Memberships for 2020/21

Morning Striders, I apologise for the long post but it is regarding memberships for 2020/21 so please bear with me.

As we live in unprecedented times we are organising payments differently this year.

1. UKA have extended the collection of subs this year so the club have have also extended the deadline for online payment until 31st May.

2. We will set up an offline payments deadline once we know if/when social distancing rules change.
We will be collecting online payments through the UKA portal. Please do not send them to the club bank account.

3. To help us to do this we require you this week to check your email and contact details on the UKA portal. If you do not know your UKA number please use the forgotten URN function on the UKA website or use the contact us function on the UKA website. Please do not email the committee to ask them this.

4. If you wish to change your runner status to affiliated or unaffiliated please email me on so we can change your status. This is important so we can request the correct online payment from you. Only email to change your status. We don’t need to hear from everyone.

5. Membership fees are reduced this year due to the lack of races currently. Membership is £30 affiliated and £15 non affiliated. These fees have been agreed by the committee in light of the changes made by UKA.

6. All current membership fees for 2019/20 last until Aug 31st. This is a deadline extended by UKA. You will cease to be a Strider if you do not pay membership by this date. Hopefully we will have collected all payments by June 30th. Any Strider paying from July onwards will have to pay new membership fees. This is subject to change dependent on what happens in the current crisis.

7. We need you to update all details this week so we can send out online payment requests next Sat.

8. Some Striders may not have consented to data processing via the portal. I am making you aware that your data will be passed on to the Athletics Governing Bodies and will be processed in accordance with their privacy statement (which is found on their website) when we request payment through the portal. If you do not want this to happen then please let me know via my email above. You will then need to pay offline.

Please share this post with all of your Strider friends especially if they are non Facebook users.

Please use the comments box for questions on this. The committee will endeavour to answer all of your queries.

I hope you are all well and running/exercising sensibly.

I hope to see you all soon.


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