Stopsley Striders Presentation Awards for 2013

Thanks to Tony Ashby for taking the photo’s.
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A special thanks goes to our president Helen Morris who presented the Awards for 2013

Senior Man

This man started his year pretty much how he finished the last, by running in all the Three Counties cross country fixtures, and was the first Strider home in four of the five fixtures.
On top of that impressive record he had an amazing road racing season too.  Not content with having achieved a PB over marathon distance in the previous year, he went on to beat that PB by 4 minutes to achieve 3:05:03 in the Stratford Marathon.
Following his marathon efforts this man decided to really push himself and upped his training to compete in the Wall Ultra Marathon, a 69 mile cross country course from Carlisle to Gateshead, in a very impressive time of 14:48:28
He was fourth man home in the Luton 10K, and also achieving a PB at the Sandy 10 miles.
His talents also extend to being a great club secretary which is no easy job. He is also one of our most helpful members, always willing to give advice and help out in any way he can! Having recently completed his coaching course he has been running successful speedwork groups on a Thursday. 
Long may the good times continue for our Senior Man of 2013,

Mark Sains

Senior Lady

This lady has had a pretty busy year of racing where she has competed in at least 12 races. Like a lot of our members she started her year running a PB in the Silverstone Half Marathon and in the next two months following her PB she ran three races without any great results. She obviously felt that Silverstone was the place to perform at her best as she returned to that venue and ran the Silverstone 10k recording another PB. She then began to really perform well and recorded a further PB in the Bishop Stortford 10miles. Although judging by her comments on the result sheet she did not enjoy the course! Her next race was the Marston Vale 5k with yet another PB and she followed this event with a PB in the Luton 5 miles. She then missed a PB in the following race but not to be beaten she worked hard and two weeks later ran another PB in the Luton 5k. She competed in another couple of events during the year but by then we feel her earlier efforts may have caught up with her. So after running 12 races with 6 PB runs our Senior Lady for 2013 is

Kim Willis

Veteran Man

This man has been always had a very impressive running career, both road racing and competing in the cross country fixtures.  Not content with this he has added track running to his running CV.
He unfortunately suffered an injury during the season but still managed to compete in 7 road races; The Leighton 10 miles, John O’Callaghan 5 miles, Marston 5K where he was the first V40, the Westminster Mile, the Sliverstone 10K, St Albans park run and the Flitwick 10K.
He also had an amazing season on the track, taking part in the Southern Indoor Counties, where he competed in the 1500m, finishing second in his age group.  The 3000m where he finished 3rd in his age group.  Then at the Eastern Vet indoor champions he won his age event in the 1500m.
Our Veteran Man of 2013 is

Adrian Copp

Veteran Lady

Although this lady has been running with Stopsley Striders now for many years she is still very much an improving runner. Most people think that when you hit “Veteran Stage” it is all downhill from there! This lady has certainly proved this not to be the case. She started her racing year in the Flitwick 10k and was third lady in the Marston Vale 5k. She finished third lady again in our own Ladies 5k and was first vet 40 in the Luton 5k. She finished second lady in the Three Race Luton Series and was first vet 40 in the Bedford 5k. Probably her best race of the year was in The Great North Run where she knocked over a minute off her PB and set a new vet 40 club record. She was first vet 40 in the Ampthill Trophy and ran most of our cross country league races where she was first lady Strider in each of these. So after a season with results like that our Lady Veteran of 2013 has to be

Alison Sugars

Super Veteran Man

Despite being in his seventh decade, this man is regularly recording times that are the envy of men half his age. Following a disappointing year, this man has just had one of his most consistent years of running for a long time – and what a year it has been. Already holding the majority of the club records in the Veteran 45 and 50 categories, and all the records at Veteran 55, this man set himself the target of taking the club records in the Veteran 60 category, and last year claimed them for the five mile, ten kilometre, ten mile and half marathon distances. In doing so, he has also claimed a number of County Championship places and Veteran 60 race prizes. 
He is also one of the most respected and well-liked members of the club, and a reliable and dedicated clubmen. He is always willing to help out when needed, even at the shortest notice.
For all of these achievements, our Super Veteran Man of 2013 is

Chris Lamont

Super Veteran Lady

This is another lady who proves age is no handicap if you work hard at your running. She loves to race and indeed has done at least thirteen races during the year. In April she ran her first marathon and ran a very respectable time too. It proves how well she has been performing when we tell you that she has been running for a number of years now but in the last year she has recorded at least 6 PB runs.
In April she ran the London Marathon , in June the Whipsnade 10k, the Marston Vale 5k and the Luton 5 miles where she won her first ever County Championship in her age group! She then ran the rest of the Luton Series. In September she ran a PB in the Bedford 10k then produced a 16 minute PB in the Leighton Buzzard 10mile and was first in her age group in the County Championships! She ran a PB in the Ridgeway 15k where once again she won her age category. She then ran the Ampthill Trophy cross country event where she said that she did not fancy running that course again! She continued to compete on the road in the Luton Half Marathon where she recorded another PB and was also first in her age group once again. We have managed to write a glowing report on her fantastic year but have kept her age a secret! So after a year like that our Stopsley Strider Super Vet Lady for 2013 can only be

Jenny Griffiths

Cross Country Man

Having narrowly missed out last year, this man has clearly upped his game, representing the club at cross country at every opportunity. Despite his dislike of the longer courses he still turned out at the Bedfordshire Championships to run for his adopted county, and battled through the Southern Counties at Parliament Hill Fields, although that could be down to the promise of a beer afterwards.
However, it is our league cross country events that this man has truly excelled. Always one of the first runners in, he often then volunteers to help with the administration, and is usually one of the last people out on the course, often running in with our final finisher. 
The uncontested Cross Country Man of 2013 is

Mark Sains

Cross Country Lady

This lady has had a great year running both on the road and over the country. At the start of the year she was a very consistent second lady Strider home in our league races until the last one in East Haddon where she was our first lady Strider home. In each of her cross country races since, she has managed to hold on to that position and know her as we do, she will do her best not to relinquish it! She ran the Ampthill Trophy race in October where she finished first lady vet 40. As we said earlier she has also been our first lady home in all the league races she has competed in and has managed to finish inside the top ten ladies out of over 100 in the league.
So let us hope the improvement and the good times continue for our Cross Country Lady of 2013

Alison Sugars

Male Newcomer

This man threw himself into racing as soon as he joined; he has also recently tried cross country and performed very well. 
He has competed in at least 11 races last season, and achieved personal bests in around half of them, distances from 5K to half marathon.
It is his half marathon performances that have been most impressive. He did his first in March at Milton Keynes in an excellent time of 1:30:13, he then did St Albans in June knocking off over three minutes with a time of 1:27:05, joining the sub 90 minute club.He then went on to get another personal best at the Love Luton Half Marathon in October finishing his season with the very impressive time of 1:26:13.
Stopsley Striders Male Newcomer for 2013 is

Chris Carter

Female Newcomer

This lady only joined us here at Striders in the summer but has proved to be a great asset to the club already. The first time we noticed her was at the Stevenage Relays. We had her name on our sheet as a competitor but we were unsure of who she was. She soon made sure through her running ability that we would not only notice her but not forget her! She ran a brilliant leg that evening at the relays and helped her team win the Vet County Championships. It was her first medal as a Strider and we are aware that she still has not received it! She will have to get used to the wait for County Medals! And we are sure that she will win more. She has gone on to run all our cross country league races and has been a scorer on the ladies team in all five races. After performances like that Stopsley Striders Lady Newcomer for 2013 can only be

Linda Scanlon

Performance Award

A Good for Age time is a target many aspire to, so to get 10 minutes under in her first marathon is amazing.
A performance award goes to

Liz Rollinson – London: 3:38:54

Performance Award

Targetting specific races can sometimes cause heartache, but not for this lady who achieved a PB by over 2 minutes in the half marathon.
A performance award goes to

Lynn Doyle – Great North Run: 1:47:17

Performance Award

Anyone wondering about the benefits of cross training to a runner should ask this lady who is regularly seen triathlon training.
A performance award goes to

Kate Linhart – Great Eastern Half: 1:55:31

Performance Award

Many aim to knock a few seconds off PBs, so to knock 11 minutes off is a dream come true.
A performance award goes to

Christine Hunter – Love Luton Half: 2:22:49

Performance Award

Although having completed many marathons before, this man managed to achieve a PB on an off-road course; made tougher by the wind of a coastal location.
A performance award goes to

Phil Nitchin – Portsmouth Coastal Marathon: 4:13:04

Performance Award

It’s not easy to do, but club records are made to be broken.
For breaking the club F40 record, a performance award goes to

Alison Sugars – Great North Run 1:31:12

Performance Award

Having started on a Striders’ Beginners’ Course, this lady has worked her way up through the distances.
A performance award goes to

Nikki Cox – Berlin Marathon: 4:27:28

Performance Award

This man started 2013 training hard for the London Marathon, having run the Manchester Marathon in difficult conditions the previous year.
Following a rigorous schedule, he accrued hundreds of monthly miles of training, and also took part in regular speedwork sessions.
The weather in the early part of the year seemed to conspire against him, and some of his longest runs were through deep snow. These were even further hindered by his total inability to negotiate gates.
However, on the day of the race, he was able to put in an amazing performance, smashing his previous best time and earning himself a Good For Age time in the process.
For his time of 3:13:30 in the Virgin London Marathon a Performance Award goes to

Gez Fallon – London: 3:13:30

Improvement Award

This lady is a prolific racer. If you thought last year was good, this racing season she completed 26 races, which could well be a club record, and achieved 5 personal Bests.
Her races covered all distances from the Park Run 5Ks up to half marathon.  She also got to race in the prestigious Olympic Park.  
Many members look forward to seeing her families’ photos that appear after races on our website. These always have a common theme; she is always smiling, no matter the distance, conditions or if she has just started or completed the race.
It is her half marathons that have really gone from strength to strength. She ran the Luton Half Marathon, shaving off a very impressive 11 minutes to secure a personal best. The following month at The Shakespeare Half she knocked off a further 4 minutes. To reduce a PB by 15 minutes in one season is evidence of just how hard she trains, and she thoroughly deserved those results.
So a very well deserved Improvement Award goes to

Amanda Rankin

Improvement Award

This award goes to a man who ran at least 19 races last year, starting and finishing the season with the Bedford Half Marathon, completing personal bests in both. Of those 19 races, he achieved 15 personal bests, which is testament to how dedicated he is to his training.  He completed all distances between 5K and Marathon. He completed 4 10K’s and each time, bettered his time until he achieved sub 40 minutes in the Standalone 10K. He won age category prizes at both the Luton series and the Luton Half Marathon, seeing off tough competition.
His greatest achievement in the season was his performance at the London Marathon where he achieved a good for age time, guaranteeing him a return place.
Our Improvement Award winner for 2013 is

Gez Fallon

Improvement Award

This man only joined us here at Striders a couple of years ago and has thrown himself into the longer distance races. He competed in two marathons, the first in April at Milton Keynes with a personal best time of 03:30:21, then another in September with a further PB time of 03:30:16.
He also clocked up a PB at half marathon distance.
So after an impressive year like that a well-deserved Improvement Award goes to

Mark Sutton

Improvement Award

This award goes to a man who started the race season very strongly; he completed the Luton Race series and secured a PB at each of the distances, 5 miles, 5K and 10K.   He then went on to achieve another Personal Best at the Bearbrook 10K.
He then unfortunately was injured; however his dedication to both the club and its members is still prolific, as he is both a committee member and a coach. 
A well-deserved Improvement Award goes to

Simon Cain

Improvement Award

This award goes to a lady who is always smiling, she is very cheerful and a real team player. She has also trained very hard this season as her performances show.  
This lady started her year very well with a personal best at the Silverstone Half Marathon. 
In her next five races she achieved a further four personal bests, covering distances between 5K and 10 miles. 
A well-deserved Improvement Award goes to

Zena Ellis

Merit Award

We spoke briefly earlier about this man’s amazing adaptability when it comes to running.  He can turn his hand to most distances and disciplines; this is down to the dedication he shows to his training.
This award is for his season on the track where he represented Striders at every meets. Specifically, it is for his very impressive performance at the Eastern Vets Indoor Championship, where he competed in and won the age event in the 1500m, in a time of 4 mins and 36 secs.
For this achievement, this Merit Award goes to

Adrian Copp

Merit Award

In September we had our first male international Strider. He competed in the 2013 London ITU Aquathlon World Championships in Hyde Park, an event that involves a swim and a run.
Competing against international athletes from eight other countries, he placed 17th in his age category. 
However, this award is for the achievement of being selected to represent his country, which is something that most of us can only dream of. It is a testament to how dedicated this man is, and if we can achieve half of what he has we should be very proud.
For this achievement, this Merit Award goes to

Andy Ward

Special Award

This award goes to a man who has worn many hats here at Striders; he spent any years as Secretary, looking after both the membership and all the correspondence.
His dedication to committee has been second to none and he was always a valuable member, providing support and undertaking many tasks.
He has been instrumental in the organising of the ladies 5k race.  There is a lot of preparation needed for any race that starts many months before the actual event. This meant that he would work tirelessly in his own time to ensure that everything was ready for the event.  This event is also used to fund raise for the club charity and even though entry wasn’t huge, the event always made money for the charity thanks to his hard work.
Even though he is no longer on the committee he still helps out at the monthly birthday socials, often forgoing his own run to ferry the food and plates etc.. over.
He performs all of these tasks with humour and patience, and without complaint, and somehow still finds the time to train and race. He has frequently participated in the Three Peaks Challenge, raising a lot of money for charity.
It is for all of these reasons that this Special Award goes to

Chris McLaren

Special Award

This award goes to Striders’ only member of the coveted 100 Marathon Club. Hopefully it isn’t necessary to explain what he had to do to gain entry. Whilst it is our love of running that has drawn us all together, few possess the discipline, the dedication or even the inclination to commit to this sort of goal.
This runner has already received recognition for the achievement of completing over one hundred marathons to enter this exclusive Club. However, some runners may have seen this as the pinnacle of their career, and might have rested on their laurels or even given themselves a break – and who would blame them?
But that was never going to be an option for this man, who has completed even more marathons. He just seems to love to run, and his enthusiasm and cheerful disposition are an inspiration to many.
This Special Award for his continued dedication to running goes to

Dave Hall

Special Award

This award is for two Striders who completed one of the most gruelling events in the country, the sixty-nine mile ultra-marathon from Carlisle to Gateshead known as The Wall.
Both completed the undulating multi-terrain course, but this award is not for this physical feat – impressive as it is – but for their altruism in using this event for fundraising towards the club’s annual charity, Myeloma UK.
In between ever-increasing training runs, they managed to raise a huge sum of money, increasing the annual total by a substantial amount.
This Special Award is for

Mark Sains and Chris Grenn

Chairman’s Award

The privilege of being club Chairman also brings the privilege of being able to give the Chairman’s Award.
However, I would not be in the position to do this were it not for the encouragement of one club member, who whilst serving as Chairman himself originally suggested that I should volunteer to serve on the committee. This eventually led to my election as Chairman.
Since then, he has always been at hand to offer guidance and advice, and
He has also continued to serve the club both as Vice Chairman and Treasurer.
I am very pleased to give the Chairman’s Award to the man who presented it to the club,

Tony Green

Ken Abbott

This award normally goes to somebody who has suffered a serious or long term injury or set back and has managed to recover and get back to running in the face of adversity.
This award goes to a man who is without a doubt one of the most inspirational runners our club has, he completed an amazing season at the end of an age category, winning a good for age place in the London Marathon, he was ready for the new challenges in the new category, when injury struck, he was told he might not run again.
 He wasn’t despondent, it’s his determination and hard work that excelled him to the top of his age category and those that know him knew he would never give up, he took his rehabilitation seriously.
In order to maintain his fitness he crossed trained, and kept in touch with his fellow runners.
There were set backs, an illness stopped him running again but he made sure was fully recovered before returning to full training.
When we he was able to run again, he came back stronger than ever, he has set four club records in his age category since his return.
This prestigious award goes to

Chris Lamont

 Rosa Trophy

The Rosa Trophy is possibly our most prestigious award, as it is voted for by the members of the club. The aim of the award is to recognise the efforts of a club member who has done the most to encapsulate the spirit of the club, and the recipient of it is usually someone who has set a standard that we should all try to attain.
That is most definitely the case with this man. Over his many years with the club he has dedicated himself both to his club and his sport. In his running career, he has been one of highest achievers, setting club records that stand to this day, and look safe for some years to come. As a coach, almost every club member has benefited in one way or another from his experience and encouragement. He has never demanded that any of his athletes are the best, only that they give their best. To this man, hard work is everything, and he has been more than willing to lead by example. He has also stood as club captain for many years.
In the past year, he has had to take a step back due to a tragic personal loss. However, he has remained with the club, never giving in to self-pity. He truly is an example to us all.
The worthy winner of the Rosa Trophy is

Bill Barrett

Striders XC Handicap Championship Winners

Liz Davies 1st Lady – Chris Lamont 1st Male

Award Scheme

Jenny Griffiths
Opal Level

Amanda Ranklin
Pearl Level

Dave Debnam
Ruby Level

Chris Lamont
Diamond Level

Tony Ashby
He took all these photos and also many of the photos in the photo gallery was presented with a club jacket for all his hard work.

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