February 2020 – Chairmans comments

I am delighted to be accepted back as Chairman, and I am looking forward to the forthcoming year in the role. I am sure that I speak for all Striders in expressing my gratitude to Zena Ellis for all that she has done for the club over the past three years. I am extremely hopeful that whilst I occupy this position temporarily, it will give someone in the club the opportunity to use this time to learn about the role and what it entails with the intention of taking it on in the future. I am happy to act as a mentor and adviser throughout this time, and promise my full support to anyone who is interested.

I would invite any Striders who have any comments, concerns, questions or suggestions to raise them either with myself or with any committee member, and we will ensure that these are addressed.

Well done to everyone who took part in the Cross Country League, especially those taking part for the first time, and thank you to the team captains for their work in dealing with the administration.

This month brings the annual Presentation Evening, which recognises the achievements made by club members over the past year, both in their running and in their overall contributions to the club. I hope you will all be joining me there to acknowledge and celebrate these.


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