Club Update August 2020

As we move towards the new normal we are now able to run together in small groups, but not formally hold club nights due to current local guidelines and not having access to a Covid secure venue.

If people feel safe to run with other Striders we ask that you follow these guidelines to keep everyone safe. This has been discussed and agreed by the committee.

  1. Runs can be announced in the Stopsley Striders Facebook page to allow all Striders access to group runs. Runners should confirm they would like to attend through the Facebook announcement to show the number of runners. If you have invited a non Facebook user to your run then please let other group runners know.
    • if a non Facebook member wants to access a run that they can contact Thom and any other member of the committee who wants to add their name
  2. All runs should have a maximum of 6 runners to abide by current local Covid guidelines
  3. All runners should follow Covid guidelines of hygiene by washing their hands before leaving home, carrying hand sanitiser, maintaining social distancing and washing hands on returning home. We also actively encourage runners to have an ICE card with them for all runs.
  4. Start and end runs in public places but where possible not at Inspire. This allows for social distancing. Also please do not congregate for too long before and after running. Try to keep to non crowded routes to ensure maximum social distancing. Do not organise a run from the same venue as another group. Runners should not participate in more than one group run on the same day.
  5. If you have symptoms of Covid please do not attend a run. If you get symptoms of Covid up to 48 hrs after a group run you will need to inform all other group runners. All runners from this group should then follow UK government Covid guidelines.
  6. If you are from a higher risk group or have any medical condition you should communicate with health professionals before attending. This is your responsibility.
  7. If you test positive for Covid and you have attended a run in the last 48 hrs please could you complete the attached UKA form to help with track and trace.…/health-safety/covid-19-form/
  8. Above all enjoy your runs and stay safe!

If you have any questions or need to inform us of anything Covid related then please let either Thom or Tony Green know.

Sorry to have to put some guidelines towards this but we hope you understand that it is everyone’s interests that we all follow these guidelines to keep us all safe.


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