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2023 Races

Stopsley Striders NoNameRace NameRace DateChip TimeDistancePBAge CategoryAge Group PBCommentsRace Year
1189Dawn KeverenFred Hughes 10 Mile22/01/202302:17:3410MYWV45NHilly & frosty2023
Jane FewFred Hughes 1022/01/202301:59:5110MYWV55Y2023
Dawn boonFred Hughes 10m22/01/202301:32:5310MNWV45N2023
Liz BarkerFred Hughes 1022/01/202301:51:3210MYWV55N2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithFred Hughes 1022/01/202301:46:2910MYWV55Y1st race at this distance2023
Nick BettsFred Hugh’s 1022/01/202301:14:1010MYMV40N2023
Leigh BettsFred Hughes 1022/01/202301:54:1410MYWV45NCold / hilly and very well organised2023
1280Peta HenryFred Hughs 1022/01/202301:47:4610MNMV50N2023
854Thomas DarbyFred Hughes 1021/01/202301:16:3610MNMV40YTwo minutes faster than Sandy in Sept2023
Nick BettsBedford 1029/01/202301:13:3310MYMV40N2023
Leigh BettsBedford 1029/01/202301:50:4910MYWV45NGreat race 4 minute PB feeling good after 2nd race of the year2023
323Dave Thompson-TraceFred Hughes 10 Miles22/01/202301:25:3210MNMV60YFastest 10 Mile time for over 11 years.2023
382John ChapmanRomsey 5 mile22/01/202300:33:495MNMV65YGood to get V65 age category PB and, for the present, to be the 2nd fastest V65 at 5 miles in the UK.2023
Andy DurrantFred Hughes 10 mile22/01/202301:17:1810MYMV60YOver a minute quicker than last year and a new p.b2023
Nadia HallATW Run Mallory Park22/01/202300:42:015KNWV35Y2023
Jane FewWinter 10K05/02/202301:10:4510KNWV55N2023
Leigh BettsLondon Winter 10k Run05/02/202301:02:3510KNWV45NFantastic run but the course was slightly over 10k2023
Nick BettsLondon Winter 10k Run05/02/202300:43:1610KYMV40N2023
1025Gez FallonBedford 10M29/01/202301:08:2110MNMV50NNice flat course well organised.2023
1124Carly EavesWatford Half Marathon05/02/202302:11:59Half MarathonNWV35N2023
Leigh BettsBirmingham Running Festival19/02/202301:03:4010KNWV45NA lovely course with multiple hills and only 60 seconds slower than PB so happy with my time2023
Nick BettsBirmingham Running Festival19/02/202300:44:5110KNMV40NGot a chest infection so happy to just finish2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtLee Valley Velopark25/02/202301:57:4810MNWV45N2023
382John ChapmanBoscombe 5k Winter Series (Race 3)21/02/202300:20:255KNMV65YHonoured to be able to set the V65 club record for the 5k distance2023
7904Carly eavesTokyo marathon05/03/202304:37:11MarathonYWV35YMy 5th star in the 6 star majors and a nearly 3 minute pb since my pb in 2016! That’s the 3rd pb in 6 months across 10k, half & marathon distance. I’ve worked so hard on getting faster despite not being able to attend the club nights really since before lockdown & having ivy.2023
7904Carly EavesBedford 10k26/02/202300:53:4210KYWV35Y2nd pb in 6 months, 4 min pb from 2018 10k pb. I don’t attend club nights as I can’t due to childcare but I have been training extremely hard in the last year on my own (& buggy running!)2023
Nick BettsXNRG Amersham Ultra04/03/202305:30:38UltraYMV40NLovely hill at the end to finish2023
1025Gez FallonBedford Half Marathon26/02/202301:29:53Half MarathonNMV50NEnjoyable race with a nice flat course.2023
Vicki CrowstonATW Bedford 10k26/02/202300:57:4110KNWV40Y2023
1069Kulwinder AssraBedford 10K26/02/202301:00:4210KNWV50N1st 10k for 2023. Beautiful & flat route but a cold chilly day with glorious sunshine.2023
Liz BarkerMK Half Marathon12/03/202302:32:49Half MarathonNWV55N2023
1189Dawn KeverenGreat Yarmouth half marathon12/03/202303:00:36Half MarathonYWV45Y2023
Leigh BettsGreat Yarmouth Half Marathon12/03/202302:30:50Half MarathonNWV45NA lovely sunny seafront run with strong headwinds2023
Nick BettsGreat Yarmouth 10k12/03/202300:43:5010KNMV40N2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtMK Festival of Running12/03/202302:40:38Half MarathonNWV45NLast race in my age group and I ended up getting a +ve test!!! So I had to run it solo! Lucky that it was also a virtual race so my result will be added and I will get a medal 🙂2023
Peter BrownMilton Keynes Festival of Running 10k12/03/202300:47:1510KNMV35N2023
1293Theresa GunnellMK Running Festival 20 miles.12/03/202304:09:0920MYWV60YFirst 20 mile run ever2023
1189Dawn KeverenTwin Lakes19/03/202302:13:3210MYWV45Y2k we’re very slippery & muddy but apart from that, lovely route2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtVictoria Park Half19/03/202302:31:18Half MarathonNWV50Y1st Race in new age category! 2023
Leigh BettsOakley 2026/03/202303:55:4020MYWV45YA very wet hilly route
Managed to get a 32 minute PB
Nick BettsOakley 2026/03/202302:39:2520MYMV40YVery very wet2023
Ruth DoyleHampton Court Half26/03/202301:57:03Half MarathonNWV55YClub record by a few seconds…delighted. Was chasing it but a very wet muddy cross country like course in places!! And an age group pb!2023
Leigh BettsLondon Landmarks Half Marathon02/04/202302:20:33Half MarathonYWV45YAnother fabulous Landmarks completed with 6 minutes quicker than last year and 4 minute PB2023
Nick BettsLondon Landmarks Half Marathon02/04/202301:33:43Half MarathonYMV40YGood way to celebrate 1 year with the striders with a circa 10 minute PB2023
Christine LathwellSandy 1002/04/202301:06:5610MNWV45NCame 1st V45. Very happy as haven’t been able to race since the county championships beginning of January.2023
1307Sam WhaleySandy 1002/04/202301:21:2810MYMV45YLoved that! New PB by about 6 minutes. Felt good throughout (love the downhill at mile 9!)2023
622Gary FowlerPrague Half Marathon01/04/202301:56:17Half MarathonNMV60NNo training for 2.5 weeks due to hamstring strain. Got very tired at 16km. First experience of ‘jeffing’2023
Andy DurrantHampton Court Half Marathon26/03/202301:51:40Half MarathonNMV60NVery wet and muddy2023
Andy DurrantSandy 1002/04/202301:19:0510MNMV60N2023
1307Sam WhaleySt Albans Easter 10k07/04/202300:48:2210KYMV45YLovely sunny race! A new 10k PB by over 3 minutes and my first (official) sub-50 minute 10k. Very happy!2023
1062Annelies GerberHorseheath April Fools Frolic Run01/04/202305:11:10MarathonNWV50NCurse based on 5.3k laps “run as many as you like”, completed a marathon on a very wet, muddy and slippery course, nice small race but shoes needed major cleaning afterwards.2023
Carly eavesSandy 1002/04/202301:35:0110MYWV35Y3rd pb in 7 months across 3 distances, completed a virtual half marathon the same day and got an unofficial pb of 2:04, 2 minutes off September pb. This 10 miler was my fastest in 6 years2023
1167Tom RankinAshridge Boundary Run (17.5mi)25/03/202302:19:28OtherNMSNWindy, muddy, hilly, longer than last year. Felt super tough for last 2mi. On the bright side, I was the first finisher wearing glasses according to the RD.2023
1183Vicki CrowstonABP Southampton 10K02/04/202300:57:3510KNWV40YThis event was part of a double with 60k cycling event on 1/4/23, also improved AG PB by 5s from 4weeks ago 🙂2023
1178Calista StrangeBedford Half26/02/202302:11:26Half MarathonNWV40Y2023
Liz BarkerSandy 1002/04/202301:51:0310MYWV55Y2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtFlitwick 10K16/04/202301:13:3110KNWV50Y2023
1173Dawn boonFlitwick 10k16/04/202300:54:5810KNWV45N2023
281Philip AbbittFlitwick 10k16/04/202301:02:0810KNMV70Y2023
4017485Paul AbrahamsFlitwick 10k16/04/202300:43:1010KYMV45YTough race but well pleased with my results2023
1308Sam WhaleyFlitwick 10k16/04/202300:48:4010KNMV45NReally enjoyable race. This was my first Flitwick 10 – surprisingly quick considering the hills. Not a PB but possibly the strongest race of my three so far this year.2023
Jane FewLondon Landmarks Half Marathon02/04/202302:35:32Half MarathonYWV55Y2023
Eammon DevaneLondon Marathon23/04/202304:08:14MarathonYMSNA PB of 14 mins2023
1025Gez FallonFlitwick 10k16/04/202300:42:0310KNMV50N2023
1189Dawn KeverenLondon Marathon23/04/202307:32:21MarathonYWV50YMy 1st (and last) marathon2023
Christine LathwellFlitwick 10km16/04/202300:41:1110KNWV45NCame 5th Overall. 1st V35. Very Happy as health not great but can still race well.2023
Leigh BettsManchester Marathon16/04/202305:22:17MarathonYWV45NFantastic run with great support definitely not a flat course but still managed a 4 minute PB2023
382John ChapmanEastbourne 5 mile12/02/202300:34:125MNMV65N2023
382John ChapmanBoscombe 5k Winter Series (Race 4)07/03/202300:20:365KNMV65NPleased to win the Male V65 category for this series of 4 races2023
382John ChapmanFlitwick 10k16/04/202300:44:0610KNMV65Y2023
Nick BettsManchester Marathon16/04/202303:29:16MarathonYMV40NCirca 30 minute PB2023
1069Kulwinder AssraFlitwick 10k16/04/202301:02:4410KNWV50NForgot how hilly this was but surprised myself with the time.2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtHitchin 10K30/04/202301:06:2410KNWV50YBetter than I expected. Lovely day for it! I enjoyed that one!2023
931Donna WiggettOmagh half marathon26/03/202302:28:00Half MarathonNWV45Y2023
1307Sam WhaleySerpentine RC Last Friday Of The Month 5K28/04/202300:23:095KYMV45YNew 5k PB (by just under a minute). Staggered!2023
1139Mr Amrik SinghFlitwick 10K16/04/202301:21:3710KNMV50NI was guiding Simon Watson (VI runner) for his first 10K race2023
1062Annelies GerberRun to the Sea Brighton06/05/202306:17:17UltraNWV50NScenic 50k but torrential rain this year, very different from 2022.2023
Nick BettsVirtual London Marathon23/04/202303:57:34MarathonNMV40N2023
Leigh BettsVirtual London Marathon23/04/202305:18:25MarathonYWV45NLoved completing the London Virtual2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithSt Albans Easter 10k07/04/202301:01:1410KNWV55N2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithGt Yarmouth 10k12/03/202301:01:0610KNWV55N2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithBedford 10k26/02/202300:59:5510KNWV55N2023
RudiBrnt Hare30/04/202301:03:5010KNMV65N2023
Nick BettsMilton Keynes Marathon01/05/202303:48:02MarathonNMV40NKnee blew up after circa 6 miles had to grind out the next 20 on uneven walkways (very difficult) as there was times that the pain was too much and I just wanted to give up2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtBlack to the Trails 10K14/05/202301:14:3910KNWV50NInaugural Black Trail Runners Event… So glad to be a part of it!2023
Liz DaviesStevington 12k07/05/202301:14:26OtherNWV60Y2023
Liz DaviesMilton Keynes half marathon01/05/202302:22:55Half MarathonNWV60Y2023
Ellie DaviesStevington 12k07/05/202300:50:54OtherYMSN2023
Ellie DaviesMK Half Marathon01/05/202301:35:28Half MarathonNMSN2023
Leigh BettsMilton Keynes Marathon01/05/202305:40:17MarathonNWV45N2023
Stewart ReadStevington 12k07/05/202301:07:02OtherNMV50Y2 minutes slower than 20182023
Stewart ReadMilton Keynes Half Marathon01/05/202302:02:50Half MarathonNMV50Y2023
1025Gez FallonStevington 12k07/05/202300:52:26OtherYMV50YFirst time I done this race or distance so had to be a PB. Nice race, well organised and part of the Oakley 20 route so a few hills along the race. Limited to about 200 people.2023
Peter BreslinRiga (Latvia) Half Marathon07/05/202301:36:10Half MarathonNMV50N2023
119Dave DebnamHatfield Broad Oak 10k29/05/202301:01:3010KNMV75Y2023
1301Shaun MutterLondon Landmarks Half Marathon02/04/202301:34:13Half MarathonYMV35Y2023
1301Shaun MutterManchester Marathon16/04/202303:29:59MarathonYMV35Y2023
Ellie DaviesMarsworth 10K21/05/202300:42:5810KNMSN2023
Peter BrownWindsor Trail Half Marathon21/05/202301:54:06Half MarathonNMV35N2023
Rudi BARTLETTHatfield Broad Oak28/05/202301:01:3610KYMV65Y2023
Carly eavesWimbledon half marathon28/05/202302:21:19Half MarathonNWV35N2023
Leigh BettsSouthend Half Marathon11/06/202302:35:51Half MarathonNWV45NLovely race great support extremely hot2023
Leigh BettsMarston 5k09/06/202300:32:435KNWV45NI am certainly not an evening runner didn’t enjoy this race2023
Nick BettsSouthend Half Marathon11/06/202301:43:03Half MarathonNMV40NHot Hot Hot2023
Nick BettsMarston 5k09/06/202300:20:475KYMV40NGot a fly in the eye halfway around2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtMarston Forest 5K09/06/202300:31:515KNWV50YA hot one! The sun decided to turn the heat back on for this weekend! No headphones 🙁 I would have done better with a bit of music. But still an age group pb!2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtSt Albans Half Marathon11/06/202302:41:55Half MarathonNWV50NHot hot hot!!!2023
473Pamela AbbittMarston Forest 5k09/06/202300:36:395KNWV70N2023
281Philip AbbittMarston Forest 5k09/06/202300:28:505KNMV70Y2023
Ruth DoyleMarston 5k09/06/202300:25:415KNWV55Y1st lady in my age cat!!2023
?Sandy Reeve-SmithHitchin 10K30/04/202301:00:3110KNWV55N2023
?Sandy Reeve-SmithMarston Forest 5K09/06/202300:28:445KYWV55Y2023
1083Rudi BARTLETTMarston Forest09/06/202300:27:555KYWV65N2023
4017485Paul AbrahamsMarston 5K09/06/202300:21:455KNMV45NNot a PB but still pleased2023
Carly EavesMarston 5km09/06/202300:26:455KNWV35Y2023
1189Dawn KeverenMarston Forest 5K09/06/202300:38:585KNWV50N2023
Andy DurrantMarston 5k09/06/202300:22:575KNMV60N2023
Nadia HallHatfield Broad Oak 10K29/05/202301:14:0210KNWV35Y2023
Nadia HallRun Dorney Lake 5K08/04/202300:35:275KNWV35Y2023
1267Jill BywatersMarston Forest 5k09/06/202300:30:355KYWV55Y2023
1267Jill BywatersGreat Yarmouth 10k12/03/202301:07:2310KNWV55N2023
Nick BettsSt Albans Summer Solstice 10k21/06/202300:43:5610KNMV40N2023
Leigh BettsThe St Albans Summer Solstice 10k21/06/202301:06:2910KNWV45NExtremely Hot and a fabulous event2023
Leigh BettsSalcey Forest Owl Challenge16/06/202305:05:17OtherNWV45NI had to run as many 3.5 mile laps as possible in a 6 hour time limit I successfully ran 5 laps totalling 17.5 miles It was challenging running In the dark with a head torch2023
281Philip AbbittSt Albans Summer Soltice 10k21/06/202301:01:4710KNMV70N3rd in Catagory2023
1025Gez FallonMarston 5k09/06/202300:20:245KNMV50N2023
382John ChapmanMarlow 5 mike14/05/202300:34:445MNMV65N2023
382John ChapmanBlisworth 5 mile09/06/202300:35:415MNMV65N1st V652023
1186Evelyn LutterodtSalcey Forest Owl Challenge16/06/202305:27:16OtherNWV50NAs many 5.75 km laps in 6 hrs. Lost 1.5 hr due to having to work but I got 4 laps in, in
the end making 23 km / 14 miles. Watch elapsed time 4:02:54
382John ChapmanBanbury 5 mile23/05/202300:34:385MNMV65N1st V65 in race.2023
1062Annelies GerberSavognin Irontrail T5001/07/20239:15:39UltraNWV50NVery scenic route in mountainous terrain, trekking poles helped on downhills.2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithBlues Foundation23/07/202300:58:5510KYWV55Y2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithSummer solstice 10K21/06/202301:00:0510KNWV55N2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithDoug Anderson 5K19/07/202300:28:595KNWV55N2023
Jane FewDoug Anderson 5k19/07/202300:34:215KNWV55N2023
Christine LathwellFairlands Valley Relays20/07/202300:11:343KYWV45YRan 1st leg in mixed team. 18th fastest in Females. Came 2nd Vets Team. Me, Gez, Paul, Charley.
Club Record V45.
Very happy with my run and are team. Great to have so many teams out.
Also raced Leg 4 of the Womens team in 12:04 so happy with that too as I didn’t know till I cheering our striders past the bridge and Danny places a number over mine and says that looks good on you. I thought he was joking but was happy to stand in and complete the team for the Ladies.

Christine LathwellDoug Anderson 5km19/07/202300:20:105KNWV45NCame 1st V45 in Race and 1st V45 in County Championships.
Really enjoyed this race hadn’t run it before.
Ruth DoyleFairlands relay20/07/202300:14:523KNWV55YClub record VW55!!!!2023
chris lamontDoug Anderson 5km19/07/202300:22:255KNMV70YClub v70 record 1st v70 race 1st v70 county champs2023
Nick BettsLee Valley Half Marathon29/07/202301:41:54Half MarathonNMV40NRunning through uneven fields with long grass and the heat did not make this a good run (lack of water on course)2023
Leigh BettsLee Valley Half Marathon29/07/202302:33:52Half MarathonNWV45NBrutal!2023
Leigh BettsSilverstone 10k17/05/202301:07:0510KNWV45N2023
Nick BettsSilverstone 10k17/05/202300:42:5010KYMV40N2023
382John ChapmanWeedon 10k20/05/202300:46:2610KNMV65N2023
Jane FewBlues Foundation Bedford 10K23/07/002301:10:4610KNWV55N2023
Lee MurphyNewport Pagnell Carnival 5k01/07/202300:18:175KNMSN2023
Mohammed ElbayanWatford Open Meeting 3k28/06/202300:08:483KYMSY2023
Mohammed ElbayanMilton Keynes 10k11/07/202300:32:2110KYMSY2023
Mohammed ElbayanNewport Pagnell Carnival 5k01/07/202300:15:065KYMSYGreat course, well organised and fantastic support.2023
Andy DurrantFairlands Valley 3k Relay20/07/202300:13:033KYMV60Yp.b and club record 3k V602023
Andy DurrantDoug Anderson 5k19/07/202300:22:185KNMV60YBeds County 1st V602023
1025Gez FallonDoug Anderson 5k19/07/202300:20:465KNMV50NA good turnout from the Striders and some good performances by my team mates.2023
1025Gez FallonBeds 10K07/07/202300:44:0610KNMV50NVery hot and very slow. Other than that fine.2023
Leigh BettsBlue’s Foundation Bedford Half Marathon23/07/202302:26:46Half MarathonNWV45NLovely half marathon2023
Nick BettsBlues Foundation Bedford Half Marathon23/07/202301:39:36Half MarathonNMV40N2023
Leigh BettsDoug Anderson 5K19/07/202300:31:425KNWV45N2023
586Paul KeechFairlands Valley Relays20/07/202300:15:033KNMV60Y2023
323Dave Thompson-TraceMarston Forest 5K09/06/202300:27:085KNMV60NLimped home in a poor time due to injury, but at least I finished2023
586Paul KeechStopsley Striders 5m Trail Race13/08/202300:45:255MNMV60Y2023
211Chris LamontStopsley 10 mile trail race13/08/202301:18:3210MNMV70YClub vet 70 10 mile record2023
Carly eavesStopsley trail13/08/202301:47:0110MNWV35N2023
Carly eavesUltra x goes loopy22/07/202308:37:35UltraNWV35N1/4 of a 12 hour relay team2023
Carly eavesMarston 5k09/06/202300:26:455KNWV35Y2023
Carly eavesWimbledon half28/05/202302:20:00Half MarathonNWV35N2023
Carly eavesFlitwick 10k16/04/202300:55:3710KNWV35N4 mins faster than 20182023
1183Vicki CrowstonStopsley Striders 5Mile13/08/202300:53:195MNWV40Y2023
Nick BettsHarvathon20/08/202305:21:00OtherNMV40Y1st Place with 10 laps completed after falling over. Swallowing an insect & getting lost twice That bloody cardiac hill2023
Leigh BettsThe Harvathon20/08/202304:51:00OtherNWV45Y2nd Place women 7 Laps (21 miles) cardiac hill was truly brutal and my hardest race to date I fell at 5 miles and considered withdrawing but carried on for another 16 miles2023
Carly eavesDorney half marathon27/08/202302:20:34Half MarathonNWV35N2023
622Gary FowlerPrague Birrell Grand Prix 10km02/09/202300:48:5310KNMV60YFastest 10k since 20202023
211Chris LamontBedford 5k02/09/202300:22:065KNMV70Y
1st v70 race new club v70 record you entered my 10 mile time at Stopsley 10 but didn’t show it as a club v70 record
1186Evelyn LutterodtBedford Half Marathon03/09/202302:32:42Half MarathonNWV50N2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtThe Harvathon20/08/202302:17:33OtherNWV50NMulti loop event – with a huge hill at the end of the 5.5 km loop. I managed 3 loops so 16.5 km2023
626Louise PetersThames Path Challenge 50K09/09/20235:58:15UltraYWV50NFirst Ultra Marathon; 2nd lady overall2023
1062Annelies GerberDunstable Downs Challenge03/09/20235:25:59MarathonNWV50NDD Challenge is always a great trail race with challenges like a freshly plowed field and it becoming fairly hot in the afternoon. Can highly recommend scenic route though.2023
1025Gez FallonBedford 20m03/09/20232:29:1220MNMV50NNice flat course bit warm though2023
Leigh BettsLondon Big Half03/09/20232:27:54Half MarathonNWV45NExtremely hot but a fabulous run2023
Nick BettsLondon Big Half03/09/20231:39:02Half MarathonNMV40NVery very hot day for running around London2023
Nick BettsBedford Running Festival02/09/20230:20:375KYMV40N2023
Leigh BettsBedford Running Festival02/09/20230:30:205KYWV45NRidiculously hot2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtStopsley 10 mile trail race13/08/20231:57:1810MNWV50Y2023
Jane FewStopsley Striders 5/10mile trail race13/08/00230:59:175MYWV55Y2023
Nick BettsStopsley Striders 5 & 10 mile13/08/20230:37:575MNMV40N2023
Leigh BettsStopsley Striders 5 & 10 mile13/08/20230:55:575MNWV45N2023
3866421Liz BarkerLea Valley Sundowner Half29/07/20232:33:41Half MarathonNWV55N2023
Leigh BettsSalcy Forest Big Bear Challenge10/08/20236:02:47OtherNWV45NCompleted 6 laps totalling 21 miles on a very very hot day2023
Leigh BettsGreat North Run10/09/20232:34:55Half MarathonNWV45NA fabulous event not going for a time just there to enjoy the day2023
Nick BettsGreat North Run10/09/20231:43:03Half MarathonNMV40NMade a huge mistake and put my marathon time on application this put me in the second to last wave I found it difficult to pass people as there was circa 50 thousand people in front of me so this was damage limitation I am so disappointed but I will be back next year and defiantly will be submitting my half marathon time2023
Lee MurphyHatfield 5k13/09/202300:17:545KNMSN1st race back after glute injury.2023
Mohammed ElbayanThe Big Half Marathon03/09/202301:10:53Half MarathonYMSY2023
382John ChapmanCorby 5 mile28/06/202300:35:595MNMV65N2023
382John ChapmanMK 10k11/07/202300:43:3710KNMV65Y2023
382John ChapmanDoug Anderson 5k19/07/202300:20:385KNMV65NV65 County Champion2023
382John ChapmanHeadington 5 mile27/08/202300:34:285MNMV65N2023
408Danny KellyUltra X England 50k17/02/202308:19:36UltraNMV60NVery hard mountain course2023
211Chris LamontLeigton 10 miles24/09/202301:16:0510MNMV70Y1st V70 race 1stV70 beds cc club v70 record2023
Jane FewVitality 10K24/09/002301:09:4610KNMV55N2023
1025Gez FallonLeighton 10m24/09/202301:11:5710MNMV50NNice course, bit windy with a lovely hill to finish with in the last mile.2023
473Pamela AbbittVitality 1000024/09/202301:25:1010KNWV70N2023
281Philip AbbittVitality 1000024/09/202301:00:4810KNMV70Y2023
Ruth DoyleLondon Vitality 10k24/09/202300:52:5710KNWV55Y28th out of over 400 in age cat2023
Leigh BettsXNRG Tring Ultra Marathon23/09/202308:52:23UltraYWV45NMy very first 50k Trial Ultra Marathon and this my biggest achievement to date Got lost at 29 miles so ended up completing 53k2023
Nick BettsXNRG Tring Ultra Marathon23/09/202305:40:30UltraNMV40NHad stomach cramp for the last 20 miles but struggled to the end2023
622Gary FowlerBěchovice 10km24/09/202300:49:4610KNMV60NThe oldest continuous road race in Europe, 127th continuous year. Neither World War nor Covid pandemic could stop it from happening.2023
211Chris LamontStandalone 10k01/10/202300:44:5310KNMV70YClub V70 record 1st V70 race2023
Leigh BettsRoyal Parks Half Marathon08/10/202302:23:10Half MarathonNWV45NHot again (in October)2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithBedford Running Festival twilight 10K02/09/202301:01:5710KNWV55N2023
Sandy Reeve-SmithRoyal Parks Half Marathon08/10/202302:19:37Half MarathonYWV55NFirst time at this distance.
4017485Paul AbrahamsRidgeway Run08/10/202301:13:47OtherNMV45NThis was 15k
Leigh BettsThe Caterpillar Challenge by Big Bear Events03/10/202305:26:25OtherNWV45NA 6 hour challenge to complete as many 3.3 mile laps as possible I completed 6 laps totalling 19.8 miles the course was rolling hills (very tough)
1186Evelyn LutterodtLove Luton Half Marathon16/10/20232:24:39Half MarathonNWV50YAge group pb 🙌🏾 Improvement of nearly 10 mins! The road to London is looking brighter!
Carly eavesLuton half marathon15/10/20232:16:43Half MarathonNWV35N
281Philip AbbittLove Luton 10k15/10/20231:00:4810KNMV70YEquals my age group PB
Liz BarkerLove Luton Half15/10/20232:23:54Half MarathonYWV55YPB overall for a half
859Mary BrennanStandalone 10K01/10/20231:29:3510KNWV55N
859Mary BrennanLove Luton 5K15/10/20230:40:455KNWV55N
Sara HouseLove Luton 10k15/10/20231:12:4910KNWV50N
Frances mossLove luton15/10/20231:13:5610KNWV60N
1189Dawn KeverenLove luton 5k15/10/20230:41:055KNWV50N
Paul WhitfordLove Luton Runfest15/10/20230:49:5310KYWV55NThankyou Stopsely Striders.
211Chris LamontLuton half marathon15/10/20231:40:32Half MarathonNMV70Y1st V 70 race new V 70 club record
622Gary FowlerTrebon 10km14/10/20230:48:3610KNMV60YPart of the Trebon Marathon weekend. 2 hr drive south of Prague. Similar to Love Luton Runfest but with Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k options. For 10k there were only two age categories: 39 years and younger or over 39 years. I finished 14th out 142 in the over 39 category. Very happy with the result.
4017485Paul AbrahamsLove Luton 10k15/10/20230:40:5910KYMV45YWell pleased with that
1291Mark smithLuton 5k15/10/20230:22:295KYMV35Y
1118Robert BarnesRidgeway run08/10/20230:58:02OtherYMV35Y9.5 mile pb, that counts right?
Leigh BettsAmsterdam Marathon15/10/20235:15:34MarathonYWV45NIt was a very wet event and still managed a 9 minute PB
Nick BettsAmsterdam Marathon15/10/20233:30:18MarathonNMV40NHail stones and very cold also got tripped up so not the best race
408Danny Kellylove Luton half marathon15/10/20231:50:34Half MarathonNMV60N
Rudi BARTLETTLove luton runfest15/10/20231:02:1210KNMV65N2023
586Paul KeechLove Luton 10k15/10/20230:54:1710KNMV65Y2023
Anthony GreenHitchin Town Centre 5K24/09/20230:43:355KNMV60N2023
Anthony GreenLove Luton RunFest 5k15/10/20230:41:165KNMV60YFirst malign 60-69 race age group2023
Jane FewLove Luton Half Marathon15/10/20232:47:24Half MarathonNWV55N2023
382John ChapmanLuton 10k15/10/20230:43:3810KNMV65N2023
854Thomas DarbyMarston 509/06/20230:22:125KNMV40N2023
854Thomas DarbyFlitwick 1016/04/20230:46:3410KNMV40N2 mins quicker than last year not sure on age PB2023
854Thomas DarbyLuton Half Marathon15/10/20231:41:43Half MarathonNMV40Y3 mins better than last year2023
1062Annelies GerberChelmsford Marathon15/10/20234:34:22MarathonNWV50YA scenic, undulating road marathon route along country lanes with beautiful sunshine on the day and not too warm. Can recommend this marathon.2023
Miriam LinforthRidgeway Run08/10/20231:23:49OtherYWV40YA unique distance, but 4th time running this one and a 6 minute PB!2023
Miriam LinforthLove Luton RunFest15/10/20231:46:33Half MarathonNWV40YFastest half marathon since having children2023
3829653Sylvia ThomasLove Luton 10k15/10/20231:13:3110KNWV60Y
3829653Sylvia ThomasVitality London 1000024/09/20231:17:5710KNWV60N2023
Sylvia ThomasStopsley 5/1013/08/20231:01:515MYWV60Y2023
3829653Sylvia ThomasEdinburgh Marathon Festival28/05/20232:51:10Half MarathonYMV60Y2023
3829653Sylvia ThomasMars ton Forest 5k09/06/20230:35:445KYWV60Y2023
1307Sam WhaleySt Albans Half Marathon11/06/20232:17:34Half MarathonNMV45NFar too hot. Just getting round was the win.2023
1307Sam WhaleyStopsley 5/1013/08/20231:37:0610MNMV45NBit of a slog…2023
1307Sam WhaleyLeighton 1024/09/20231:29:4510MNMV45NHilly but a good run. Felt in nice rhythm.2023
1307Sam WhaleyLove Luton Run Fest Half Marathon15/10/20231:56:22Half MarathonNMV45YFun race. PB for this event. Great to run with so many fellow Striders.2023
1025Gez FallonLove Luton Half Marathon15/10/202301:34:16Half MarathonNMV50NNice run but still hilly.2023
Kallum WrightHertfordshire half marathon05/11/20231:25:18Half MarathonNMSN2023
Kallum WrightLuton Half marathon15/10/20231:25:32Half MarathonNMSNTop 10 finish2023
Kallum WrightRidgeway trail race08/10/20231:07:51OtherNMSN2023
Kallum WrightVitality 10k24/09/20230:38:1210KYMSN2023
Kallum WrightStopsley trail race13/08/20231:08:1810MNMSN3rd place2023
Kallum WrightSt Albans 10k06/08/20230:38:2610KYMSN2023
Kallum WrightFairlands valley relays20/07/20230:10:333KYMSN2023
Kallum WrightDoug Anderson 5k19/07/20230:18:175KYMSN2023
Kallum WrightSt albans half marathon11/06/20231:32:51Half MarathonNMSNAbout 30 degrees on the day2023
Kallum WrightMarsten 5k09/06/20230:18:305KYMSN2023
Kallum WrightFlickwick 10k16/04/20230:39:4510KNMSN2023
Kallum WrightSandy 1002/04/20231:04:5810MNMSN2023
Kallum WrightAshridge boundary run25/03/20232:29:28OtherNMSN2023
Leigh BettsBig Bear Event Rabbit Challenge01/11/20236:38:29OtherNWV45NA 3.9 mile lapped event 6 laps with a total of 23.4 miles completed
This was a very wet and windy day with loads and loads of mud
Kallum WrightSri Chamoy 10k11/11/20230:37:1810KYMSN2023
1118Robert BarnesLuve Luton 5k15/10/20230:17:025KNMV35Y2023
1118Robert BarnesThe Original Mountain Marathon28/10/20230:00:00OtherYMV35Y2023
1118Robert BarnesCatherine Wheel Canter04/11/20236:03:01UltraYMV35Y6hr race2023
1118Robert BarnesWolverton 518/11/20230:27:275MYMV35Y2023
211Chris LamontWolverton 5 mile18/11/20230:36:225MNMV70YClub V70 record2023
Leigh BettsHatfield 526/11/20230:48:515MYWV45NMy favourite 5 mile race2023
Nick BettsHatfield 526/11/20230:33:595MYMV40NCold but always good2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtHatfield 526/11/20230:50:015MNWV50Y2023
1307Heather ChandlerLove Luton 10k15/10/20230:49:5410KYMV50N2023
1307Heather ChandlerHatfield 526/11/20230:40:315MNMV50N2023
1173Dawn BoonHatfield 5 mile26/11/20230:41:465MYWV45Y2023
1083Rudi BARTLETTHatfield 526/11/20230:50:375MNMV65N2023
1307Sam WhaleyHatfield 526/11/20230:39:365MYMV45YReally cold but a nice racing morning. Very happy to lop more than three minutes off my previous PB.2023
281Philip AbbittHatfield 5m26/11/20230:47:085MNMV70YAge group PB by 1:502023
1267Jill BywatersStandalone 10k01/10/20231:05:0410KNWV55N2023
1267Jill BywatersAJ Bell Great South Run15/10/20231:49:3710MYWV55Y2023
Lauren EmbltonWatford 5k Santa Run03/12/20230:39:105KYWSNSo happy to get a sub 402023
Leigh BettsWatford 5k Santa Run03/12/20230:29:365KYWV45NLoved it Run this one dressed as an elf2023
Nick BettsWatford 5k Santa Run03/12/20230:20:315KYMV40NLovely run in fancy dress2023
SANDY REEVE-SMITHHatfield 5 mile26/11/20230:47:135MYWV60YLove this race – V60 Club Record2023
382John ChapmanHatfield 5 mile26/11/20230:34:475MNMV65N1st V652023
382John ChapmanWolverton 5 mile18/11/20230:36:095MNMV65N3rd V602023
Lauren EmbletonHatfield 526/11/20231:05:205MYWSNMy first 5 mile race as well as my first race as a Stopsley Strider super proud of myself2023
3944869Sileshi TesemaLove Luton Fest Half Marathon15/10/20231:46:29Half MarathonYWV55N2023
Nadia HallHatfield 526/11/20230:54:005MNWV35Y2023
1025Gez FallonWolverton 5M18/11/20230:33:515MNMV50NNice race very competitive field.2023
Phil JeffreyWelwyn Festice 510/12/202300:43:375MYMV50YNice race, well organised2023
Ruth DoyleLove Luton 10k15/10/202300:54:0910KNWV55NGreat race. Enjoyed it2023
Phil JeffreyLove Luton15/10/202300:54:0810KNMV50Y2023
Phil JeffreyMarston 5k09/06/202300:27:185KNMV50N2023
Mohammed ElbayanWolverton 5 mile18/11/20230:26:355MYMSY2023
Ruth DoyleWelwyn Festive 510/12/20230:43:295MNWV55YGreat race. Defo worth considering for the club champs.2023
1186Evelyn LutterodtSt Albans New Years Eve 10K31/12/20231:06:3510KNWV50NChilly start and muddy at the start/finish area but otherwise a nice route.2023
1069kulwinder AssraSt Albans New Years Eve 10k31/12/20231:02:5310KNWV55NSoggy start & finish but otherwise a pleasant route.2023
1302Kate MutterEndure2410/06/202324:00:00OtherNWV35NEntered as part of a team and I did 5laps of a 5mile course2023
1301Shaun MutterEndure 2410/06/202324:00:00OtherNMV35NEntered as a team and I completed 6 laps of a 5mile course2023
1301Shaun MutterUltra X goes loopy22/07/202310:05:33OtherNMV35NThis was 16laps of a 4.3km course as a solo participant2023
1301Shaun MutterAutumn 10014/10/202324:51:14UltraYMV35YFirst ever 100mile event2023
1302Kate MutterManchester Marathon16/04/20235:53:28MarathonNWV35N2023
1302Kate MutterMilton Keynes half marathon12/03/20232:54:18Half MarathonNWV35NSet out to do the twenty mile but not my day so cut it short and did the half.2023
1301Shaun MutterHitchin 10km30/04/20231:07:5210KNMV35N2023
1302Kate MutterHitchin 10km30/04/20231:07:5810KNWV35N2023
1302Kate MutterWillow 10km08/10/20231:08:3110KNWV35N2023
1302Kate MutterHatfield 5mile26/11/20230:51:115MNWV35N2023
1301Shaun MutterATW St Albans New year’s Eve 10km31/12/20230:46:2110KNMV35Y2023
1302Kate MutterATW St Albans New Year’s Eve 10km31/12/20231:07:2610KNWV35N2023
Nick BettsNew Years Eve St Albans 10k31/12/20230:45:4110KNMV40NMuddy at the start and finish2023
Nick BettsMilton Keynes Winter Half Marathon08/12/20231:36:09Half MarathonNMV40NBurst river bank at 25 miles very wet feet2023
Leigh BettsNew Years Eve St Albans 10k31/12/20231:06:3110KNWV45NVery Muddy2023
Leigh BettsMilton Keynes Winter Half Marathon08/12/20232:22:22Half MarathonNWV45N2023
Jane FewSt Albans New Year’s Eve 10K31/12/20231:14:0610KNWV55N2023
1293Theresa GunnellEndure 24 Reafing10/06/20239:14:39OtherNWV60N5 mile lap. 24 hours to run as many laps as you can. We had a team of 3. Kate and Shaun and me. The team completed 17 laps and I completed 6 of them.2023
1293Theresa gunnellLondon Winter 10k05/02/20231:11:4810KNWV60N2023
1293Theresa GunnellManchester Marathon16/04/20235:34:13MarathonYWV60YMy first marathon.2023
1293Theresa gunnellOasics 10k09/07/20231:13:0410KNWV60N2023
1293Theresa GunnellGreat North Run10/09/20232:49:12Half MarathonNWV60N2023
1293Theresa GunnellWillow 10k08/10/20231:16:1910KNWV60N2023
1293Theresa.gunnellGreat South 10 mile15/10/20231:59:2010MNWV60N2023
1069kulwinder AssraKnebworth ½ Marathon05/11/20232:26:52Half MarathonYWV55YExtremely hilly but the glorious sunshine and picturesque views made up for it. Not one I would rush to run again.2023
1069kulwinder AssraVitality 10k24/09/20231:03:1410KNWV50N2023
Kate NealeDoug Anderson 5k19/07/202300:33:075KNWV60YBest 5k time for 2 years2023
Kate NealeHitchin Tri02/07/202301:47:00OtherNWV60N2023
Kate NealeMarston 5k09/06/202300:33:395KNWV60Y2023
Kate NealeLondon Marathon23/04/202306:05:54MarathonNWV60NHad been out for 5 weeks in the middle of training so happy enough with just over 6 hours2023
3421178Kate NealeCambridge Half Marathon05/03/202302:47:05Half MarathonNWV60YWould have been happy with anything under 3 hours as I had been out for 5 weeks2023
Ryan ParsonsFairlands Valley Relay 3K20/07/202300:10:523KYMSY40 Sec PB2023
Ryan ParsonsCatherine Wheel Canter04/11/202301:31:09Half MarathonYMSY1st Place, 1st Half Marathon, Track Race2023
Ryan ParsonsLuton 10K15/10/202300:39:3410KYMSY2 1/2 Minute PB. 2022 – 43:082023
Ryan ParsonsStopsley 5Mile Trail Race13/08/202300:33:415MYMSYOverall 9th. 1st Strider. 2 Minute PB2023
Ryan ParsonsDoug Anderson 5K19/07/202300:19:275KYMSY2023
Ryan ParsonsStevenage 10K17/09/202300:40:0110KYMSY2023
Ryan ParsonsStandalone Farm 10K10/10/202300:40:2410KNMSN2023
Ryan ParsonsMarston 5K09/06/202300:20:345KNMSNPost Injury2023
Ryan ParsonsFlitwick 10K16/04/202300:41:1910KYMSY2023
1307Heather ChandlerTissington Trail Half Marathon25/09/202301:56:07Half MarathonNWV50N2023
1307Heather ChandlerStopsley Striders 5 mile trail race13/08/202300:44:275MNMV50N2023
854Thomas DarbyHatfield 526/11/202300:37:425MNMV40N2023
1315Denis RowleyHatfield 5 mile26/11/202300:46:535MNWV70N2023
1315Denis RowleyLUTON 10K15/10/202301:00:5010KNMV70N2023
1315Denis RowleySandy 10 mile02/04/202301:43:0110MYMV70N2023
Paul DuffySt Albans New Years Eve 10K23/12/202301:02:2310KNMV45N2023
Paul DuffySt Albans Summer Solstice 10K21/06/202300:59:5410KNMV45N2023
Paul DuffyMarston Forest 5K09/06/202300:27:285KNMV45N2023
Paul DuffyBerkhamsted Half Marathon05/03/202302:17:50Half MarathonNMV45N2023
Paul DuffyHarrow 10K12/02/202301:03:1710KNMV45N2023
Liz BarkerSydney Marathon17/09/202305:53:06MarathonNWV55N32 Degrees2023
Miriam LinforthBaldock Beast Half26/02/202301:48:00Half MarathonNWV40N1st ladies team with Charley and Lucy2023
Miriam LinforthMarston 5k09/06/202300:24:115KNWV40N2023
Miriam LinforthUltra X Goes Loopy22/07/202310:00:00OtherNWV40NA 4km loop relay with Carly, Zena and Kate. I did 4 loops before the rain got too heavy (all the kids were in the dripping tents!) and we called it a day.2023
Miriam LinforthStopsley Striders 1013/08/202301:33:0610MNWV40Y2023
Miriam LinforthLondon Vitality 1000024/09/202300:52:5310KNWV40N2023
1267Jill BywatersHatfield 526/11/202300:52:055MNWV55N2023
Katerina TulooHatfield 526/11/202300:45:365MYWV45N2023
Katerina TulooATW St Albans Half Marathon11/06/202302:34:22Half MarathonNWV45N2023
Katerina TulooMarston Forest 5K 202316/06/202300:29:025KNMV45N2023
Katerina TulooATW St Albans New Years Eve 10k31/12/202301:03:3410KNWV45N2023
Katerina TulooLove Luton RunFest 10km15/10/202300:57:0410KNWV45Y2023
1178Calista StrangeRace to the King17/06/20239:08:27UltraYWV40YOne of several events that I completed to raise money for the MND Association (the others being the Leaden Boot Marathon 20/05/2023 (with my husband), RideLondon 100m 28/05/2023, HitchenTri 02/07/2023, NationThreePeaks challenge (3 peaks in under 24hrs, with my husband) 08/07/2023)2023
1178Calista StrangeMarston 5km09/06/20230:27:065KNWV40N2023
Lucy TreleavenBaldock Beast Half Marathon26/02/20231:43:57Half MarathonNWSN2023
Lucy TreleavenLeamington Spa Half Marathon25/06/20231:41:51Half MarathonNWSN2023
Lucy TreleavenWheathampstead 10K21/05/20230:44:3910KYWSY2023
Lucy TreleavenRidgeway Run 15k08/10/20231:16:25OtherNWSN2023
Lucy TreleavenStopsley 5 / 1013/08/20231:19:3810MNWSN2023
Lucy TreleavenRunning Grand Prix Goodwood03/12/20231:37:09Half MarathonYWSY2023
Christine LathwellBedfordshire and Buckingham County Championships08/01/202300:32:54OtherNWV45NCame 5th Overall, came 3rd Bedfordshire Female and 1st V45.
Winning a trophy and Medal.
Very Happy as haven’t run much since
Cutting my head open and being staples back together and working long shifts in December.

Prior Races

Stopsley Striders NoNameRace NameRace DateChip TimeDistancePBAge CategoryAge Group PBCommentsRace Year
1183Vicki crowstonLea Valley Velodrome 10mile28/12/202101:49:4310MNWV35N2021
811Amanda RankinPirton boxing Day 3.2mile26/12/202100:38:035KNWV55NMud, hills , puddles
But mulled wine at the finish
Claire BraceyWaterside 1019/12/202101:47:2210MNWV552021
Leigh BettsWaterside1019/12/202102:07:5910MNWV45NMy longest run to date.2021
1139Amrik SinghHatfield 5 Mile28/11/202100:47:565MNMV50Y2021
Andrew DurrantHatfield 5 mile28/11/202100:37:215MNWV60N2021
1178Calista StrangeHatfield 5 Miles28/11/202100:44:245MNWV35N2021
0Charles NelisHatfield 5 Mile 202128/11/202100:37:155MNMV55N2021
Claire BraceyHatfield 5 mile28/11/202100:50:275MNWV552021
1315Denis RowleyHatfield 5 mile.28/11/202100:46:305MYMV70N2021
1025Gez FallonHatfield 5mile28/11/202100:31:545MNMV50Y2021
138GRAHAM BUSCHStopsley Trail Run28/11/202100:49:37OtherNMV65NHi
I hope I have recorded this in the correct area.
Very cold but excellent sunny conditions over the hills.
Best wishes

Graham Busch
7Hilary BlessingHatfield 5mile28/11/202100:50:435MYWV55NFreezing2021
1123Ian PitkinHatfield 5 Mile28/11/202100:36:085MYMV55Y2021
1295Jenny SawyerHatfield 5 miles28/11/202100:51:335MYWV55YVery Very Cold2021
1267Jill BywatersHatfield 5 Mile28/11/202100:50:365MYWV55Y2021
1302Kate MutterHatfield 5mile28/11/202100:47:385MYWSY2021
Kate NealeHatfield 5 mile28/11/202100:50:375MNWV55NFastest 5 mile since PB 6 years ago which was continuous running. This one was run/walk.2021
1069Kulwinder AssraHatfield 5m28/11/202100:48:435MNWV50N2021
1113Maria PettsHatfield 528/11/202100:53:195MNWV40Y2021
Martin BallHatfield 5 mile28/11/202100:49:035MYWV65N14 minutes off my previous time2021
1287Nadia HallHatfield 528/11/202100:46:165MNWSN2021
1244Natasha HallHatfield 5 mile28/11/202100:44:025MYWSN2021
473Pamela AbbittHatfield 5m28/11/202100:58:235MYWV70YVery cold, 2nd in age catorgory2021
1280Peta HenryHatfield 528/11/202100:43:515MYWV50N2021
Peter BrownHatfield 5 mile28/11/202100:34:595MYMV35Y2021
281Philip AbbittHatfield 5m28/11/202100:46:125MYMV65YVery cold2021
Ruth DoyleHatfield 528/11/202100:39:465MYWV50N2021
1293Theresa GunnellHatfield 5 miles28/11/202100:50:295MYWV55Y2021
854Thomas DarbyHatfield 528/11/202100:35:375MNWV40Y2021
1280Peta HenryMo-running 10k27/11/202101:01:1210KNWV50N2021
1178Mark SmithDruids Ultra day 314/11/202106:07:01UltraYMV35YSecond Ultra!2021
1025Gez FallonDirt Half Marathon13/11/202101:37:40Half MarathonNMV50NA nice trail marathon, if you fancy doing one.2021
1178Mark SmithDruids Challenge Day 112/11/202106:54:00UltraYMV35N29.31 miles2021
1178Mark SmithDruids Ultra Day 112/11/202106:54:33UltraYMV35Nfirst ultra!2021
3829670Sanjay RoyDruids Ultra Marathon12/11/202119:31:08UltraYMV35NEntered this race in 2019, trained hard but got injured the week before which left me distraught.

Entered this in 2020. Again trained hard but Covid restrictions were bought in the week before the event which meant a late cancellation by the organisers.

Entered in 2021. Completed it!
811Amanda RankinReading half marathon07/11/202102:45:53Half MarathonNWV55N2021
1178Calista StrangeHerts 10k07/11/202100:55:5310KNWV35N2021
1025Gez FallonHerts Half Marathon07/11/202101:28:40Half MarathonNMV50Y2021
1089Liz EvansReading Half Marathon07/11/202102:45:51Half MarathonNWV55NBrilliant2021
Martin PretoriaKnebworth Half Marathon07/11/202102:27:07Half MarathonYMV65N11 minutes of previous pb2021
1301Shaun MutterStrive for 1207/11/202112:00:00OtherNMV35NBackyard ultra style, 6k every hour for 12 hours, 12th lap is raced. I came 4th.2021
931Donna WiggettDrumragh 10k06/11/202101:09:2610KNWV45Y2021
811Amanda RankinLuton 10k31/10/202101:16:0010KNWV55Y2021
1139Amrik SinghLove Luton 10K31/10/202101:03:0910KNMV50NAfter both knee operations my first recognised competitive race - 2 years in the waiting!!!2021
1178Calista StrangeLove Luton 10k31/10/202100:57:1610KNWV35N2021
0Charles NelisLove Luton Half Marathon31/10/202101:47:54Half MarathonNMV55Y2021
0Christine LathwellLove Luton 10km31/10/202100:41:4810KNWV45YClub Record V45.2021
408Danny KellyLuton half marathon31/10/202101:41:14Half MarathonNMV60Y2021
323Dave Thompson-TraceLove Luton 10K31/10/202100:57:5810KNMV60N2021
0Dawn KeverenLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:15:2910KNWV45N2021
1315Denis RowleyLuton 10k31/10/202101:00:3710KNMV70N2021
1203Estelle parkinsLuton 10k31/10/202101:15:1310KNWV35N2021
1186Evelyn LutterodtLove Luton 10K31/10/202101:02:3610KNWV45NHorrid conditions! Rain and Windy the whole way round! But still enjoyed it!2021
622Gary FowlerLuton Half Marathon31/10/202101:53:35Half MarathonNMV60YWindy and wet.2021
1025Gez FallonLuton Half Marathon31/10/202101:31:06Half MarathonNMV50N2021
1123Ian PitkinLuton Half Marathon31/10/202101:41:11Half MarathonYMV55Y2021
1123Ian PitkinLuton Half Marathon31/10/202101:41:11Half MarathonYMV55Y2021
1295Jenny SawyerLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:25:2210KNWV55NRan/Walked with a non runner friend - very wet and cold2021
1267Jill BywatersLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:02:1910KYWV55Y2021
382John ChapmanLuton 10k31/10/202100:42:5910KNMV60N1st V60 in the race.2021
1069Kulwinder AssraLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:02:2510KNWV50N2021
Leigh BettsLove Luton 202131/10/202101:18:2110KNWV45NMy first 10k event.2021
3829644Leslie RoddLove Luton 10K31/10/202101:09:2010KYMV60N2021
1089Liz EvansLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:15:5410KNWV55Nloved it despite the rain2021
1113Maria PettsLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:05:4910KNWV40Y2021
1178Mark SmithLuton 10km31/10/202100:48:2310KYMV35Y2021
Martin BallLove Luton31/10/202101:03:1310KYMV65NCame 3 in my age group2021
640Nikki CoxLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:05:4710KNWV60Y2021
473Pamela AbbittLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:13:0710KNWV70N2nd in age category2021
Paul DuffyLuton Half Marathon31/10/202102:26:45Half MarathonNMV45N2021
586Paul KeechLove Luton 10k31/10/202100:53:4010KNMV60Y2021
1280Peta HenryLove Luton half31/10/202102:12:05Half MarathonNWV50N2021
Phil JeffreyLove Luton 10K31/10/202100:59:0910KNMV50N2021
281Philip AbbittLove Luton 10k31/10/202101:00:3910KNMV65N1st in age category2021
Ruth DoyleLove Luton 10k31/10/202100:51:4210KYWV50N5 mins 11 secs faster than my previous PB2021
Ruth DoyleLove Luton 10km31/10/202100:51:4210KYWV50N2021
1301Shaun MutterLuton 10k31/10/202100:48:3910KNMV35Y2021
854Thomas DarbyLove Luton 10k31/10/202100:46:2910KNMV40NFastest 10k for about 5 years. Fastest as a Vet too!2021
1264Barbora UhrakovaHyrox Birmingham30/10/202101:29:50OtherYWV35N1k run 1k skierg 1k run 50m sled push(75kg) 1k run 50m sled pull (50kg) 1k run 80m burpee broad jump 1k run 1k rowing 1k run 200m farmers carry (16kg kettlebells) 1k run 100m sandbag lunges 1k run 75 wall balls2021
1293Theresa GunnellHalloween walking marathon30/10/202110:38:57MarathonYWV55YThis was an organised event held by Ultra Challenge moving time was 8:41:53 total time was 10:38:57.2021
1022Andrew DurrantLiverpool Marathon24/10/202104:04:24MarathonNMV60N2021
1117Martin SmithIronman Cascais23/10/202115:02:00UltraYMV45N2021
811Amanda RankinGreat South 10 mile17/10/202102:01:4310MNWV55Y2021
205Andy ReidAmpthill Trophy17/10/202100:52:0010KNWV65NTough xc2021
Claire BraceyGreat South Run17/10/202101:45:4810MYWV55Loved this event especially the post run fish n chips2021
1025Gez FallonAmpthill Trophy 10k Trail Race17/10/202100:44:3710KNMV50N2021
1295Jenny SawyerGreat South Run17/10/202101:55:1110MNWV55NSunny and warm, great weekend2021
1089Liz EvansGreat South17/10/202102:01:4310MNWV55NIt was scorching and fab2021
1301Shaun MutterExe Estuary Ultramarathon (50km)17/10/202105:48:49UltraNMV35Y2021
811Amanda RankinRoyal parks half marathon10/10/202102:38:35Half MarathonNWV55Y2021
1264Barbora UhrakovaCowman Duathlon 202110/10/202101:42:13OtherYWV35NAge group 35-39

It was my first duathlon ever. Done distance 5k run 20k bike and 5k run
7904Carly EavesRoyal parks half marathon10/10/202102:13:43Half MarathonNWV35Y2021
1Claire BraceyWilliw 10k10/10/202101:07:5810KNWV55N2021
Claire BraceyWillow 10k 202110/10/202101:07:4610KNWV55N2021
1315Denis RowleyWillow 10k10/10/202101:04:0710KNMV70N2021
1123Ian PitkinRidgeway Run10/10/202101:18:12OtherYMV55Y15K2021
1302Kate MutterWillow 10km10/10/202101:12:0510KNWSN2021
1089Liz EvansRoyal Parks Half10/10/202102:38:38Half MarathonNWV55YGreat fun2021
1113Maria PettsWillow 10K10/10/202101:11:5910KNWV40Y2021
1287Nadia HallManchester Marathon10/10/202104:57:45MarathonYWSN2021
640Nikki CoxWillow 10k10/10/202101:10:505KNWV60N2021
1307Sam WhaleyRidgeway Run 15K10/10/202101:24:52OtherYMV40Y2021
1293Theresa GunnellWillow 20 km10/10/202101:08:1610KNWV55N2021
854Thomas DarbyWillow 10k10/10/202100:50:2410KNMV40NRace was long 6.5 miles!2021
811Amanda RankinLondon marathon03/10/202105:56:23MarathonNWV55Y2021
1264Barbora UhrakovaLondon Marathon 202103/10/202104:25:22MarathonYWV35NAge category 18-39
It was my Pb as it was my first marathon ever
1178Calista StrangeLondon Marathon03/10/202105:06:31MarathonNWV35NSlower than planned due to an injury but a personal best with regards to experience!2021
Claire BraceyLondon Marathon03/10/202105:16:20MarathonYWV55N2021
Claire BraceyLondon Marathon03/10/202105:16:20MarathonNWV55NI do not know what age group pb means. Sorry2021
1Claire BraceyLondon Marathon virtual at Dorbay Lake Narathon03/10/202105:16:50MarathonYWV55NSorry I don't know my age group.2021
2173Dawn BoonLondon Marathon03/10/202104:21:47MarathonYWV45Y2021
1186Evelyn LutterodtLondon Marathon 202103/10/202105:32:00MarathonNWV45NFinally made it to London! A brilliant day! Smiling all the way round!2021
7Hilary BlessingLondon Marathon03/10/202105:23:57MarathonYWV55YWe had three seasons in one day started at 11 degrees warmed up to 20 at Mile 5 and then at mile 19 the sky turned black and we had hail for 5 miles and then the sun came back out for the last 2.2 what a day ! Loved it2021
7Hilary BlessingLondon Marathon03/10/202105:23:00MarathonYWV55N26 minutes PB2021
1295Jenny SawyerLondon Marathon 202103/10/202105:47:58MarathonYWV55YFab day, loved it!2021
1267Jill BywatersDorney Lake Marathon03/10/202105:18:39MarathonYWV55N2021
0Joe CashmanLondon Marathon03/10/202104:26:40MarathonYMV35N2021
Julie TysoeDorney marathon03/10/202105:18:28MarathonNWV40N2021
Julie TysoeVirtual London Marathon03/10/202105:10:43MarathonNWV40N2021
1302Kate MutterLondon Marathon03/10/202105:36:26MarathonYWSY2021
1089Liz EvansLondon Marathon03/10/202105:58:00MarathonYWV55YLoved it2021
1291Mark Smithlondon marathon 202103/10/202104:38:53MarathonYMV35N2021
6Pat BlessingLondon Marathon03/10/202104:03:57MarathonNWV55NIt was a hard one2021
7Paul DuffyLondon Marathon03/10/202105:48:07MarathonYMV45N2021
1280Peta HenryLoch Ness marathon03/10/202105:16:02MarathonYWV50N2021
811Rankin AmandaLondon marathon03/10/202105:56:23MarathonNWV55Y2021
Tracy McDonaldDorney Lake Marathon03/10/202105:25:06MarathonNWV50N2021
Tracy McDonaldDorney lake marathon03/10/202105:25:06MarathonNWV50N2021
Tracy McDonaldLondon virtual Marathon ran at Dorney lake marathon03/10/202105:25:06MarathonNWV50NThis was my first marathon2021
622Gary FowlerPrague Stop Domestic Violence 5k30/09/202100:23:125KNMV60Y2021
7904Carly EavesBerlin marathon26/09/202105:20:27MarathonNWV35N2021
119Dave DebnamStandalone 10k (updated with chip time)26/09/202100:54:3810KNMV70Y2021
1025Gez FallonStandalone 10k26/09/202100:40:3810KNMV50N2021
1025Gez FallonLeighton 10m race19/09/202101:07:2610MNMV50Y2021
473Pamela AbbittStevenage 10k19/09/202101:15:0610KNWV70N3rd in race age catagory FV652021
271Philip AbbittStevenage 10k19/09/202101:02:0610KNMV65NUndulating course2021
622Gary FowlerPrague Night Run 10k18/09/202100:51:4610KNMV60Y1st Place Male Vet 602021
1264Barbora UhrakovaBaldock 5k Rat Run12/09/202100:24:405KNWV35NI finished 24th overall2021
1280Peta HenryBrighton marathon12/09/202106:40:12MarathonNWV50N2021
972Phil NitchenBrighton marathon12/09/202105:16:26MarathonNMV40NI think my membership number is correct. It’s been a while.2021
1293Theresa GunnellRun Richmond Kew 10 k11/09/202101:02:4010KNWV55N2021
1118Robert BarnesDragons back06/09/202163:06:06UltraYMV35Y2021
1022Andrew DurrantBedford 2005/09/202103:24:3120MNMV60N2021
1178Calista StrangeBedford Running Festival Half Marathon05/09/202102:36:57Half MarathonNWV35N2021
Claire BraceyBedford 20 mile05/09/202104:23:3820MNWV55N2021
1273Dawn BoonBedford 2005/09/202103:19:5820MYWV45Y2021
1315Denis RowleyBedford Half05/09/202102:36:24Half MarathonNMV70N2021
7Hilary BlessingBedford 2005/09/202104:16:5020MYWV55YSoooo hot I got sunburnt2021
1267Jill BywatersBedford Run Fest05/09/202104:16:4920MYWV55N2021
Julie TysoeBedford 2005/09/202104:13:0120MNWV40N2021
1302Kate MutterBedford 2005/09/202104:26:0320MYWSY2021
Paul DuffyBedford Running Festival 20 Miles05/09/202104:07:1320MYMV45N2021
1307Sam WhaleyBedford Half05/09/202101:56:46Half MarathonNMV40N2021
1293Theresa GunnellLondon winter/summer 10 k05/09/202101:05:1810KNWV55N2021
7904Carly EavesBedford half marathon04/09/202102:17:09Half MarathonNWV35Y2021
0Charles NelisBedford Running Festival 5K04/09/202100:23:555KNMV55Yfirst race of the day.2021
0Charles NelisBedford Twilight 10K04/09/202100:48:2010KNMV55NSecond race of the day.2021
Charles NelisBedford Twilight 10K04/09/202100:48:2010KNMV55N2021
1025Gez FallonBedford Spring Half Marathon04/09/202101:31:08Half MarathonNMV50N2021
Vicki CrowstonBedford Spring Half Marathon04/09/202102:20:20Half MarathonNWV35N2021
1178Calista StrangeHitchin 5k29/08/202100:32:265KNWV35NNice and gentle as injured2021
119Dave DebnamHitchin 5k29/08/202100:26:505KNMV70N1st V702021
Dawn KeverenHitchin 5K29/08/202100:35:565KNWV45N2021
1194Gary BartlettHitchin 5K29/08/202100:31:175KNMV60N2021
1123Ian PitkinHitchin 5K29/08/202100:24:455KYMV55Y2021
1123Ian PitkinHitchin 5k29/08/202100:21:455KYMV55YI think the dates correct. I submitted previously, but I think the time was incorrect.2021
1291Mark SmithHitchin 5k29/08/202100:23:165KYMV35Y2021
1287Nadia HallHitchin 5K29/08/202100:27:325KNWSN2021
854Thomas DarbyHitchin 5K29/08/202100:22:065KNMV40Y2021
382John ChapmanThorney 5 mile22/08/202100:36:445MNMV60N2021
382John ChapmanThorney 5 mile22/08/20215MNMV60N
1307Sam WhaleyVitality Big Half22/08/202101:53:23Half MarathonYMV40Y2021
1301Shaun MutterThe Great Hertfordshire AONB ultra marathon22/08/202105:27:40UltraYMSYI came second in the 50km race2021
971Donna Wiggettclub championship 10mile08/08/202101:55:2610MNWV45N2021
731Donna WiggettStopsley 10 mile club championship08/08/202101:55:1410MNWV45N2021
931Donna WiggettStopsley Striders 10 mile club championship08/08/202101:55:1410MNWV45N2021
1025Gez FallonStopsley 10m Trail Race08/08/202101:08:1510MNMV50N2021
1123Ian PitkinStopsley Striders 10 mile08/08/202101:22:4010MNMV55N2021
1302Kate MutterStriders 10mile08/08/202101:53:2710MNWSN2021
1291Mark SmithStoplesy Striders 10 mile race08/08/202101:28:1110MYMV35Y2021
Paul DuffyStriders 10 mile Club Championship08/08/202101:49:4410MNMV40NCan't find an official result for this race so am using my Strava time (elapsed time).2021
0Ruth DoyleStopsley striders 10 mile08/08/202101:32:1710MYWV50NI still don't know my strider number!! Xx2021
1301Shaun MutterStriders 10 miles08/08/202101:20:1310MNMSN2021
854Thomas DarbyStopsley 1008/08/202101:22:3110MNMV40Y2021
1183Vicki CrowstonClub hosted 10k08/08/202101:44:0710MNWV35N2021
1022Andrew DurrantLondon Landmarks Half Marathon01/08/202101:56:01Half MarathonNMV60N2021
1302Kate MutterLondon Landmarks01/08/202102:43:52Half MarathonNWSN2021
1293Theresa GunnellLondon landmark half marathon01/08/202102:37:45Half MarathonNWV55N2021
560Chris McLarenBeds AAA 10K30/07/202100:55:0010KYMV60YFlat course, mainly path, some trail2021
1025Gez FallonBedford 10km30/07/202100:40:2310KNMV50N2021
467Gill McLarenBeds AAA 10K30/07/202101:09:0610KNWV65N2021
1123Ian PitkinBeds AAA's30/07/202100:45:4210KYMV55Y2021
382John ChapmanMarston Forest 5k30/07/202100:21:335KNMV60N2021
205Judy ReidBeds AAA Champs 10k30/07/202101:09:0610KNWV65N2021
161Karen AshbyBedford AAA 10k30/07/202100:52:5010KNWV60N2021
1022Andrew DurrantMarston 5k23/07/202100:22:555KNMV60N2021
204Andrew ReidMarston 5k23/07/202100:24:225KNWV65N2021
Claire BraceyMarston 5k 202123/07/202100:31:465KNWV55NI do not know what Age Group PB means.2021
119david debnamMarston 5k23/07/202100:26:325KNMV70Y2021
Dawn KeverenMarston 5K23/07/202100:38:215KNWV45N2021
1315Denis RowleyMarston Forest23/07/202100:28:045KNMV70N2021
1194Gary BartlettMarston 5K23/07/202100:32:235KNMV60N2021
1025Gez FallonMarston 5km23/07/202100:19:265KNMV50Y2021
467Gill McLarenMarston 5k23/07/202100:32:265KYWV65Y2021
7Hilary blessingMarston 5k23/07/202100:32:125KNWV55N2021
1267Jill BywatersMarston Forest23/07/202100:31:265KYWV55N2021
205Judy ReidMarston5k23/07/202100:33:325KNWV65N2021
161Karen AshbyMarston 5k23/07/202100:26:025KNWV60Yfirst in 55-64 age group2021
UKA 3866773Katerina TulooMarston Forest 5km23/07/202100:27:575KNWV40N2021
1113Maria PettsA&FF Marston Forest 5K23/07/202100:33:325KNWV40Y2021
473Pamela AbbittMarston23/07/202100:31:505KNWV70N2021
281Philip AbbittMarston23/07/202100:29:225KNMV65N2021
1118Robert BarnesLakeland 10023/07/202121:41:11UltraYMV35Y2021
0Ruth DoyleMarston 5k23/07/202100:25:135KYWV50NI don't know my striders number. Sorry2021
1307Sam WhaleyMarston Forest 5K23/07/202100:24:265KYMV40Y2021
1301Shaun MutterMarston 5km23/07/202100:21:215KYMSY2021
1293Theresa GunnellMarston 5k23/07/202100:32:105KYWV55N2021
1183Vicki CrowstonMarston 5k23/07/202100:27:285KNWV35N2021
1022Andrew DurrantDoug Anderson 5k21/07/202100:23:075KNMV60N2021
204Andrew ReidDoug Anderson 5k21/07/202100:23:575KNWV65N2021
1025Gez FallonDoug Anderson 5km21/07/202100:19:305KNWV50N2021
205Judy ReidDoug Anderson5k21/07/202100:35:175KNWV65N2021
161Karen AshbyDoug Anderson21/07/202100:26:365KNMV60NVery very hot!2021
854Thomas DarbyDoug Anderson 5k21/07/202100:22:565KNMV40Y2021
1307Sam WhaleyBedford 10K18/07/202100:52:3410KYMV40Y2021
1069Kulwinder AssraVitality 10k Hatfield11/07/202101:03:0810KNWV50N2021
473Pamela AbbittLondon Vitality 1000011/07/202101:17:0010KNWV70N2nd vet 702021
281Philip AbbittLondon Vitality 1000011/07/202101:05:5010KNMV65N2021
1178Calista StrangeDorney 5k10/07/202100:25:365KNWV35N2021
1301Shaun MutterIronman UK04/07/202114:33:29OtherYMSYLong course triathlon2021
1069Kulwinder AssraMK Marathon27/06/202105:07:06MarathonYWV50N2021
1307Sam WhaleySilsoe Stride 10K27/06/202100:52:5910KYMV40YPB at the time, so flagged accordingly, but beaten since (see entry for Bedford 10K 18 July 2021).2021
1178Calista StrangeMK Rocket 5k26/06/202100:24:555KNWV35N2021
1186Evelyn LutterodtMilton Keynes Half Marathon26/06/202102:29:14Half MarathonNWV45N2021
1186Evelyn LutterodtMK Rocket 5K26/06/202100:29:065KNWV45N2 races in one day!!2021
1069Kulwinder AssraMK 5k Rocket26/06/202100:27:315KNWV50N2021
204Andrew ReidSt Albans Solstice Run21/06/202100:49:0910KNWV65N2021
560Chris McLarenSummer Solstice 10K21/06/202100:57:2110KYMV60Y2021
467Gill McLarenSt Albans Summer Solstice 10k21/06/202101:08:2510KNWV65Y2021
1267Jill BywatersSt Albans Summer Solstice 10k21/06/202101:04:2310KNWV55N2021
205Judy ReidSt Albans Solstice 10k21/06/202101:08:2810KNWV65N2021
161Karen AshbySt Albans Summer Solstice21/06/202100:52:3710KYWV60YBest time since 2018
Update 13/02/2023: This was actually a PB and Club Record but was not originally submitted as a PB or Age Group PB. I have now amended this.
1287Nadia HallSt Albans Summer Solstice 10K21/06/202100:56:4910KYWSN2021
473Pamela AbbittSummer Solstice21/06/202101:07:4710KNWV70Y2021
281Philip AbbittSummer Solstice21/06/202101:03:5210KNMV65N2021
271Philip AbbittSummer Solstice 10k21/06/202101:03:4810KNMV65NNo sun just drizzle2021
1186Evelyn LutterodtSt Albans Half Marathon13/06/202102:31:20Half MarathonNWV45N2021
1307Sam WhaleySt Albans Half Marathon13/06/202102:06:17Half MarathonYMV40Y2021
1025Gez FallonNorthampton 10K06/06/202100:39:5410KNMV50N2021
473Pamela AbbittKnebworth06/06/202101:12:5110KNWV70N1st Vet 702021
473Pamela AbbittKnebworth 10k06/06/202101:12:5110KNWV70N1st Vet 702021
281Philip AbbittKnebworth06/06/202101:01:4010KNMV65N2021
281Philip AbbittKnebworth 10k06/06/202101:01:4510KYMV65N3rd Vet 652021
1118Robert BarnesHerts half06/06/202101:15:28Half MarathonNMV35YNew v35 club record2021
1118Robert BarnesHerts half06/06/2021Half MarathonNMV35YNew v35 club record
1301Shaun MutterConquer 2405/06/202120:56:31OtherYMSYThis was a 24 hour race which I did solo and I did 17 laps which was 85miles in the time above.2021
Dawn KeverenHitchin 10k30/05/202101:20:5510KNWV45N2021
7Hilary blessingHitchin 10k30/05/202101:04:3010KNWV55N2021
1267Jill BywatersHitchin 10k30/05/202101:03:4310KNWV55N2021
1302Kate MutterHitchin 10km30/05/202101:01:1510KYWSY2021
1069Kulwinder AssraHitchin 10k30/05/202100:57:4910KYWV50N2021
1301Shaun MutterHitchin 10km30/05/202100:42:1810KYMSY2021
1293Theresa GunnellHitchin 10 km30/05/202101:03:5710KYWV55Y2021
Tracy McDonaldHitchin10k30/05/202101:03:0010KNWV50N2021
1183Vicki CrowstonVicki Crowston30/05/202100:56:2210KNWV35N2021
1178Calista StrangeEdinburgh Marathon Festival Virtual Marathon29/05/202104:33:31MarathonYWV35YMy second time running a marathon in Edinburgh (first was in September 2020). This was a virtual event but I travelled to Edinburgh as I love the city. A personal best time for me.2021
1178Calista StrangeDorney Lake Half Marathon22/05/202102:00:00Half MarathonNWV35N2021
Dawn KeverenHatfield 5 Mile at Bovingdon09/05/202101:02:015MNWV45N2021
1267Jill BywatersHatfield 5 @ Bovingdon09/05/202100:51:465MNWV55N2021
473Pamela AbbittHatfield 5 miles at Bovingdon09/05/202100:58:455MNWV70Y2021
281Philip AbbittHatfield 5 miles at Bovingdon09/05/202100:47:425MNMV65Y2021
1307Sam WhaleyHatfield 509/05/202100:42:505MYMV40Y2021
1287Nadia HallEssex Half Marathon18/04/202102:08:30Half MarathonNWSN2021
1025Gez FallonDorney Marathon03/04/202103:07:39MarathonNMV50Y2021
1293Theresa GunnellKempton Park Half Marathon03/04/202102:21:36Half MarathonYWV55Y2021
1178Calista StrangeSt Albans 10k02/04/202100:51:2510KNWV35N2021
Dawn KeverenSt Albans 10k02/04/202101:19:1110KNWV45N2021
1267Jill BywatersSt Albans 10k02/04/202101:03:4210KNWV55N2021
1291Mark SmithATW St Albans 10k02/04/202100:48:1910KYMV35Y2021
1307Sam WhaleySt Albans 10K02/04/202100:56:345KYMV40YPB at the time so flagged accordingly, but beaten since (see Bedford 10K entry for 18 July 2021).2021
1118Robert BarnesNorth Chiltern Trail FKT24/03/202105:30:01OtherYMV35Y
1178Calista StrangeRemembrance Essex ATW13/12/202000:24:455KYWV35YWorked hard post 2020 marathons to get some speed back. Very pleased to get a PB.2020
1025Gez FallonMk Winter Half Marathon12/12/202001:29:14Half MarathonNMV50Y2020
1301Shaun MutterX-wing-mas marathon12/12/202003:35:20MarathonYMSY2020
1227Elizabeth McGinleyStopsley Striders Champ09/12/202002:49:44Half MarathonNWV70N2020
473Pamela AbbittVirtual Remembrance Day 5k08/11/202000:36:165KNWV70N2020
281Philip AbbittVirtual Remembrance Day 5k08/11/202000:36:165KNMV65N2020
1025Gez FallonBedford Autodrome 10K18/10/202000:39:0510KYMV50Y2020
473Pamela AbbittVirtual Halloween 10k18/10/202001:14:5010KNWV65N2020
281Philip AbbittVirtual Halloween 10k18/10/202001:14:5010KNMV65N2020
1022Andrew DurrantMoor Park 10k11/10/202000:50:5810KNMV60N2020
1186Evelyn LutterodtChicago Marathon Virtual Experience11/10/202005:36:58MarathonNWV45N2 Marathons in a week!!2020
1186Evelyn LutterodtVirtual London Marathon04/10/202005:48:14MarathonNWV45NNow a Guinness World Records holder for participating in the most to complete a remote marathon 🙂 - Officially Amazing!2020
1302Kate MutterVirtual London Marathon04/10/202006:34:36MarathonYWSY2020
1069Kulwinder AssraLondon Virtual Marathon04/10/202005:31:22MarathonYWV50N2020
1178Calista StrangeRun Fest Lee Valley27/09/202000:26:015KNWV35NA very windy day.2020
473Pamela AbbittDuxford Dash 10k13/09/202001:15:1210KNWV65N2020
281Philip AbbittDuxford Dash 10k13/09/202000:59:5710KNMV65NA windy course2020
473Pamela AbbittDorney Lake05/09/202001:12:4110KNWV65NCourse was .23 longer than the race distance of 10k2020
281Philip AbbittDorney Lake05/09/202000:58:2110KYMV65YWould have been quicker but race was .23 over the distance.2020
473Pamela AbbittVirtual Battle of Britain 80k01/09/202000:00:00OtherNWV65N01/09-30/09 80k2020
281Philip AbbittVirtual Battle of Britain 80k01/09/202000:00:00OtherNMV65N01/09-30/09 80k2020
473Pamela AbbittVirtual Spitfire 10k29/08/202001:26:2510KNWV65N2020
281Philip AbbittVirtual Spitfire 10k29/08/202001:26:2510KNMV65N2020
1025Gez FallonSt Albans 10K23/08/202000:41:3710KNMV45N2020
473Pamela AbbittSt. Albans 10k23/08/202001:13:2810KNWV65N2020
281Philip AbbittSt. Albans 10k23/08/202001:00:4610KNMV65N2020
473Pamela AbbittVirtual Sunrise City 5k10/07/202000:40:235KNWV65N2020
281Philip AbbittVirtual Sunrise City 5k10/07/202000:40:235KNMV65N2020
473Pamela AbbittVirtual Great Run Solo 50k01/07/202000:00:00OtherNWV65N01/07-31/07 50k2020
281Philip AbbittVirtual Great Run Solo 50k01/07/202000:00:00OtherNMV65N01/07-31/07 50k2020
473Pamela AbbittVirtual Great North Run Solo29/06/202000:00:00OtherNWV65N29/6 -31/08 40 runs in 78 days Total mileage 123.612020
281Philip AbbittVirtual Great North Run Solo29/06/202000:00:00OtherNMV65N29/06-31/08 40 runs in 78 days. Total mileage 207.402020
473Pamela AbbittVirtual Summer Solstice 10k21/06/202001:22:3110KNWV65N2020
261Philip AbbittVirtual Summer Solstice 10k21/06/202001:22:3110KNMV65N2020
622Gary FowlerPrague Vase Liga 10km27/05/202000:43:2210KYMV55Y2020
622Gary FowlerPrague Vase Liga Emergency 10km30/04/202000:44:3810KNMV55YCourse is measured and certified under Czech rules. Registered runners run the course alone because of Covid-19 rules and send screenshots of strava, photos of watches etc. to the organizer.2020
622Gary FowlerBranik Emergency 10km Run30/03/202000:46:0710KNMV55NFastest 10k in almost 3 years (8th May 2017 45:52). Not a certified course so not 'official'.2020
1025Gez FallonMK 20 mile15/03/202002:22:5820MNMV45N2020
1151Karen BullMK Festival of Running - half marathon15/03/202002:21:52Half MarathonYWV45Y15 minutes off my previous PB.2020
1085Tony RileyMK 20 mile race15/03/202003:38:4320MYWV75YClub record for this race in my age group.2020
1178Calista StrangeCambridge Half Marathon08/03/202001:57:57Half MarathonNWV35N2020
931Donna WiggettDerry walled city 10 mile07/03/202001:47:0010MYWV45N#firstStriderhome!2020
931Donna WiggettOMAGH CBS 10K08/02/202001:05:0010KYWV40N2020
1186Evelyn LutterodtWatford Half Marathon02/02/202002:21:29Half MarathonNWV45N2020
1289Nadia HallWatford Half Marathon 202002/02/202002:06:58Half MarathonYWSN2020
408Danny KellySouth Devon ultra (34 miles)01/02/202006:58:16UltraYMV55YSecond in age group, 88 finished, 25 failed to finish2020
811Amanda RankinGade valley 12mile26/01/202002:31:45OtherNWV50Nby my Garmin - not timed2020
1186Evelyn LutterodtGade Valley 12 Mile26/01/202002:19:34OtherNWV45N2020
811Amanda RankinFred Hughes 10m19/01/202002:04:0410MNMV50NIcy2020
1178Calista StrangeEssendon Country Club 5k19/01/202000:27:095KNWV35N2020
1173Dawn BoonFred Hughes19/01/202001:27:5710MYWV40Y2020
1172Ian curryFred Hughes 10 me19/01/202001:12:5310MNMV40N2020
1280Peta HenryFred Hughs 1019/01/202001:30:1210MNWV50N2020
161Karen AshbyAsthma 10k trail race05/01/202001:01:5010KNWV60NAn off road trail event. Unfortunately not as well marshalled or flagged as it could be so my distance was a bit over 10k due to a number of us going slightly off course. But a very friendly event.2020
931Donna WiggettGreencastle Boxing Day 5 mile31/12/201900:53:185MNWV40Nhilly2019
931Donna WiggettLough531/12/201900:51:235MYWV40Nits taken 3 years to get this pb!2019
811Amanda RankinBuntingford 10mile29/12/201901:58:0910MNWV50N2019
1203Estelle ParkinsCambridge 10k29/12/201901:12:0010KNWSN2019
1186Evelyn LutterodtCambridge City 10K29/12/201900:57:0410KNWV45Y2019
1267Jill BywatersCambridge City Christmas 10k29/12/201901:06:4910KNWV50N2019
1280Peta HenryCambridge Christmas 10k29/12/201900:53:0210KNWV50N2019
1302Kate MutterLee Valley Velopark Half Marathon28/12/201902:48:02Half MarathonYWSY2019
1061Pat BlessingVelo park28/12/201901:33:49Half MarathonNMV55N2019
1301Shaun MutterLee Valley Velo park Half marathon28/12/201901:43:01Half MarathonNMSN2019
1183Vicki CrowstonLea Valley 5k28/12/201900:26:595KNWV35N2019
811Amanda RankinPirton boxing day run26/12/201900:38:175KNWV50N2019
1178Calista StrangeSalcey Forest 5km14/12/201900:25:555KNWV35N2019
1192Rebecca WebbLuton airport Santa run08/12/201900:44:335KYWV35N2019
931Donna WiggettEskra Rudolph run07/12/201901:07:2410KNWV40Nhilly2019
1069Kulwinder AssraBedford Harriers01/12/201902:10:00Half MarathonYWV50NGoing through my races/times of the year only realised afterwards that this race was my PB as well as course PB knocking 17mins off from 2018.

Not sure if that would ever happen again.

1061Pat BlessingBedford half01/12/201901:34:51Half MarathonNMV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeHertfordshire Half Marathon24/11/201901:59:19Half MarathonNWV35N2019
1124Carly EavesDirty half marathon.16/11/201902:29:28Half MarathonNWV35N2019
1264Barbora UhrakovaLove Luton 10k27/10/201900:47:5210KYWSY2019
1178Calista StrangeLove Luton Half Marathon 201927/10/201901:57:58Half MarathonNWV35N2019
1238Frances MossLove Luton 10k27/10/201901:08:0210KYWV60Y2019
1197Helen douglasLove Luton 10k27/10/201900:47:5710KYWV45Y2019
1061Pat BlessingLuton half27/10/201901:36:17Half MarathonNMV55N2019
1192Rebecca WebbLove Luton 10k27/10/201901:31:5610KYWV35N2019
1254Sylvia thomasLove Luton 10K 201927/10/201901:07:2210KYWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeAmpthill Trophy Cross Country 10k20/10/201901:00:1310KNWV35N2019
1118Robert BarnesYork marathon20/10/201902:38:29MarathonYMSN2019
1124Carly EavesChicago marathon13/10/201905:11:28MarathonNWV35Y2019
1151Karen BullRun The River13/10/201901:12:1210KNWV45N2019
1254Sylvia thomasHatfield House 10K13/10/201901:15:4110KNWV55N2019
1062Annelies GerberGower Ultra 5012/10/201913:42:25UltraNWV45NRace along the coast of the stunningly beautiful Gower Peninsula. Luckily not too much rain but extremely muddy and the last section along the cliffs was very slippery and heavy rain set in. Can highly recommend this race but don't slip or trip (trekking poles can be useful for the last section).2019
1229Bridget DrimussisWillow 10K06/10/201901:16:1010KNWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeBournemouth Marathon06/10/201904:44:44MarathonYWV35YMy first running marathon but my third marathon event as I have completed two hiking marathons previously. I loved the experience.2019
1197Helen DouglasBournmouth festival of running Marathon06/10/201904:35:44MarathonNWV45N2019
1096Valerie DawsonChester marathon06/10/201904:43:18MarathonNWV50N2019
1178Calista StrangeLeighton Buzzard 10Miles22/09/201901:35:2510MYWV35Y2019
1151Karen BullWelwyn22/09/201902:48:09Half MarathonYWV45NMy fourth half marathon.2019
1151Karen BullStevenage15/09/201901:19:0410KNWV45N2019
1229Bridget DrimussisBaldock Rat Race08/09/201900:34:555KYWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeDraycott Water 20Miles08/09/201903:31:5820MYWV35Y2019
931Donna WiggettGreat North Run08/09/201902:35:08Half MarathonNWV40Nvery tough to run among a huge number of runners, but great to bump into fellow striders!2019
1197Helen DouglasGreat North Run08/09/201901:54:20Half MarathonNWV45N2019
3866766Tricia FordeBaldock Ray Race08/09/201900:36:245KNWV60N2019
1062Annelies GerberDunstable Downs Challenge, Dunstable01/09/201904:56:11MarathonNWV45N2019
1178Calista StrangeBedford Running Festival Half Marathon01/09/201902:08:04Half MarathonNWV35NTesting out marathon pace.2019
1124Carly EavesBedford half marathon01/09/201902:22:29Half MarathonNWV35Y2019
1197Helen DouglasBedford half01/09/201902:06:44Half MarathonNWV45N2019
1254Sylvia thomasLondon Spitfire 10K31/08/201901:13:4310KYWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeStopsley Striders 10Mile Trail Race11/08/201901:35:2710MYWV35Y2019
1229Bridget DrimussisLuton AC 10K21/07/201901:05:1210KYWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeLuton AC Race Series 10k21/07/201901:03:1710KNWV35NI had completed a marathon distance hike along the Thames Path the day before this race (for Macmillan Cancer Support) so I was a little fatigued.2019
1254Sylvia thomasLuton Series 10K21/07/201901:13:4910KNWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeSalcey Forest 10k14/07/201900:55:4710KNWV35NHad been injured since March 2019 - took it easier than normal for this and previous few races.2019
1229Bridget DrimussisLuton AC 5K07/07/201900:30:135KYWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeLuton AC Race Series 5k07/07/201900:25:255KNWV35N2019
1254Sylvia thomasLuton Series 5K07/07/201900:33:415KYWV55N2019
1229Bridget DrimussisLuton AC Series 5mile30/06/201952:12:005MYWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeLuton AC Road Series John O'Callaghan 5miles30/06/201900:44:565MNWV35N2019
1254Sylvia thomasLuton Series 5M John O'Callaghan memorial30/06/201900:56:505MYWV55N2019
1085Tony RileyJOHN O'callaghan 5 mile30/06/201900:46:105MNWV75YClub record for this age group.2019
3866766Tricia FordeLuton Road Race30/06/201900:56:455MNWV60N2019
1178Calista StrangeSt Albans Half Marathon 201909/06/201901:59:19Half MarathonNWV35N2019
1139Amrik SinghMarston 5K07/06/201900:28:575KYMV50YOfficial 5K PB not including Parkrun and 3rd in Stopsley Striders age group2019
1178Calista StrangeMarston Mortaine 5k07/06/201900:24:575KYWV35Y2019
1197Helen DouglasAONB Hertfordshire trail Marathon02/06/201904:50:00MarathonNWV45N2019
1151Karen BullBedford02/06/201901:11:4210KNWV45N2019
1178Calista StrangeVitality 10k (London)27/05/201900:50:5710KNWV35NI ran this in exactly the same time as Hitchin a week before hand, down to the second!2019
1062Annelies GerberGU36, St Peter's Port, Guernsey19/05/201907:58:19UltraNWV45NBeautiful scenery with stunning cliffs and lots of steps along the southern section of the coastline.2019
1229Bridget DrimussisHitchin 10K19/05/201901:13:2510KNWV55N2019
1178Calista StrangeHitchin 10k 201919/05/201900:50:5710KYWV35Y2019
1178Calista StrangeStevington 12k12/05/201901:04:52OtherYWV35Y12k2019
1173Dawn BoonMilton Keynes marathon06/05/201904:49:50MarathonYWV40Y2019
1172Ian curryMK marathon06/05/201904:02:20MarathonYMV40YFirst marathon2019
1022Andrew DurrantBelfast Marathon05/05/201903:58:28MarathonYMV60Y2019
1124Carly EavesBelfast marathon05/05/201904:59:10MarathonNWSN2019
1186Evelyn LutterodtBelfast Marathon05/05/201904:54:11MarathonNWV45N2019
956Finbar WillisBelfast City Marathon05/05/201905:22:34MarathonNMV60YAdjusted time as course was too long. Original chip time 05:26:50.2019
1093Kate NealeBelfast Marathon05/05/201904:53:30MarathonYWV55YPB by 20 minutes!2019
1113Maria PettsBelfast City Marathon05/05/201906:14:05MarathonNWV40Y2019
1301Shaun MutterNewport Marathon05/05/201903:48:33MarathonYMSY2019
1287Simon RouterBelfast Marathon05/05/201905:06:11MarathonYMV40Y2019
1096Valerie DawsonBelfast Marathon05/05/201905:04:01MarathonNWV50N2019
1004Zena EllisBelfast Marathon05/05/201904:42:40MarathonYWV35YAmazing Weekend!!2019
1061Pat BlessingMk marathon01/05/201904:12:00MarathonNMV55N2019
1062Annelies GerberDuesseldorf Marathon, Duesseldorf29/04/201903:58:54MarathonYWV45Y2019
1025Gez FallonLondon Marathon28/04/201903:09:02MarathonNMV45N2019
1056Linda ScanlanLondon marathon28/04/201903:13:56MarathonYWV40Y2019
1287Nadia HallLondon Marathon28/04/201905:09:24MarathonYWSN2019
1183Vicki crowstonLondon Marathon28/04/201904:52:33MarathonNWV35N2019
1197Helen DouglasLondon Marathon26/04/201905:17:55MarathonNWV45N2019
1139Amrik SinghBrighton 10K14/04/201901:00:1610KNMV50N10K race after left knee operation2019
1178Calista StrangeFlitwick 10k 201914/04/201900:52:1710KYWV35Y2019
408Danny KellyBrighton Marathon14/04/201903:52:07MarathonNMV55Y2019
1186Evelyn LutterodtParis Marathon14/04/201904:52:18MarathonNWV45N2019
1222Julie TysoeBrighton Marathon 201914/04/201904:55:52MarathonYWV40YNew marathon PB
Previous time at London Marathon in 2018 was 05:47:47
1215Kerry DearBrighton Marathon14/04/201904:26:58MarathonYWV35N1st marathon. Beaten by Martin's belly by 1 second!2019
1069Kulwinder AssraBrighton Marathon14/04/201905:08:22MarathonYMV50N2019
1216Martin readBrighton Marathon14/04/201904:26:57MarathonYMV40N2019
1096Valerie DawsonBrighton Marathon14/04/201904:48:34MarathonNWV50N2019
1254Sylvia thomasVienna Marathon Relay07/04/201900:39:42OtherYWV55N6K2019
931Donna WiggettOmagh half marathon06/04/201902:24:35Half MarathonYWV40N2019
1229Brisget DrimussisBedford Autodrome 10k31/03/201901:06:0110KNWV55N2019
1124Carly EavesKingston spring day race 16 miler31/03/201902:49:48OtherNWSN2019
1254Sylvia thomasRunning Grand Prix Bedford31/03/201901:10:2310KYWV55N2019
3866766Tricia FordeBedford Autodrome31/03/201901:05:4910KNWV60N2019
1197Helen DouglasOakley 2026/03/201902:59:4220MYWV45N2019
1124Carly EavesOakley 2024/03/201903:47:3420MNWSN2019
1186Evelyn LutterodtOakley 2024/03/201903:25:0220MNWV45N2019
1178Calista StrangeMilton Keynes Festival of Running Half Marathon17/03/201901:56:30Half MarathonNWV35N2019
1124Carly eavesWelwyn half marathon17/03/201902:20:34Half MarathonNWSN2019
1124Carly EavesHarpenden half marathon08/03/201902:26:20Half MarathonNWSN2019
1124Carly EavesHampton court half marathon17/02/201902:19:33Half MarathonNWSN2019
1062Annelies GerberStopsley Challenge10/02/201905:33:00UltraNMV45N2019
931Donna WiggettOmagh CBS 10K09/02/201901:07:1810KYWV40N2019
1062Annelies GerberNYD Flitch Way Marathon01/01/201904:25:04MarathonNWV45N2019
382John ChapmanBedford Half Marathon02/12/201801:35:30Half MarathonNMV60Y2018
1178Calista StrangeHertfordshire Half Marathon 201818/11/201801:55:19Half MarathonYWV35Y2018
1178Calista StrangeLove Luton Half Marathon 201828/10/201801:55:50Half MarathonYWV35Y2018
1178Calista StrangeSaffron Walden Fast 5m30/09/201800:41:525MYWV35Y2018
1178Calista StrangeSt Albans Half Marathon10/06/201802:05:03Half MarathonYWV35Y2018
1178Calista StrangeFlitwick 10k29/04/201800:56:2410KYWV35Y2018
1151Karen BullLondon Landmarks25/03/201802:39:20Half MarathonYWV45NThis was my first half marathon so I would very much appreciate it being recorded - thank you.2018
1178Calista StrangeHarpenden Half Marathon11/03/201802:14:10Half MarathonYWV35Y2018
1139Amrik SinghHatfield 5 Mile26/11/201700:45:455MYMV45YFirst 5 mile race2017
1139Amrik SinghLove Luton 10K29/10/201700:59:2110KYMV45Y10K under 1 hour achieved2017
1178Calista StrangeLove Luton Half Marathon29/10/201702:16:26Half MarathonNWV35Y2017
1139Amrik SinghWillow 10K30/09/201701:06:0710KYMV45YFirst ever 10K2017
1192Rebecca WebbDisney Paris 10k23/09/201701:34:2510KNWV35N2017
Leigh BettsLove Luton31/10/202101:17:4310KYNFirst Ever 10k & Chipped Event2021
Leigh BettsWaterside 10 Mile19/12/202102:07:3610MYNFirst 10 miler after completing a 10k2021
Danny KellyFred hughes 10 mile23/01/202201:12:4510MNMV60Y3rd vet 602022
Ruth DoyleFred Hughes23/01/202201:25:3710MYWV50NKnocked 7mins off2022
Peta HenryFred Hughs 10 mile23/01/202201:39:2010MNWV50N2022
Peta HenryFred Hughs 10 mile23/01/202201:39:2010MNWV50N2022
Mark SmithEast Midlands cross country race #212/01/202200:43:475MNMV35N2022
Dawn BoonFred Hughes 10 mile23/01/202201:27:0210MYWV45Y2022
Christine LathwellSouthern cross country championships. Beckenham Place29/01/202200:32:57OtherNWV45NVery pleased with run not a cross country course dry grass and lots of stony paths. Spikes worn with no spikes in shoes. An interesting course flat and lots of up and down big hills. Best place in 7 years.2022
Philip AbbittWelwyn 10k13/02/202200:58:4310KNMV65Y2022
Pamala AbbittWelwyn 10k13/02/202201:13:5210KNWV70N2nd in V65 age group2022
Amrik SinghLove Welwyn 10K13/02/202200:58:5610KYMV50Y25 Seconds quicker than previous 10K PB2022
Danny KellyWelwyn 10k13/02/202200:44:1910KNMV60Y1st vet 602022
Claire BraceyLove Welwyn 10k13/02/202201:02:2110KYWV55YSorry I don't know what age cat I am or age group pb2022
Kulwinder AssraWelwyn 10K13/02/202201:02:1210KNWV50N2022
Mark SmithXNRG Amersham Ultra05/02/202206:36:44UltraYMV35N50KM Ultra2022
Tom RankinPortsmouth Coastal Half Marathon13/02/202201:34:42Half MarathonNMSNVery windy2022
Sam WhaleyCattle Creep… A Little Further20/02/202201:27:0610MYMV40Y2022
Gary FowlerBranik Half Marathon26/02/202201:46:52Half MarathonNMV60Y86/152 overall, 5/10 age group. 2022
Christine LathwellNational Cross Country Championships Parliament Hill26/02/202200:34:44OtherNWV45NThe course was very muddy but not as bad as some years. I got spiked in the foot beginning of the first lap. So very happy to finish in my highest position since being a vet. Luckily my shoe was ripped and I got a bruised foot rather than a cut.2022
Philip AbbittMilton Keynes Festival of Running 10k13/03/202200:59:2410KNMV65N2022
Theresa GunnellMk half marathon13/03/202202:22:24Half MarathonNWV60YThis is the chip time please remove the other one which was the gun time2022
Donna WiggettBundoran 10 mile05/03/202201:53:0110MNWV45Y2022
Danny KellyMK twin lakes 20mile20/03/202202:33:1720MNMV60Y2nd MV60, age group PB2022
Theresa GunnellHampton court half marathon20/03/202202:19:21Half MarathonYWV60Y2022
Evelyn LutterodtHeaton Park 10K20/03/202201:09:0610KNWV45N2022
Amrik SinghLeighton 10K27/03/202200:58:2710KYMV50Y29 seconds knocked off from previous 10K PB2022
Dawn KeverenLeighton 10K27/03/202201:18:2010KNWV45NRan on my birthday2022
Claire BraceyBedford Aerodrome27/03/202201:01:3710KYWV55NHow do I know if this is and Age Group PB?2022
Claire BraceyTwin Lakes20/03/202201:50:4210MNWV55N2022
Claire BraceyMK Run Fest Half Marathon13/03/202201:24:15Half MarathonNWV55N2022
Claire BraceyFred Hughes23/01/202201:48:4210MNWV55N2022
Danny KellyLakes traverse02/04/202221:34:00UltraYMV60YHardest race I have ever completed2022
Amanda RankinLondon Landmarks half marathon03/04/202202:44:17Half MarathonNWV55N2022
Vicki CrowstonMK 20miles13/03/202203:34:2120MNWV35N2022
Kulwinder AssraLeighton 10k27/03/202201:02:0110KNMV50N2022
Miriam LinforthAshridge Boundary Run19/03/202203:02:41OtherYWV40Y16.5 mile trail race2022
Amrik SinghFlitwick 10K10/04/202200:58:1310KYMV50Y14 seconds quicker than my Leighton 10K PB2022
Philip AbbittFlitwick 10k10/04/202200:58:5210KNMV65N2022
Peta HenryBerlin half marathon03/04/202202:12:13Half MarathonNMV50N2022
Peta HenryFlitwick 10k10/04/202201:04:2310KNWV50N2022
Karen AshbyFlitwick 10k10/04/202200:53:5310KNWV60Nhilly course forgot what it was like!2022
Chris McLarenFlitwick 10K10/04/202200:54:0710KYMV65NChallenging, well organised race. Well supported2022
Thomas DarbyFlitwick 10K10/04/202200:48:2310KNMV40NQuicker than last time by about 45 secs2022
Thomas DarbyLeighton 10k27/03/202200:47:5810KNMV40NNice race, nice t shirt, not nice tow path!2022
Eammon DevaneBrighton Marathon10/04/202204:23:30MarathonYMSN2022
Christine LathwellFlitwick 10km10/04/202200:40:2110KNWV45YClub Record V45.
Only 6 seconds away from my time same race in 2018. I’m very happy.
Paul AbrahamsFlitwick 10k10/04/202200:46:0610KYMV45Y2022
Pamela AbbittFlitwick 10k10/04/202201:18:1310KNWV70NTough2022
Amanda RankinKew 10k09/04/202201:15:2810KNWV55NIn honour of my mum2022
Donna WiggettOmagh Half Marathon03/04/202202:33:52Half MarathonNWV45Ywarm day with over 1500 runners. great event so all Striders welcome next year!2022
Amrik SinghSt Albans Easter 10K15/04/202200:58:1510KNMV50NClose but not close enough!!!!2022
Sam WhaleySt Albans Easter 10k15/04/202200:51:3610KYMV45Y2022
Nadia HallFlitwick 10K10/04/202201:05:1210KNWSN2022
Nadia HallGreat Yarmouth Seafront 10K20/03/202201:03:0010KNWSN2022
Jane FewSt Albans 10K15/04/202201:07:2810KYWV50N2022
Gez FallonFlitwick 10k10/04/202200:40:5710KNMV50N2022
Dawn KeverenSt Albans Easter 10k15/04/202201:22:3310KNWV45N2022
Vicki CrowstonBrighton Marathon10/04/202204:47:58MarathonNWV35N2022
Tom RankinFlitwick 10k10/04/202200:40:3610KNMSN2022
Amanda RankinHitchin 10k01/05/202201:14:3410KNWV55Y2022
Dawn KeverenHitchin 10k01/05/202201:16:4510KNWV45N2022
Evelyn LutterodtHitchin 10K01/05/202201:07:0810KNWV45N2022
Amrik SinghHitchin 10K01/05/202200:56:3510KYMV50YNew 10K PB which is 1 min 38 seconds faster than previous PB2022
Amrik SinghVitality London 10K02/05/202200:57:2610KNMV50NTwo 10K's in 2 days 51 seconds away from my current PB...personally that's not bad going2022
Danny KellyMilton Keynes marathon02/05/202203:27:08MarathonNMV60YLots of short ups and downs, which became a pain later in the race. MV60 club record2022
Gez FallonVitality 10k01/05/202200:40:5410KNMV50N2022
Theresa GunnellLondon Winter Run13/02/202201:06:5310KNWV60Y2022
Tony RileyRegent's Park 5K23/04/202200:31:545KNMV75YRun in Regent's Park,London - Runthrough2022
Ruth DoyleVitality London 10k02/05/202200:49:4510KYWV50YDelighted!!2022
Charlotte SnowdonGreenway Challenge08/05/202201:47:35Half MarathonYWV35Y2022
John ChapmanMarlow 5 mile08/05/202200:34:035MNMV60N2022
Tom RankinHitchin 10k01/05/202200:40:5710KNMSN2022
Tom RankinGreenway Challenge08/05/202201:33:52Half MarathonNMSNGot a bit lost2022
Donna WiggettSeskinore Forest07/05/202200:33:525KNWV45YFirst time this event was held, a huge success with great community spirit!2022
Donna WiggettSeskinore Forest07/05/202200:33:525KNWV45YFirst time this event was held, a huge success with great community spirit!2022
Theresa GunnellBrighton 10k10/04/202201:06:5010KNWV60N2022
Theresa GunnellHitchen Burnt Hare01/05/202201:06:3910KNWV60Y2022
Theresa GunnellVitality 1000002/05/202201:10:3510KNWV60N2022
Martin BallPrague Marathon08/05/202205:26:43MarathonYMV65YCompleted the course with a pb 1 hour less than me previous best2022
Martin BallFred Hughes 10 mile23/01/202201:45:4110MNMV65N2022
Martin BallFlitwick 10K10/04/202201:05:5510KNMV65NCompleted the course 25 minutes faster that my previous best for this course2022
Theresa GunnellHampton court 10k22/05/202201:07:0610KNWV60N2022
John ChapmanBanbury 5 mile24/05/202200:33:455MNMV60N2022
Andy DurrantEdinburgh Marathon29/05/202204:08:55MarathonNMV60N2022
Philip AbbittMarston Forest 5k10/06/202200:28:555KNMV65N2022
Dawn KeverenMarston 5K10/06/202200:40:065KNWV45N1st post covid race so jeffed with a friend2022
Karen AshbyMarston 5K10/06/202200:26:295KNWV60N2022
Jill BywatersFlitwick 10k10/04/202201:04:3210KNWV55N2022
Jill BywatersSt Albans 10k15/04/202201:05:2710KNWV55N2022
Jill BywatersHitchin 10k01/05/202201:03:0510KNWV55N2022
Jill BywatersMarston Forest 5k10/06/202200:30:465KYWV55Y2022
Pamela AbbittMarston Forest 10k10/06/202200:33:385KNWV70N2022
Chris McLarenMarston 5K10/06/202200:26:555KNMV65NGood run, flat and well organised2022
Gill McLarenMarston 5K10/06/202200:34:155KNWV65N2022
Andrew ReidMarston 5k10/05/202200:25:235KNMV65N2022
Miriam LinforthMarston 5k10/06/202200:24:165KNWV40Y3rd ladies team with Christine & Charley2022
Miriam LinforthNorth Axholme Sprint Triathlon01/05/202201:45:11OtherNWV40YSprint distance triathlon2022
Andy DurrantMarston 5k10/06/202200:22:315KNMV60Y2022
Miriam LinforthAshridge Boundary Run19/03/202203:02:21OtherYWV40Y16.5 mile trail race2022
Miriam LinforthFlitwick 10k10/04/202200:51:0310KNWV40Y2022
Chris McLarenAldbury 5 Trail Race12/06/202200:55:165MNMV65NNice small race, scenic but with a few good climbs2022
Stewart ReadAldbury 512/06/202200:52:27OtherNMV50YHilly 5.3 miles2022
Amanda RankinSt Alban's half12/06/202202:52:52Half MarathonNWV55N2022
Amanda RankinMarston 5k10/06/202200:31:325KNWV55Y2022
Thom DarbyMarston 5K10/06/202200:21:485KNMV40YLove this race! Age Category % same as my PB 10 years ago!2022
Joe CashmanSt Alban's Half Marathon12/06/202201:57:44Half MarathonYMV35Y2022
Vicki CrowstonMarston 5k10/06/202200:27:355KNWV35N2022
Vicki CrowstonRide10029/05/202206:23:52OtherYWV35Y100mile bike race.2022
Zena EllisMarston 5K10/06/202200:34:165KNWV40Y2022
Dave Thompson-TraceFlitwick 10K10/04/202200:53:3610KNMV60N2022
Dave Thompson-TraceFlitton 5K02/05/202200:25:105KNMV60N2022
Dave Thompson-TraceMarston Forest 5K10/06/202200:24:325KNMV60Y2022
Christine LathwellMarston Forest 5km10/06/202200:18:315KYWV45YVery happy. It’s my all time Pb and that was made at the same a V40. A Club Record V45. 3rd Female.2022
Ruth DoyleMarston 5k10/06/202200:25:105KYWV50Y2022
Sam WhaleyMarston Forest 5k10/06/202200:24:065KYMV45Y2022
Sam WhaleySt Albans Half Marathon12/06/202201:57:07Half MarathonNMV45Y2022
Karen AshbyAlbury 5Mile12/06/202200:55:175MNWV60NIt was an off road event and measured at 5.4 miles. Hilly but a thoroughly enjoyable event2022
John ChapmanMarlow 5 mile08/05/202200:34:035MNMV60N2022
John ChapmanBanbury 5 mile24/05/202200:33:485MNMV60N2022
Paul AbrahamsMarston 5k10/06/202200:21:385KNMV45YPlease ignore previous entry2022
Gez FallonMarston 5K10/06/202200:19:515KNMV50N2022
Gez FallonSt Albans Half Marathon12/06/202201:31:42Half MarathonNMV50N2022
Maria PettsA&FF Marston Forest 5k10/06/202200:34:145KNWV40N2022
Liz EvansKew 10k09/04/202201:15:2710KNWV55N2022
Liz EvansHitchin 10k01/05/202201:14:3310KNWV55N2022
Liz EvansWelwyn Garden City Half Marathon27/02/202202:55:25Half MarathonNWV55N2022
Amanda RankinWelwyn half marathon27/02/202202:55:26Half MarathonNWV55N2022
Liz EvansFolkestone 10k29/05/202201:13:4610KNWV55N2022
Amanda RankinFolkestone coastal 10k29/05/202201:13:4610KNWV55Y2022
Liz EvansSt. Albans Half marathon12/06/202202:52:53Half MarathonNWV55N2022
Philip AbbittSummer Solstice 10k21/06/202201:01:0410KNMV65N2022
Pamela AbbittSummer Solstice 10k21/06/202201:12:5910KNWV70N2022
Annelies GerberRun to the Sea - Brighton14/05/202206:32:28UltraNWV50NBeautiful route, first part along Downs Link, then SDW and into Hove and Brighton2022
Annelies GerberGreensands Ultra29/05/202206:24:13UltraNWV50NNice local race with start and finish at Shuttleworth2022
Theresa GunnellMarston 5m10/06/202200:30:565KYWV60Y2022
Theresa GunnellEndure 24 - Reading18/06/202206:06:28OtherNWV60NThis was a team event the aim was to complete as many laps in 24 hours. The lap was a 5 mile route. We had 5 members in the team. I covered 25 miles in 06:06:28. The team completed 21 laps.2022
donna WiggettKillyclogher10k11/06/202201:12:0010KNWV45Nmy worst ever 10k time, so annoyed!2022
Leigh BettsLove Welwyn Garden City13/02/202201:04:0510KYWV45N2022
Leigh BettsMilton Keynes Festival of Running13/03/202201:04:0010KYWV45N2022
Leigh BettsGreat Yarmouth Seafront20/03/202201:03:5910KYWV45N2022
Leigh BettsRun Fest at Lee Valley27/03/202201:04:4910KNWV45NWent Completely wrong way as I was directed with the half marathon runners2022
Leigh BettsLondon Marathon Half Marathon03/04/202202:26:55Half MarathonYWV45N2022
Leigh BettsThe Flitwick 10k10/04/202201:04:2810KNWV45N2022
Leigh BettsSt Albans Easter10k15/04/202201:02:3010KYWV45N2022
Leigh BettsMK Marathon Weekend02/05/202202:25:07Half MarathonYWV45N2022
Leigh BettsMarston Forrest 5k11/01/202200:31:495KYWV45N2022
Leigh BettsRunning GP at Goodwood Motor Circuit03/07/202202:26:47Half MarathonNWV45NHot Day2022
Nick BettsLondon Landmark's Half Marathon03/04/202201:47:23Half MarathonYMV40N2022
Nick BettsFlitwick 10k10/04/202200:50:3210KYMV40N2022
Nick BettsSt Albans Easter 10k15/04/202200:49:5310KYMV40N2022
Nick BettsMK Marathon Weekend02/05/202202:00:33Half MarathonNMV40N2022
Nick BettsHumanity The Devils Lite28/05/202207:02:04UltraYMV40N2022
Nick BettsMarston Forrest 5k10/06/202200:23:145KYMV40N2022
Nick BettsRunning GP Goodwood Motor Circuit03/07/202201:44:40Half MarathonYMV40N2022
Leigh BettsRun Surry Dunsfold Half Marathon10/07/202202:43:26Half MarathonNWV45NExtremely hot conditions track temperature 44 degrees Due to being so hot just happy to just complete the course2022
Nick BettsRun Surry Dunsfold Half Marathon10/07/202201:59:07Half MarathonNMV40NVery hard due to hot conditions with no wind / shade around the race circuit. I received an email to confirm that I finished first in my age category MV40 at this event and received £15.002022
Phil JeffreySt Albans Summer Solstice21/06/202200:58:5810KNMV50Y2022
Phil JeffreyMarston 5k10/06/202200:27:075KNMV50Y2022
Sileshi TesemaMarston 5k10/06/202200:20:295KYMV50N2022
Leigh BettsBlackpool Music Run 202217/07/202201:09:3610KNWV45NVery hot conditions again2022
Nick BettsBlackpool Music Run 202217/07/202200:47:5910KYMV40YHot day but first in age category2022
Karen AshbyDoug Anderson 5k20/07/202200:27:045KNWV60N2022
Andrew ReidDoug Anderson 5k20/07/202225:38:005KNMV65N2022
Andrew ReidDoug Anderson 5k20/07/202225:38:005KNMV65N2022
Nick BettsXNRG Chiltern Hills23/07/202206:32:05UltraYMV40NFell over so happy with 30 minutes quicker than previous ultra2022
Nick BettsXNRG Chiltern Hills23/07/202206:32:05UltraYMV40NFell over so happy with 30 minutes quicker than previous ultra2022
Gez FallonBeds AAA 10k08/07/202200:42:2910KNMV50NHot and humid2022
Gez FallonDoug Anderson 5k20/07/202200:20:155KNMV50NVery wet2022
John ChapmanMilton Keynes 10k12/07/202200:44:3710KNMV60N2022
Gez FallonFairlands Valley Relays21/07/202200:11:343KNMV50YClub age group record.2022
Shaun MutterBedford Autodrome Marathon27/03/202203:58:03MarathonNMV35N2022
Shaun MutterHitchin 10k01/05/202200:48:3810KNMV35N2022
Shaun MutterMarston 5k10/06/202200:22:225KNMV35N2022
Shaun MutterMarston 24 Hour Challenge25/06/202221:27:30OtherNMV35NDistance covered in above time was 79.23 Miles2022
Leigh BettsStopsley Striders 5 & 10 mile Trail Race07/08/202200:59:415MYWV45N2022
Nick BettsStopsley Striders 5 & 10 mile Trail Race07/08/202201:26:2110MYMV40N2022
Paul AbrahamsStopsley 5 & 10 Mile Trail race07/08/202201:17:5110MNMV45NMy first 10 Mile race well organised.2022
Evelyn LutterodtStopsley 10 Mile Trail race07/08/202202:00:3110MNWV45NAlthough I'm not at my best at the moment, that went well despite falling over within the first 20 mins! I only missed my target by 32 seconds. Brilliant race! Enjoyed it!2022
Sileshi TesemaStopsley 5m and 10m Trail Race07/08/202201:13:4910MYMV50NDelighted with my result2022
Theresa GunnellStopsley strider 10 Mile Trail Race07/08/202202:05:1110MNWV60Y2022
Calista StrangeFlitwick 10k10/04/202201:00:4410KNWV40NNew age group PB2022
Calista StrangeEdinburgh Marathon EMF 202229/05/202205:05:30MarathonNWV40Y2022
Calista StrangeMarston Forest 5k10/06/202200:26:035KNWV40Y2022
Calista StrangeHitchin Sprint Triathlon 202203/07/202201:33:40OtherYWV40Y2022
Calista StrangeStopsley 5m Trail Race07/08/202200:49:175MNWV40Y2022
Amanda RankinStopsley Striders 5 mile07/08/202201:05:085MNWV55Y2022
Dawn KeverenStopsley striders 5 mile07/08/202201:05:375MNWV45NVery hot day2022
Dawn KeverenSt Albans 10k14/08/202201:24:1910KNWV45NExtremely hot morning2022
Nick BettsSt Albans Summer 10k14/08/202200:49:1710KNMV40NRedemption from April when I got injured
Very hot day
Leigh BettsSt Albans Summer 10k14/08/202201:19:0510KNWV45NRecovery run after 15 miles the previous day in extremely hot conditions2022
Gez FallonStopsley 10m Trail Race07/08/202201:12:0010MNMV50N2022
Dave Thompson-TraceStopsley 10 Mile Trail Run07/08/202201:31:2510MNMV60YFastest 10 mile time in over 10 years2022
Theresa.GunnellKimbolton Castle Half Marathon28/08/202202:39:25Half MarathonNWV60N2022
Andrew DurrantFred Hughes 10 mile23/01/202201:18:2310MNMV60N2022
Dawn KeverenBedford 5K03/09/202200:38:325KNWV45NVery warm morning2022
Amrik SinghBedford Running Festival 5K03/09/202200:29:305KNMV50NUnbelievably this is my first 5K PB not including Parkrun - (PB at Marston 2019)2022
Robert BarnesOakley 2004/09/202202:05:3520MNMV35NMens v35 club record2022
Robert BarnesFVS 3k relay21/07/202200:10:083KNMV35YMv35 club record2022
Nick BettsBedford Running Festival03/09/202200:21:445KYMV40N1st run of the weekend2022
Nick BettsBedford Running Festival05/09/202201:50:59Half MarathonNMV40N2nd run of the weekend2022
Leigh BettsBedford Running Festival03/09/202200:31:385KYWV45N2022
Leigh BettsBedford Running Festival04/09/202204:28:0820MYWV45NVery warm tough route and not sure how I run 22 miles2022
Annelies GerberDunstable Downs Challenge04/09/202205:55:57MarathonNWV50Nalways great race and beautiful route, very warm in afternoon, 1h slower than last time I ran the marathon, so room for improvement for next year2022
Philip AbbittMilton Keynes Festival of Runnin11/09/202200:49:365MNMV70Y2022
Pamela AbbittMilton Keynes Festival Of Running11/09/202201:09:505MNWV70N2022
Sam WhaleyMarathon Training in Milton Keynes11/09/202203:27:1620MYMV45YTough race (first after Covid) but well organised and a nice course.2022
Gez FallonOakley 2004/09/202202:27:3220MNMV50YFirst MV50 Beds County Champs2022
Ruth DoyleGreat North Run11/09/202201:56:37Half MarathonYWV50YMy first half marathon.2022
Ruth DoyleSt Albans summer solstice21/06/202200:58:5810KNWV50N2022
Paul AbrahamsSandy 1011/09/202201:15:2110MYMV45YI was pleased with my Race2022
Christine LathwellSandy 1011/09/202201:05:1510MYWV45YReally happy. 4th Female, 1st V45 Haven’t run over 10km since Covid 19 happened. Beat my Pb by 8 seconds. Ran a very controlled pace. Now will train for the Luton Half.2022
Dawn KeverenStevenage 10k18/09/202201:20:0310KNWV45NVery breezy & lots of slopes2022
Dawn BoonGreat North Run11/09/202201:59:55Half MarathonYWV45Y2022
Andrew DurrantStopsley 10 mile07/08/202201:25:2810MNMV60N2022
Andy DurrantOakley 2004/09/202203:20:1920MNMV60N2022
Donna WiggettLondon Vitality big half04/09/202202:47:04Half MarathonNWV45NEnjoyable race and great to see Striders at the Lucozade stop2022
Nick BettsXNRG Tring Ultra Marathon24/09/202206:01:43UltraYMV40NRun an extra couple of km because I went the wrong way2022
Thomas DarbySandy 1011/09/202201:18:1710MNMV40YFastest time at this distance for about 10 years2022
Kerry DearBrighton Marathon10/04/202204:48:26MarathonNWV40N2022
Kerry DearGreat North Run11/09/202202:21:12Half MarathonNWV40N2022
David BrownGreat North Run11/09/202202:34:11Half MarathonYMV50N2022
David BrownStopsley Striders 10 mile07/08/202201:53:4610MNMV50N2022
Dawn KeverenStandalone 10k25/09/202201:23:4210KNWV45NDecided to help Mary with her run as she was struggling instead of leaving her on her own. No strider left behind2022
Charlotte SnowdonFlitwick 5k10/06/202200:22:155KYWV35Y2022
Charlotte SnowdonStandalone 10k25/09/202200:47:3810KYWV35Y2022
Evelyn LutterodtLeighton 10 Mile25/09/202201:52:3410MNWV45N2022
Gez FallonStandalone 10K25/09/202200:41:0010KNMV50N2022
Charlotte SnowdonSandy 1011/09/202201:20:4810MYWV35Y2022
Evelyn LutterodtBedford 20 Miles04/09/202204:04:3420MNWV45N2022
Amrik SinghStandalone 10K25/09/202201:00:5310KNMV50N2022
Sam WhaleyTCS London Marathon 202202/10/202204:36:39MarathonYMV45YNew PB by more than an hour (previous best of 5:37:41). Very happy, especially after the COVID curveball late on in my training. Powered on by the crowd - just an incredible day.2022
Gez FallonLondon Marathon02/10/202203:13:47MarathonNMV50N2022
Kulwinder AssraVitality 10k02/05/202201:01:2410KNWV50N2022
Kulwinder AssraHitchin 10k01/05/202201:00:1110KYWV50N2022
Kulwinder AssraStopsley Striders 5miler07/08/202200:52:585MNWV50Y2022
Dawn BoonStandalone 10k25/09/202200:54:3010KYWV45Y2022
Dawn KeverenHitchin 5K09/10/202200:38:535KNWV45NStayed with Elizabeth to help her after her fall a couple of weeks ago to make her feel better that she wasn’t alone.2022
Nick BettsTCS London Marathon02/10/202203:58:24MarathonYMV40N2022
Leigh BettsTCS London Marathon02/10/202205:26:56MarathonYWV45NFabulous race and possibly the best day of my life2022
Theresa GunnellWillow 10k09/10/202201:08:3710KNWV60N2022
Paul KeechTring Runners Ridgeway Run09/10/202201:31:25OtherNMV60N15.5 km Trail race2022
Paul KeechStopsley Striders 5 m trail race07/08/202200:46:265MNMV60N2022
Paul KeechSt Albans Easter 10k15/04/202200:53:5510KNMV60N2022
Amrik SinghHitchin 5K09/10/202200:28:585KNMV50N1st strider in, 1st male strider and a PB.....beat Gez!!! ....might retire on a high 🤔 (minor point Gez may have not run it 🤷🏽‍♂️) 🤭🤫😂
(PB at Marston 2019)
Miriam LinforthDuck n Dash01/09/202200:35:22OtherNWV40Y3rd VW40
400m swim - 5k run
Miriam LinforthRidgeway Run09/10/202201:29:09OtherNWV40Y9.5 mile trail2022
Karen AshbyAmpthill Trophy X/C16/10/202201:02:4110KNWV60Na tough 6.3 mile course. very hilly but great! Enjoyed it2022
Andy ReidAmpthill Trophy 10k16/10/202200:58:0610KNMV65NTough race, but lovely weather2022
Christine LathwellEngland Masters International Cross Country Selection race15/10/202200:24:25OtherNWV45NIt was a 6km Course.
Came 5th Overall. 1st V45 running myself into first place with roughly 150m to go beating a lady I’ve never beaten before.
I now get to represent England in Dublin in November. I’m so happy.
Paul AbrahamsAmpthill Trophy16/10/202200:48:1310KNMV45N2022
Evelyn LutterodtChicago Marathon 202209/10/202205:54:55MarathonNWV45N2022
Stewart ReadAmpthill Trophy16/10/202201:01:2410KNMV50Y2022
Tom RankinGreat South Run16/10/202201:04:2610MYMSY2022
Dawn KeverenLove luton 19k30/10/202201:22:0510KNWV45NJeffed with Jen to help each other through2022
Theresa GunnellGreat South Run16/10/202201:56:3510MYWV60YFirst 10 mile2022
Philip AbbittLuton. Runfest30/10/202201:06:0010KNMV70Y2nd in age group2022
John ChapmanLuton 10k30/10/202200:43:4810KNMV60N2022
Evelyn LutterodtLove Luton Half Marathon30/10/202202:33:10Half MarathonNWV45N2022
Kulwinder AssraLuton RunFest 10k30/10/202201:01:3510KNWV50N2022
Calista StrangeLuton RunFest 5k30/10/202200:36:295KNWV40NI ran with my 11yr old daughter (hence my time) - it was her first "proper" 5k event2022
Jill BywatersStopsley Striders Trail Race07/08/202202:04:4310MYWV55Y2022
Jill BywatersStandalone 10k25/09/202201:06:2710KNWV55N2022
Jill BywatersLove Luton 10k30/10/202201:05:1510KNWV55N2022
Nick BettsLove Luton30/10/202201:47:43Half MarathonNMV45N2022
Paul KeechLove Luton 10K30/10/202200:53:1210KNMV60YV60 PB2022
Leigh BettsLove Luton30/10/202202:36:58Half MarathonNWV45NMy hardest and longest half marathon to date & 2 weeks post covid2022
Andy DurrantLuton Half Marathon30/10/202201:47:39Half MarathonNMV60Y
Ryan ParsonsLuton 10K30/10/202200:43:0510KYMSYPB,1st Strider home beating the athlete that is John Chapman
Leigh BettsAlton Towers Half Marathon13/11/202202:40:59Half MarathonNWV45NWithout a doubt the hardest half I have ever done hilly with sharp turns
Nick BettsAlton Towers Half Marathon13/11/202201:45:15Half MarathonNMV40NThe course was very up and down twisting around rides
Evelyn LutterodtHatfield 5 Mile27/11/202200:49:555MNWV45YMy heart rate training seems to be working! Expected 55 mins got sub 50 mins! Happy with that! 🙂
Pamela AbbittHatfield 527/11/202201:08:525MNWV70N
Philip AbbittHatfield 527/11/202200:48:525MNMV70Y
Mr Amrik SinghHatfield 5 Mile27/11/202200:48:195MNMV50N
Jill BywatersHatfield 527/11/202200:50:105MYWV55Y
Dawn KeverenHatfield 5 mile27/11/202201:01:415MNWV45N
Nick BettsHatfield 527/11/202200:35:035MYMV40N
Leigh BettsHatfield 527/11/202200:50:115MYWV45NFelt strong today with a PB beating previous time by 9 minutes 30 seconds
Thomas DarbyLuton Half30/10/202201:44:57Half MarathonNMV40YFastest half for quite a while - probably at least 5 years
Thomas DarbyHatfield 527/11/202200:36:025MNMV40YOver 90 secs quicker than last year and best age grading for 5 mile ever
Andy DurrantHatfield 5mile27/11/202200:36:275MYMV60Y
Paul Abrahams3 Counties Cross Country Race 2 Northampton27/11/202200:40:23OtherNMV45N8.1k
Nick BettsHertfordshire 10k Santa Run04/12/202200:46:3410KNMV40N
Leigh BettsHertfordshire 10k Santa Run04/12/202201:08:3510KNWV45NA lovely run but spent a lot of time dodging dogs
Evelyn LutterodtMilton Keynes Winter Half11/12/202202:20:05Half MarathonNWV45NVery Chilly -4°C !!
John ChapmanBoscombe 5k Winter Series13/12/202200:20:565KNMV65Y1st V65 in race and also fastest time in the overall series (still two races to go) for my age category
John ChapmanBoscombe 5k Winter Series15/11/202200:22:305KNMV65Y2nd V65. Very strong gale force wind facing runners on return leg of course
Paul AbrahamsBaldock NHRR Chilton league XC18/12/202200:40:50OtherNMV45NDistance 8.5k2022
Shaun MutterStopsley striders 10 mile trail race07/08/202201:43:0710MNMV35N2022
Shaun MutterHatfield 5 Mile27/11/202200:35:175MYMV35Y2022
Shaun MutterLuton Runfest half marathon30/10/202201:41:22Half MarathonNMV35Y2022
Shaun MutterHurtwood 50k04/12/202206:07:03UltraNMV35Y2022
Shaun MutterRidgeway Challenge 86 Miles27/08/202223:49:33UltraYMV35Y2022
Miriam LinforthLove Luton Half30/10/202201:51:08Half MarathonNWV40Y2022
Thom DarbyBuntingford 10 Mile30/12/202201:18:0110MNMV40YVery wet but very worth it - recommend this end of year race to anyone - great medal too2022
Paul DuffyFlitwick 10K10/04/202201:06:4110KNMV45N2022
Paul DuffySt Albans 10K15/04/202201:05:0510KNMV45N2022
Paul DuffyFairlands Valley Relay21/07/202200:17:433KNMV45N2022
Paul DuffyLuton 10K31/10/202201:01:4910KNMV45N2022
Theresa GunnellBeat the Boat17/07/202201:14:1310KNWV60N2022
Theresa GunnellGreat North Run11/09/202202:40:48Half MarathonNWV60N2022
Theresa GunnellLove Luton30/10/202201:06:2710KNWV60N2022
Theresa GunnellHatfield27/11/202200:51:505MNWV60N2022
Theresa GunnellMilton Keynes Big Cow Winter Half11/12/202202:36:39Half MarathonNWV60N2022
Lucy TreleavenStopsley 10 Mile Trail07/08/202201:19:0210MYWSY2022
Lucy TreleavenSummer Solstice 10k21/06/202200:44:4810KYWSY2022
Lucy TreleavenNew Forest Half Marathon11/09/202201:43:19Half MarathonYWSY2022
Lucy TreleavenClanfield Challenge 20k15/05/202201:39:47OtherYWSY2022
Lucy TreleavenWarwick Half Marathon06/03/202201:46:04Half MarathonYWSY2022
Lucy TreleavenBUCS Duathlon20/11/202201:22:45OtherYWSY2022
Peta HenryLondon marathon02/10/202205:24:55MarathonNMV50N2022
Peta HenryHatfield 5 miler27/11/202200:48:34OtherNMV50N2022
Peta HenryReykjavik half marathon20/08/202202:27:46Half MarathonNMV50N2022
Sandy Reeve-SmithHatfield 5 Mile27/11/202200:47:215MYWV55Y2022
Jane FewMarston 5k10/06/202200:33:335KNWV55N2022
Jane FewLuton LoveFest 10k30/10/202201:14:5710KNWV55Y2022
Sandy Reeve-SmithLove Luton 10K30/10/202200:59:3610KYWV55Y2022
Sandy Reeve-SmithHitchin 5K09/10/202200:29:355KNWV55N2022
Sandy Reeve-SmithStopsley Striders 5 Mile trail race07/08/202200:51:545MNWV55N2022
Sandy Reeve-SmithMarston 5K10/06/202200:28:565KYWV55Y2022
Sandy Reeve-SmithHitchin 10K01/05/202201:03:2710KNWV55N2022
Sandy Reeve-SmithSt Albans Easter 10K15/04/202201:05:2910KNWV55N2022
Amanda RankinCiderthon20/08/202203:30:12Half MarathonNWV55NGuessed time, not a timed race and drank way too much cider enroute to remember 😂2022
Amanda RankinGreat north run11/09/202203:03:31Half MarathonNWV55NRan with Liz . Very congested and too many bottles everywhere2022
Amanda RankinRoyal parks half09/10/202203:26:56Half MarathonNWV55N2022
Amanda RankinHatfield 527/11/202201:00:315MNWV55Y2022
Christine LATHWELLBedfordshire county championships at Ampthill park07/01/202200:30:47OtherNWV45NCame 2nd Overall including bucks runners.
1st Overall Bedfordshire runner. Very happy as weather conditions were horrible and won by 1 minute and 51 seconds. It was worth wearing my wool hat for the first medium lap.
Carly eavesGreat north run11/09/202202:06:25Half MarathonYWV35Y2022
Katerina TulooLuton Half 202230/10/202202:10:07Half MarathonNWV40N2022
Katerina TulooSandy 1011/09/202201:37:3910MYWV40N2022
Katerina TulooStopsley 5 miles07/08/202200:50:415MNWV40N2022
Kate MutterHitchin 10km01/05/202201:00:4710KYWV35Y2022
Kate MutterMilton Keynes Festival of Running Half Marathon13/03/202202:36:34Half MarathonNWV35Y2022
Kate MutterHatfield 5mile27/11/202200:50:325MNWV35Y2022
Kate MutterLuton 10km30/10/202201:10:3210KNWV35N2022
Kate MutterWillow 10km09/10/202201:05:3010KNWV35N2022
Kate MutterEndure 2418/06/202203:31:00OtherNWV35NThis was a 24 hour race which I entered as part of a team with Hilary Blessing and Theresa Gunnell and 3 others (non striders). I did 3 x 5 mile laps in a combined time of 3hrs 31 mins.2022
Kate MutterBedford Autodrome 10km27/03/202201:06:2710KNWV35NI ran this race completely with the buggy so was really chuffed with the time even though it wasn't a PB.2022
Ryan ParsonsStopsley 5 Mile Trail Race07/08/202200:35:595MYMSY1st Strider Home, 7th Overall. Previous PB 45:53.2022
Martin PretoriaStandalone 10K25/09/202201:07:5210KNWV65Y2022
Martin BallHatfield 5 Mile27/11/202200:52:305MNMV65Y2022
Martin PretoriaPrauge Marathon08/05/202205:26:43MarathonYWV652022
Martin PretoriaStopsley Striders Trail Race07/08/202201:09:5810MNWV65Y2022
Charles NelisFred Hughes 10 mile23/01/202201:22:0510MNMV55Y2022
Charles NelisFlitwick 10K10/04/202200:53:4010KNMV55N2022
Charles NelisSt Albans 10k15/04/202200:49:3510KNMV55Y2022
Martin PretoriaFlitwick 10K10/04/202201:05:5510KNWV65N2022
Charles NelisMarston Forest 5k10/06/202200:23:505KNMV55YClub championship2022
Charles NelisSandy 1011/09/202201:32:2910MNMV55NClub championship male V55 1st2022
Charles NelisStandalone25/09/202200:50:4610KNMV55N2022
Charles NelisHerts 10k09/10/202200:56:1010KNMV55N2022
Martin BallAthens Marathon13/11/202206:45:07MarathonNWV65N2022
Charles NelisLove Luton 10k30/10/202200:53:105KNMV55NClub championship2022
Robert BarnesCheviot Goat03/12/202213:16:38UltraYMV35Y2022
Charles NelisHitchin 10k01/05/202200:51:3710KNMV55N2022
Martin PretoriaFred Hugh 1023/01/202201:45:4110MNMV652022
Robert BarnesAUTUMN 10015/10/202215:36:45UltraYMV35Y4th2022
Robert BarnesStopsley Trail 1007/08/202201:03:1310MNMV35Y1st2022
Robert BarnesHitchin Hard Half26/06/202201:21:38Half MarathonNMV35Y2nd2022
Robert BarnesFred Hughes 1023/01/202200:58:3810MNMV35Y2022
Robert BarnesHardmoors 11028/05/202223:21:44UltraNMV35N110 miles, 4th2022
Ruth DoyleLove Luton Half Marathon31/10/202201:58:51Half MarathonNWV50N3rd in my age cat.2022
Ruth DoyleGreat South run16/10/202201:29:5510MNWV50N2022
Ruth DoyleRidgeway Run 15km09/10/202201:31:06OtherNWV50N2022
Phil JeffreyLove Luton30/10/202200:56:3610KNMV50N2022
Phil JeffreyDorney Lake Sprint Triathlon25/09/202201:32:17OtherYMV50Y1st Sprint Triathlon2022
Phil JeffreyMarston 5 K10/06/202200:27:075KNMV50Y2022
Phil JeffreySt Albans Summer Solstice21/06/202200:58:5810KNMV50N2022
Liz BarkerMK Winter Half11/12/202202:32:12Half MarathonNWV55N2022
Liz BarkerHatfield 527/11/202200:52:285MNWV55N2022
Liz BarkerLove Luton30/10/202202:31:50Half MarathonNWV55Y2022
Liz BarkerMarston 5k10/06/202200:31:175KNWV55Y2022
Mark BradleyBedford 10 Mile29/01/202301:15:0210MYMV50Y2022
Ellie DaviesLove Luton 10k30/10/202200:43:5810KNMSN2022
Mark BradleyLove Luton 10k30/10/202200:44:2310KYMV50Y2022
Kallum WrightMilton Keynes Winter Half11/12/202201:27:06Half MarathonNMSNWas about minus 2 and I still rocked a vest2022
Ruth DoyleFairlands Relay21/07/20220:14:213KYWV50YThis was from last year 2022. Appears to be a club record for vw50. I am not sure if i recorded it. I think the official listings have me as a quicker time. Please check2022