1000 Days Running

1000 days

Today, 27th August 2019, Evelyn reached a milestone of running everyday for 1000 days! She started off the days celebrations with a midnight mile with her fellow Stopsley Striders and parkrun family. Nearly everyone wore purple in some shape or form. Evelyn borrowed a lovely purple cape, from Kate, and enjoyed running with it for the mile.

She was only expecting a few people, may be 6 or so, but in all 15 people came along. She continued the days celebrations by completing 10.00 km, along with a few work colleagues.

She says “It was quite a difficult run for me. It always takes a while for me to warm up. And these guys are all much faster than me, or have longer strides. And one was on a bike. It must be hard to ride slow! I tried to keep up as much as I could, and they did have to wait for me a couple of times. But I soon got my engine going and was able to go a little faster.”

“I am over-whelmed and feeling loved at the response to my virtual run, and of course to reaching 1000 days. People have said such lovely things and I was even sent a card. It was amazing to see all the activities that people had done. I’m so glad that I could instigate such a good day of activity”

Evelyn encouraged peope to celebrate by performing an activity which involved a 1000. Examples are 1000 steps in one go, 1000 seconds on a treadmill (16mins 40secs) or even juggling and catching a 1000 times. A post with all the pictures from the days activities are located here.

Evelyn’s Run streak total distance covered over the 1000 days was 6210.4 km, or 3859.8 miles.

By Evelyn Lutterodt, Stopsley Strider
aka thisrunnerlovespurple and blog

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