Club Update April 2021

Hello Striders,

We had a very good committee meeting last night. Please look out for lots of great announcements over the next week or so about what the club are going to be doing in the next few months to support the return to some normality.

We have given some more detail to the Alf Brown Relay. The relay’s aim will now be that all teams will complete a marathon (as the weekend was chosen as it would’ve been London Marathon weekend!) – that’s 13 and a bit laps of the Alf Brown if anyone fancies it!

We also want Striders to wear their vests, and even though it’s aim is to reconnect runners we will set it up with ‘timed even’ teams to make sure it is still competitive. Remember to also make your donation to ‘Action for Children’ – donations made to the usual charity bank account.

20 Striders have signed up now – it would be great if we could get up to 6 teams to have running on the course at the same time.

Sign up here:
Look out for further news over the coming days.

The Committee

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