Strider of the month

February 24Mohammed Elbayan
January 24Evelyn Lutterodt
October 23Kate Neale
September 23Chris Lamont
August 23Chris McLaren
June 23Heather Chandler
May 23Rudi Bartlett
April 23Leigh Betts, Nick Betts, Shaun Mutter, Dawn Keveren, Theresa Gunnell, Charlie Snowdon, Sam Whaley and Claire Bracey
March 23Carly Eaves, Ruth Doyle and John Chapman
February 23Eamonn Devane
January 23Ade Copp
December 22Liz Evans
November 22Peter Breslin and Jane Few
October 22Kallum Wright and Sandy Reeve-Smith
September 22Chris Trevelan, Dawn Boon and Dawn Keveren
August 22Nadia Hall and Lance Richardson
July 22Claire Bracey and Nick Betts
June 22Charley Snowden, Phil Jeffery and Sam Whaley
May 22Calista Strange and Evelyn Lutterodt
April 22Tony Riley, Chris Mclaren and Nicola Abubacker
March 22Kate Neale, Mark Bradley and Theresa Gunnell
February 22Andrea Watts and Mark Smith
January 22Graham Crouch and Leigh Betts
December 21Lucy Trevelan and Paul Keech
November 21Hilary Wildman and Christine Lathwell
October 21Martin Ball and Theresa Gunnell
September 21Karen Ashby and Paul Duffy
August 21Charles Nelis
June 21Adrian Moore
March 21Kate Neale and Rob Barnes
December 20Simon Router and Hannah Balcombe
July 20Sharon Chesham, Barbora Uhráková, Claire Bracey and Donna Wiggett
June 20Not Awarded
May 20Mark Smith, Eamonn Devane, Graham Crouch and Lu Phillpott
April 20Liz Evans, Amanda Rankin and Valerie Dawson
March 20Not Awarded
February 20Gary Bartlett and Judy Reid
January 20Dawn Boon and Hicham Hasnaoui
December 19Not Awarded
November 19Danny Kelly and Kerry Dear
October 19Stewart Read and Ruth Doyle
September 19Lucy Joseph and Tony Riley
August 19 Peter Brown and Nadia Hall
July 19Sanjay Roy and Dawn Keveren
June 19Thom Darby and Calista Strange
May 19Ian Curry and Antonia Licata
April 19Linda Scanlan, Rick Hares, Alan Barry and Gez Fallon
March 19Phillip Davies and Phil Nitchin
February 19Miriarm Linforth and Evelyn Lutterodt
January 19Andy Durrant and Karen Ashby
December 18 
November 18Loraine Paine, Natasha Hall, John Chapman and Amanda Rankin
October 18Gez Fallon, Tony Green and Barbora Uhrakova
September 18Kirsty Yates and Rick Hares
August 18Vicky Crowston, Rob Barnes and Simon Cain
July 18Elizabeth McGinley and Mike Tucker
June 18Calista Strange and Ahmed Berrah
May 18Amanda Scott and Martin Read
April 18Daniel Lewis, Daniel Mann, Ian Pitkin and Linda Scanlon
March 18Phil Abbitt And Pam Abbitt
February 18Martin Porthouse and Amrick Singh
January 18Rick Hares and Ian Curry
December 17Hannah Fothergill
November 17Christine Lathwell and John Chapman
October 17Dawn Keveren, Siobhan Jenkins and Chris Lamont
September 17Evelyn Lutterodt and Charles Nelis
August 17Amanda Rankin
July 17Linda Scanlan and Alan Barry
June 17Philip Davies, Dean Hayward and Rob Barnes
May 17Valerie Dawson and Tom Rankin
April 17Liz Davies, Pat Blessing and Peter Brown
March 17Christine Lathwell, Lu Philpott and Martin Smith
February 17Rob Barnes
January 17Martin Fallon
December 16Ian Pitkin
November 16Karen Bull
October 16Maria Petts and Mark Layzel
September 16Kull Tull
August 16Not awarded
July 16Christina Green
June 16Paul Davies and Peter Croal
May 16Tom Wiilis, Phil Nitchin & Annalies Gerber
April 16Tony Riley, Tommy Murphy & Mark Sains
March 16Christine Lathwell, Lorraine Webb, Rob Barnes, Nathan Scott
February 16Liz Evans
January 16Hannah Fothergill & Ben Bodsworth
December 15Valerie Dawson, Donna Wiggett and Daniel Mann
November 15Kimm Caddy & Willie Ellingham
October 15Nathan Scott & Simon Norris
September 15Linda Scanlan & Lorraine Webb
August 15Willie Ellingham
July 15Liz Rollinson
June 15Daniel Mann & Tony Rile
May 15Gary Fowler
April 15Mark Layzell, Pat Blessing & Derek Christopher
March 15Simon Norris & Gez Fallon
February 15Lee Murphey
January 15Kieran Fitzpatrick, Nathan Scott & Lynn Doyle
December 14Not awarded
November 14Gerri Tate
October14Kate Neale & Paul Keech
September 14Nathan Scott
August 14Not awarded
July 14Lynn Doyle & Jim McIntosh
June 14Kim Caddy
May 14Kate Lindhart & Linda Scanlan
April 14John Chapman
March 14Paul Davies & Mark Sains
February 14Not awarded
January 14Liz Davies
December 13Not awarded
November 13Not awarded
October 13Jenny Griffiths, Nikki Cox & Chris Lamont
September 13Glynn Simmons & David Burnett
August 13Not awarded
July 13Carla Greer
June 13Adrian Copp
May 13Amanda Rankin
April 13Tony Burrows & Mark Sains
March 13Zena Ellis, Kimmi Willis & Finbar Willis
February 13Alison Sugars
January 13Gez Fallon
December 12Not awarded
November 12Lee Murphy & Stuart Bonner
October 12Phil Nitchin & Elaine Harries
September 12Lorraine Webb
August 12Tony Green
July 12Mark Bradley & John Chapman
June 12Liz Rollinson & Phil Abbitt
May 12Dave Hall
April 12Louse Peters & Nick Cross
March 12Ivor Webb, Phil Nitchen
February 12Not awarded
January 12Not awarded
December 11Not awarded
November 11Derek Christopher, Elaine Harries, Stuart Harries
October 11None awarded
September 11Amanda Rankin
August 11None awarded
July 11Alan Taylor, Elaine Harries
June 11Christina Green, Christa Jeffrey
May 11Dave Hall
April 11Chris Lamont & Louise Peters
March 11Helen Viera, Pam Abbitt
February 11Adrian Copp
January 11Not awarded
December 10Not awarded
November 10Sarah Callery
October 10Nick Cross
September 10Lynne Doyle
August 10Terri Grassby
July 10Thomas Darby, Linda Thomasson
June 10Not awarded
May 10Rob Cresswell
April 10Colin Smith, Dave Young, Andy Ward
March 10Tim Davies, Alison Sugars, Bill Barrett
February 10Not awarded
January 10Louise Peters
December 09Not awarded
November 09Jenny Griffiths, Barbara Hunt
October 09Paul Keech
September 09Gary Fowler, Lynn Doyle
August 09Partha Dey
July 09Tim Davies, Christina Parrett
June 09Linda Thomasson, Brian Taber
May 09Ian Cousins, Tom Darby, Chris Hunt
April 09Mark Sains, Alison Sugars, Tony Green
March 09Jenna Litchfield
February 09Diane Blackmore
January 09Not awarded
December 08Martin Kidney, Adrian Copp
November 08Stuart Harries
October 08Vanessa Burt, Richard Litchfield
September 08Stewart Read
August 08Kirsty Edwards
July 08Angela Hickey, Lance Richardson, Helen Morris, Louise Peters
June 08Phil Abbitt
May 08Bev Green, Martin Kidney, Marks Sains
April 08Graham Campbell
March 08Vicky Harwood, Steve Cartwright
February 08Dave Debnam
January 08David Hall, Ivor Webb
December 07Elaine Harries
November 07Peter Breslin, Karen Ashby
October 07Grahame White, Ingrid Bacon
September 07Tony Green, Bill Barrett, Helen Morris
August 07Andy Ward
July 07Mark Bradley
June 07Chris Lamont & Bruce Benson
May 07Helen O’Toole & Rachel Shearstone
April 07Jane Kelso
March 07Kate Linhart
February 07Phil Abbitt, Pam Abbitt, Peter Breslin
January 07Louise Peters & Adrian Copp
December 06Alison Sugars & Bev Green
November 06Craig Worboys
October 06Andrew Duncan & Marie Bacon
September 06Paul Keech & Chris Green
August 06Miranda Morgan
July 06Christina Parrett, Gill McLaren
June 06Ben Dyirakumunda
May 06Stuart Harries, Matt Thompson
April 06Bill Barrett
March 06Martin Mitchell
February 06Louise Peters
January 06Not Awarded
December 05Bob Woodall
November 05John Chapman
October 05Elaine Harries & Jane Rece
September 05Alison Sugars
August 05Natalie Barnard
July 05Michelle Friend, Gary Fowler
June 05Peter Breslin
May 05Adam Jeycock
April 05Karen Ashby, Dave Debnam, Gill McLaren, Gerry Taylor
March 05Tony Green
February 05Not awarded
January 05Not awarded
December 04Danny Kelly
November 04Stuart Harries
October 04Andy Ward & Sharon Collins
September 04Chris Lamont
August 04Bob Woodhall
July 04Brea Haughton  & Jacqueline Goldsmith
June 04Jacqueline Goldsmith & Gerry Taylor
May 04Alison Sugars & Brian Taber
April 04Tom McKeown
March 04Ben Dyirakumunda
February 04Helen Morris
January 04Matt Thompson
December 03Hilary Adams
November 03Michelle Friend
October 03Marie Morton
September 03Paul Keech
August 03Tony Green
July 03Karen Ashby
June 03Brian Taber
May 03John Chapman
April 03Brian Davies
March 03Jo Day & Margaret Chew
February 03Andy Duncan
January 03None awarded
December 02Jaqueline Goldsmith & Jack Batham
November 02Not awarded
October 02Barry Telling & Pauline Plater