Club Update March 2021

Hello Striders,
The Committee met, 1 March, to discuss the way forward as a club as the country makes its slow steps towards normality. These discussions take into consideration the guidance that we have to follow from England athletics.
The roadmap for Striders is potentially this
29th March – Striders can start to run together in groups of 6 in organised runs and Coached sessions of groups of 5 plus coach can restart.* These runs to be administered as before through Spond. Striders can also organise private runs through their own communication channels, but please consider that not all Striders have a ‘running group’ to run with, hence our encouragement in the use of Spond.
*coached sessions at track can be larger but will adhere to Active Luton guidelines.
We await to hear when track can restart but could potentially run from 29th March
12th April – Coached sessions will increase in size to 11+coach when using big outdoor spaces such as Stopsley rec for these sessions. Group runs without a coach to remain at no more than 6
25th April – Stopsley Striders Intra club Alf Brown relay – details to follow. This will enable some form of club competition with a larger group of runners
17th May – Indoor facilities open. Regular group running on club nights to start
21st June – Fully open with a Striders Reconnect Summer Social on a Sat/Sun daytime in early July before the school holidays.
This timeline is based on England Athletics guidance which obviously follows the UK gov roadmap. It is also dependent on Inspire opening. We will review this plan at each committee meeting and will review again on 6th April.
The club will no longer be taking cash for activities. All coached sessions in April (apart from track) will be free. Track will cost £2.50 with the increase taking into consideration the restriction in numbers.
All payments will be made through Spond.
Club Championships
These will remain virtual for shorter events and will happen in April, May and June over a set course.
From July onwards we hope that races will start and these will be actual races. A member of the committee is working on this, and details will follow the April meeting.
Club Fees
The Committee debated this long and hard last night. We would like to have had some form of reduction in fees for this year, but the clubs continual outgoings on the lock up, club affiliation fees, website etc mean that we are unable to. Though we do make this promise to all members who pay membership for 2021/2 that if we have no club running by 30th Sept then all members for 21/22 will get reduced membership for 22/23.
Fees to be collected in April are
Affiliated member £30
Non-affiliated member £15
New member affiliated £40
Non-affiliated member £25
New members fees will reduce to £35 and £20 respectively.
It would be helpful for admin purposes if all members check their email is correct on the EA website. If you are unsure on how to do this please use this link. Help with this is on the link below.
If anyone wants to change their affiliation status please email myself or Estelle.
We will be sending pay requests via Payzip in April to current members.
Sorry for the long post. The Committee are really excited about getting things up and running (pun intended) and we look forward to seeing you all NOT ON ZOOM very soon!

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