Stopsley Steppers Walking Group

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Our jogging club is so friendly and supportive to runners of all standards, from beginners, joggers, sprinters to inspirational athletes and celebrates achievements big and small. The social side of running is just as important to many of us as the fitness and progression, which can be seen and heard at our club nights, running & fund raising events and ever popular monthly socials.  

But when we’re injured or just not feeling like running we can lose that regular contact with the club and members. Amanda & I have both had injuries and circumstances that have stopped us running in the past and at times have felt isolated and low, and even lost confidence in our ability to return to club. It was on one of these occasions that we were walking one evening, when the idea came to us of organising a walking group on a Social Night.

So after consultation with the committee, Stopsley Steppers was born. An inclusive walking group, for anyone who would like a steady 2-2.5 mile walk, knowing there’s a tail walker so no one will be left behind. Adding the option of finishing at Inspire or Stopsley Working Men’s Club, for some good food, good company and even a drink or two – who could resist!
We have had 3 monthly walks to date, with attendance growing each time. The most recent, on 24th January was themed, ‘Three Birds Squared’, along or passing streets with bird names, 9 in total. 

A few walkers were returning from injury, two have been receiving hospital treatment, and others just fancied a walk.

Many thanks to all who have joined us and for the positive responses.

“I really enjoyed it, a great way to reconnect with the club, I’m so glad I came, it’s a great idea. Don’t know why I didn’t come before.”

“I haven’t been to a social for a while ‘cos I haven’t been running. I’m so pleased to be able to join everyone.”

“We’ve had a good catch up, really enjoyed it.”

“I didn’t know if I would make it, but I did!” 

“Great for the club as it keeps members in touch who may otherwise drift away due to injury or other circumstances.”

“Thank you, I really enjoyed the walk.”

“It’s a great idea. I couldn’t run the last two weeks and just sit at home knowing you guys are running it’s not ideal. I think everyone who is injured or coming back from injury would appreciate sessions like this.” 

We’re delighted to hear your comments and that it has taken off so well. The icing on the cake for us is that other members are now organising walks on club nights too. 

Details and a reminder of the next walking group will be posted on the Striders Facebook page during the week before.

Please join us, everyone is welcome. 

Lizzy Evans & Amanda Rankin, Feb 2019.