Club Update December 2020

Hello Striders,

We had a a good committee meeting on Tuesday and we discussed a whole range of things. We are happy to announce that Striders can start running again together again in groups up to 6 for social runs and that coached sessions will begin again.

We have also become aware of Stockwood Park Track becoming open again, and we are now trying to contact Active Luton to start the hopeful process of possibly starting track sessions again. We will again use Spond again to organise sessions and I will share later the reviewed set of club guidelines on how we can run safely together.

We hope that at this time Striders will run more together for safety on the dark evenings; and to help us all with our mental health. We are also looking to have more regular social events, such as Zoom quizzes, ask the expert sessions and more social reconnect sessions on Zoom.

We are also starting to discuss membership for 2021/22, and as we gather more information for this in the new year, we will be discussing this at January’s meeting. These are testing times for the club, as they are for many of us. These are new times for us also and encourage our members to suggest ways to keep the club together at this time and also to approach a committee member when you feel we are not getting things quite right.

It’s your club and we will always try to do our best to do what’s right for our members.

Take care, enjoy running, but above all stay safe.

The Committee

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