Stopsley Striders: Social Media Policy


The Club uses social media (e.g. Facebook and WhatsApp) extensively to communicate with and between members and with non-members. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines on the proper use of social media communications.

‘Social media’ in the context of these guidelines refers to a number of online platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and any other website where user comments are an available feature.

Online Conduct

Any communications that club members make in a personal capacity through social media must not bring the club into disrepute, for example:

  • By making defamatory comments about individuals or other organisations or groups including Stopsley Striders.
  • By posting images that are inappropriate or links to inappropriate content. Any photo / video posted must focus on the sport, not the person and be dignified.
  • By being seen to support (for example by ‘liking’ on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter) a comment or post that would fall into any of the above categories.
  • By breaching confidentiality, for example by giving away information about an individual (e.g. volunteer or athlete) or organisation or by revealing information held by the club where there would be reasonable expectation of confidentiality
  • By doing anything that could be considered discriminatory against, or bullying or harassment of, any individual. For example by making offensive or derogatory comments relating to sex, gender reassignment, race (including nationality), disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief or age.
  • By using social media to bully another individual; or posting images that are discriminatory or offensive.
  • No comment should ever be made about an individual or subject that:
  • Exposes someone to hatred, ridicule or contempt
  • Causes them to be shunned or avoided
  • Lowers them in the estimation of ‘right thinking’ members of
  • Disparages them in their office, profession or trade
  • Those who hold positions of responsibility in the club, committee members, coaches and officials should not make comment on controversial issues with which they have a connection in their role at the club as it may be taken as a statement indicating the position of Stopsley Striders.
  • Any image posted on the club’s Facebook page may be used by the club for publicity purposes. Club Members must inform the club’s Chair or Secretary if they wish any images including themselves should not be posted to the wider Social Media Community, beyond the Stopsley Striders Closed Facebook Group. The Club will not share any written comments or posts made by Club Members for publicity purposes without permission.

Misuse of Social Media

The Club’s Facebook Administrators have authority to delete other people’s posts or comments.

They can also ban users of the Stopsley Striders Facebook page or other social media platforms. All Stopsley Striders members are responsible for reporting misuse / inappropriate content to the Clubs administrators.

Stopsley Striders Facebook users must avoid using critical language or actions, such as sarcasm which could undermine an athlete’s self-esteem. The role of the administrators is to vet the contents of messages or photographs to ensure that it is appropriate.

Members should note that any breaches of this guidance may lead to disciplinary action. Serious breaches of this guidance, for example incidents of bullying of other club members, inappropriate usage or social media activity causing serious damage to the club, may lead to club membership being terminated.

April 2022

This Policy should be reviewed every two years.