Stopsley Striders: Health and Safety Policy

Stopsley Striders are strongly committed to encouraging its members to take part, but the Health and Safety of each individual is always our paramount concern.

To support our Health and Safety Policy we are committed to the following duties:

  • Undertake regular, recorded risk assessments of all activities undertaken by the club.
  • Create a safe environment by putting Health and Safety measures in place as identified by the assessment.
  • Ensure all members are aware of, understand and follow the Club’s Health and Safety Policy.
  • Report any injuries or accidents sustained during any Club activity. These should be reported to the Club Leader/Coach leading the session or to the member of the Club Committee who led the session. This will usually be the person leading the announcements. It is then this persons responsibility to record the incident to UK athletics on Health & Safety – Incident Reporting (  The member reporting this then has a duty to pass this information on to the club committee who will review the incident at the next Committee meeting. Injuries and Accidents will be a standing agenda item for all committee meetings.
  • Provide adequate First Aid. A First Aid Kit and Defibrillator is available from reception at Inspire and Stockwood Park Athletics Track and a First Aid Kit is available at Crawley Green Sports Club. A Defibrillator is also available at Stopsley Fire Station. All Coaches and Leaders In Running Fitness who have completed their training courses after April 2022 will be adequately First Aid Trained by England Athletics. 

As a Club member you have a duty to:

  • Take reasonable care for your own Health and Safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or don’t do. This includes ensuring your personal records are up-to date on Spond and England Athletics and having an ICE card with you at all Stopsley Striders events.
  • Co-operate with the Club on any Health and Safety related matters.

12th April 2022 – To be reviewed annually by the Stopsley Striders Committee

Next Review: March 2023