/12/202301:48:03Half MarathonNMV55N2024
1123Ian PitkinDirt Half Challenge18/11/202301:55:47Half MarathonNMV55N2024
1123Ian PitkinBedford Half Marathon03/09/202301:47:11Half MarathonNMV55N2024
1123Ian PitkinWatford Half Marathon04/02/202401:43:47Half MarathonNMV55N2024
1123Ian PitkinLuton Half Marathon15/10/202301:42:01Half MarathonNMV55N2024
1123Ian PitkinCambridge Half Marathon03/03/202401:37:30Half MarathonYMV55Y2024
1118Rob BarnesAshridge Boundary Run23/03/202401:57:06OtherNMV35Y1st2024
1173Dawn BoonFred Hughes21/01/202401:31:5110MNWV45N2024
1173Dawn BoonOakley 2024/03/202403:09:4220MYWV45Y2024
1307Heather ChandlerFlitwick 10k14/04/20240:48:4010KYWV50N2024
4017485Paul AbrahamsFlitwick 10k14/04/20240:43:5510KNMV45N2024
161Karen AshbyFlitwick 10k14/04/20240:56:0610KNWV65YFirst road race in a year due to injury and extremely happy2024
1094Paul WhitfordFlitwick 10k14/04/20240:47:4010KNMV55NNot PB.2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtFlitwick 10k14/04/20241:04:3510KNWV50YAge group PB and 9 minutes improvement over last year!2024
Leigh BettsBrighton Marathon07/04/20245:32:50MarathonNWV45NHot Hilly Hell2024
Jane FewLondon Landmarks Half Marathon07/04/20242:40:46Half MarathonNWV55N2024
Nick BettsBrighton Marathon07/04/20243:47:49MarathonNMV45NDidn’t feel great going into this marathon just got worse the further I went happy that I got to the finish line
Tough ups and downs with plenty of sun and the wind was strong in all directions
Peter BrownBrighton Marathon07/04/20244:38:49MarathonYWV40N2024
1062Annelies GerberHaverhill Marathon07/04/20244:44:14MarathonNWV50NScenic but hilly and on the day very windy road marathon. 1st lady.2024
1173Dawn BoonLondon Landmarks07/04/20241:55:29Half MarathonYWV45Y2024
3944869Sileshi TesemaBedford Half & 10k01/04/20240:43:5210KYWV55N2024
3944869Sileshi TesemaOakley 2024/03/20242:42:5220MYWV55Y2024
Leigh BettsLondon Marathon21/04/20245:20:35MarathonNWV45NLondon…. You did not disappoint2024
Nick BettsLondon Marathon21/04/20243:30:37MarathonNMV45N2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtLondon Marathon21/04/20245:24:02MarathonNWV50YImproved time on this course by 8 minutes. Also an Age group PB.2024
1118Robert BarnesFlitwick 10k14/04/20240:34:3510KNMV35Y2nd2024
1307Sam WhaleyFlitwick 10k14/04/20240:49:4810KNMV45NEnjoyable. Not quite as quick as 2023 but felt good throughout.2024
Nicola AbubackerMilton Keynes Festival of Running17/03/20243:36:1120MYWV55YNew club record For W55 age group. Previous record set 33 years ago2024
Andy DurrantLondon Marathon21/04/20244:42:49MarathonNMV65Y2024
408Danny KellyConnemara Marathon21/04/20244:10:45MarathonNMV60NVery hot and sunny, oh and the hill at the end started just before mile 21 and was still rising 3 miles later!2024
1293Theresa GunnellLondon Marathon21/04/20246:19:45MarathonNWV60NI loved every minute of it2024
Katerina TulooFlitwick 10km14/04/20240:56:3210KNWV45N2024
3866773Katerina TulooLondon Landmarks Half Marathon07/04/20242:07:47Half MarathonYWV45N2024
1172Dawn BoonMilton Keynes Marathon06/05/20244:18:22MarathonYWV45YBrutal!2024
Mohammed ElbayanTCS London Marathon21/04/20242:24:14MarathonNMSY2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtMK Half Marathon06/05/20242:23:28Half MarathonNWV50N#55. Hot and hilly in parts! Jeffed it and only a couple minutes slower than at the flat Gt Yarmouth Half! 🙂2024
1062Annelies GerberMK Marathon06/05/20244:29:24MarathonNWV50YLocal road marathon with many runners but well organised.2024
161Karen AshbyFlitton 5k06/05/20240:28:215KNWV65YA great little local off road 5k race. Loved it!2024
1307Sam WhaleyMilton Keynes Marathon06/05/20244:28:26MarathonYMV45YA new PB, but only by 8 minutes. Hard work. Started well and felt strong up to about 17 miles then the usual long slow fade to the finish kicked in.2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtMK Rocket 5K05/05/20240:29:445KNWV50YAge group PB! Nice to run under 30 mins for a change. Just over 4 mins from my overall pb!2024
Rudi BARTLETTLet do this Hitchin 10k05/05/20241:09:0010KNMV70N2024
Lauren EmbletonMilton Keynes 5K Rocket05/05/20240:35:525KYWSNVery proud of myself for getting a PB weather was very warm but was a lovely day2024
Martin WestMK Rocket 5k05/05/20240:26:285KNMV45Y2024
Leigh BettsMilton Keynes 5K Rocket05/05/20250:29:355KYWV45NFinally broke the Sub 30 in a chip time event after back to back marathons2024
Nick BettsMilton Keynes 5K Rocket05/05/20240:20:185KYMV45N2024
1025Gez FallonStevington 12k28/04/20240:52:06OtherYMV50YSecond time doing this "Mini Oakley " race and a few seconds quicker than last year. Small local well organised race with a lovely medal as well.2024
Nick BettsSilverstone 10k01/05/20240:42:4210KNMV45N2024
Leigh BettsNewport Marathon28/04/20245:39:50MarathonNWV45NThat was a hard day at the office but happy to complete Marathon Number 102024
1069Kulwinder AssraHitchin 10K (Burnt Hare)05/05/202401:02:3210KYWV55Y2024
Amy-Louise ClarkRocket 5K Milton Keynes05/05/202400:35:525KYWSNMy first race as a Stopsley Striders and a PB in my 5K❤️2024
Amy-Louise ClarkPhoenix 512/05/202401:06:425MYWSNMy first 5 mile club race! Very hot day and a slower race but amazing and another PB!2024
4017585Paul AbrahamsStevenage Phoenix 5 Mile12/05/202400:35:025MNMV45YI’d like to try again next year to try and beet my time2024
281Philip AbbittPhoenix 512/05/202400:51:595MNMV70NA very warm run2024
473Pamela AbbittPhoenix 512/05/202401:12:505MNWV70N2024
Nick BettsPhoenix 512/05/202400:34:445MNMV45NHOT!!!2024
1307Heather ChandlerStevenage Phoenix 5 Mile12/05/202400:38:495MYWV50Y2024
Jane FewStevenage Phoenix 5 mile12/05/202400:58:185MYWV55Y2024
161Karen AshbyPhoenix 5m Stevenage12/05/202400:45:515MNWV65YA lovely race however it was extremely hot!2024
1307Sam WhaleyPhoenix 512/05/202400:42:025MNMV45NVery hot! Still a bit tired I think from the MK Marathon earlier in the week. Nice race though - hope it returns next year.2024
Sandy Reeve-SmithHitchin 10K05/05/240401:02:5610KNWV60N2024
Sandy Reeve-SmithPheonix 5 mile12/05/202400:50:135MNWV60N2024
1186Evelyn LutterodtBlack to the Trails 10K12/05/202401:19:2710KNWV50NGood vibes! Very hot day.. and race start 12:30pm the hottest part of the day! Enjoyed it still!2024
1062Annelies GerberCenturion NDW5018/05/202412:10:37UltraNWV50YScenic, more forested route than SDW. Very well organised race with great aid stations.
Sileshi TesemaPhoenix 512/05/202400:35:455MYWV55N
323Dave Thompson-TraceStevenage Phoenix 5 Miles12/05/202401:15:475MNMV60N
323Dave Thompson-TraceBerkhamsted Half Marathon03/03/202402:00:48Half MarathonNMV60Y
1118Robert BarnesGreat Lakeland 3 Day04/05/202418:48:39OtherYMV35N3 day mountain navigation event. 1st on Day 1.
1118Robert BarnesThe Fellsman27/04/202412:52:48UltraYMV35Y60 miles
Christine LathwellPhoenix 512/05/202400:33:005MNWV45YCame 1st Female, Course Record as it hadn’t been run before. Club Record Age V45
Very happy a great course may have been a little warm but plenty of shade on route.
Liz DaviesFlitton Flit06/05/202400:30:015KNWV60Y
Liz DaviesGreat Yarmouth 10 k03/03/202400:58:5010KNWV60Y
819Stewart ReadFlitton Flit06/05/202400:25:445KNMV50Y
Liz DaviesStevenage Phoenix 5 mile12/05/202400:49:255MNWV60Y
819Stewart ReadStevenage Phoenix 512/05/202400:42:335MNMV50Y