Club Update November 2020

As we enter this period, England Athletics released their new guidance yesterday.

Link to New Guidelines by England Athletics

The guidance is in line with national guidelines that you should only exercise with your household or with one other runner.

The committee would like all members to follow this guidance but at the same time hope that members will run in pairs to help each other for safety reasons when it’s dark, and also to help each other with our physical and mental health.

If you do run with another Strider, please meet in a neutral place. Maybe use a run to your meet up as a warm up and then run together before running home. Please use the Spond app if you need to make links with other runners.

Follow the guidelines of not running if showing symptoms, and if you do run with someone and then develop symptoms in the days after please notify your running partner and if appropriate Thom or Anthony Green.

Stay safe, run happy and be kind.

We will meet again.

The Committee

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